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Waves are coming in . . .

09/26/2020 . . . “Waves are coming in”

What a morning! The most beautiful energetic spheres and waves of the softest PINK Light coming in. As I was witnessing this DIVINE LOVE . . . like the softest pink blanket you would swaddle your baby daughter in . . . I sensed the energy of the Divine Mother holding the Divine Daughter. Also, deeply timely with Daughter’s Day being honored yesterday. 🌸💕🌸

As I continued to witness even more while in the shower, I could feel in my heart my part on a soul level as the daughter AND as the mother, where healing AND more profoundly GRATITUDE and REVERENCE was being called, shared, and emanated.

From one view in my inner vision, a precious soul stood, as my daughter from a previous lifetime, who I was to offer this LOVE for HEALING and GRATITUDE as I was her mother long, long ago who miscarried and was unable to birth her soul into life at that time. It felt as if the energetic perception of being unloved or unwanted remained between us and was ready for the TRUTH of only LOVE to prevail.

I also stood as the daughter, facing another beautiful soul, who has been my mother in many previous lifetimes, and I looked upward to HER, offering my heart full of Gratitude, Love, Honor and Reverence for her gifts of Divine WISDOM and consult . . . even if I did not always understand the beauty of her offering in the moment.

AMAZING . . . because I could feel as I stood on both sides of the Mother/Daughter relationship, how as the daughter . . .throughout lifetimes and dimensions . . . sometimes we simply do not appreciate the wisdom and EXPERIENCE our mothers impart to us . . . as SHE tried to impart the Highest and Best and to bring more EASE and GRACE to our soul and human journey . . . until we truly walk down the exact same path. As the mother, sometimes feeling heartbroken that we were misunderstood for our choices and what we tried to offer in the highest and best for ALL.

If THAT was not enough beauty of offering from the DIVINE . . . I was a bit late to my adjustment this morning. However, my chiropractor said it was “perfect timing” based on the schedule . . . AND IT WAS!

I immediately went into deeper and greater connecting with my breath and movements from my sacrum to the cervicals and thoracic. My heart was opening more and tears were flowing, as once again I was seeing this baby pink energy flood into my field of consciousness , followed by the purity of white, and a slight thread of gold. As if in perfect orchestration, music came on and I was hearing the words . . . “Waves are coming in . . . Waves are coming!”

The ray of a pale aquamarine followed and folded in, ever so slightly, along with a scooping of violet-magenta off to the side. I felt myself deeply held in this “emersion” of ALL these colorful and glorious waves of white, pink, gold, aquamarine in the PURITY and DIVINE LOVE cascading from the Holy Mother/Divine Goddess/ Sophia and especially Mother Mary . . . and supported by the energy of the violet-magenta ray of the Father.

Waves of Light Language were also coming in (which I kept to myself in this group adjusting) and through my hands which I allowed to freely express while on the table. Finally all came to rest on my heart and a beautiful violet-magenta rose . . . which appeared differently than I have received before . . . yet coming to rest in the center of my BEing. A rose that has come before in different ways. . . especially through the Sisterhood of the Rose. . . yet always carrying the germination seed of transformation and transmutation. Today I felt it came also from the HOLY Father Arc as Divine Masculine witnessing of the RETURN of the DIVINE MOTHER/DAUGHTER to our hearts, as well as inviting the sacred honoring of the DIVINE FATHER/DAUGHTER back into our hearts.

May the AWARENESS of the DIVINE MOTHER/DAUGHTER (and SISTER) RETURN to our hearts and consciousness, as well as the DIVINE FATHER/DAUGHTER. . . no less than the glorification of the DIVINE MOTHER/SON and DIVINE FATHER/SON/BROTHER. . . which has been upheld in our field of consciousness for centuries.

May the HEART of Humanity RETURN to HONOR ALL EXPRESSIONS of the Soul as MOTHER/FATHER GOD/DESS expresses in individual form and in relationship with each other upon Mother Earth. For this UNION WITHIN . . . IS the UNITY of which we seek . . . for ALL that IS. Blessed Be XOXO ~ Cheryl 💜🕊🌸💕🌸🕊💜

Music . . . https://youtu.be/jgOPClLbNYQ

XOXO Cheryl

© 2020 Cheryl Berry – Way of the Feminine Force, Kent, WA

Christos- Sophia DIAMOND Light . . .

06/02/2020 . . . I have been seeing and communing with the most Beautiful Crystalline DIAMOND LIGHT pouring in for the last couple of months, being called to share in several meditations, to be activated within each Sister who felt called and ready to receive . . . as well as in Circle, grounding together, to anchor into the CHRIST and ROSE Grids of Mother Earth.

I have even felt called to hold and ground this Crystalline DIAMOND LIGHT through me, and into Mother Earth every time I take a walk. I have also seen, weeks ago in dream state, the same of Crystalline DIAMOND LIGHT pouring in as a huge column into the White House, while an electrical storm, raged outside around it. This column of LIGHT reminds me of a Lemurian Crystal . . . powerful, radiant and beyond description.

I feel called to share this today, as it is a time to heal deeply and throughout ALL of the Collective, through many life times so the HEART of Humanity as a whole on this planet, can be restored to it’s Purity of DIVINE LOVE and return to expressing PEACE, HARMONY, and UNITY throughout.

With that being said, Sunday I had to lay down as I could feel something was “in the air” energetically. All I can remember was seeing the Crystalline DIAMOND LIGHT as particles suspended in the field ( versus a column or in waves), almost as if the LIGHT “wanted to be seen” as very tiny diamond snow crystals, yet not falling like snow.

Knowing LIGHT will indeed respond and change, based on “how you observe it,” I felt I was being asked to see the DIAMOND LIGHT as crystalline particles. PARTICLES of LIGHT so it could permeate more, spread farther and wider . . . just like air moving across the planet and into us/through us as we breathe . . . the air we ALL share . . . every man, woman child, every creature (great and small), and all LIFE on this beautiful planet.

Yesterday, as I walked and talked with God/dess and Mother Earth, I was once again shown this Crystalline DIAMOND LIGHT. This time I was asked to not just see it in the air and field around me as I walked, but I was called to consciously BREATHE it in . . . to breathe IT in with pure intention, with each and every breath . . . allowing it and seeing it circulate, to be delivered to every cell and interstitial space . . . no less than the oxygen we each take in to sustain and give us Life.

I felt my witnessing, feeling and seeing this, not to wait for the next meditation. Humanity needs to see, sense and feel this Crystalline DIAMOND LIGHT now. Should this resonate with YOU, then YOU can access the Crystalline DIAMOND LIGHT just by coming into your heart . . . by feeling your breath and inspiring . . . Breathing In-Spirit . . . breathing in Crystalline DIAMOND LIGHT particles.

May the Crystalline DIAMOND LIGHT of the Sophia Christ permeate your BEing with every breath to purify, to heal and to sanctify your BEing. May your Sophia-Christ LIGHT shine and support others to heal and find peace.

Know that every Soul who stands next to you breathes in the same Crystalline DIAMOND LIGHT of the Sophia Christ. May we each honor the DIVINITY that every SOUL holds within their sacred body temple . . . Always . . . and in ALL Ways with our thoughts, emotions and actions. Blessed Be and may we co-create with the Divine . . . and ALL of our Brothers and Sisters of this Earth . . . something more beautiful, and beyond our imagination, for ALL of Humanity and ALL Life on our planet.


XOXO Cheryl

© 2020 Cheryl Berry – Way of the Feminine Force, Kent, WA


The WORD . . . Is GOD

Our WORDS are energetically powerful in creating, transmuting, and recreating.

Even prior to this download, which first came in as Light Language, I was receiving the word “Gospel” several times Sunday evening. No passage. Nothing for me to look up.

In my Heart, I felt it related to one specific passage, the Gospel of John 1:1, “In the beginning was the WORD, and the WORD was with GOD, and the WORD was GOD.”

“In the beginning was the WORD, and the WORD was with GOD, and the WORD was GOD.” John 1:1

06/09/2020 . . .”We are the GOLDEN Ones. The Tribe of Five. Five Luminous Beings (Emissaries) who are your Elders of the Dragon Light, the Dragon Flame. We are ONE, and one of many, who guide and lead you in your growth and ascension individually and collectively for Humanity, and the planet.

Do not be guised (i.e. tricked or rused) or discouraged. We are upholding and holding you in Divine conscious awareness and shielding from that which is not of the GOLDEN Age Matrix Belongings. We see you and honor you, and your journey (ALL of Humanity). YOU are being (mis)guided, coerced unraveling, by not that which is seen, (an) undermined premise to engage in that which is of Sole D-illusion (One Delusion, Delusion of ONE) and thwarting, to mislead those undiscerning, those easily hijacked into nonthinking for themselves. It is of Mind, not of Heart. For the Heart can not be hijacked.

More and more are being called to go within the Heart, their Heart, and listen to their own accord and frequency, not that which is suspended in the ethers (energetic field) for so much mixed signals, as if the dissonance creates an outer desire to find a thread (frequency) to hang onto, one word or words impaired, or imparted together (however) can be misconstrued when a BEing is lost and without Hope.

FIND the HOPE that is THE WORD which is GOD.

In your Heart, Beloveds, only there will and can TRUTH prevail and shine forth forever more. Never underestimate your Heart’s Power to override this false matrix agenda. Hold onto that which is TRUE, God/dess in the making. We are your Council and your Compass through this turbulent time. Be not afraid for Guidance Divine is Yours. Ask and you shall receive. Remember the GOSPEL, the WORD of God, for Guidance prevails in your WORDS.

WORDS are energy, use them well. Send in the LIGHT. Allow us to speak through you, your WORDS. Let the words (energy/frequency) ride on the wavelengths of the air and around to spread with the winds throughout the globe. May the WORDS that come forth with intent and curiosity spread with WONDER to those who hear and pick it up, who perceive its message through the Division and Divided Matrix agenda being created (formulated) in the field (their field).

May the energy be a spark of curiosity to those who are unknowing and unawake to that which is TRUE, who are unable to feel or believe the undercurrent matrix that is longing to take over and reach, grab, control their legs (roots). You are not bound to these that hunger or linger in the dark.

Your skin is BEAUTY of (Divine) LIGHT embodied (embodiment).

Your Privilege IS BEing Human . . . each Soul that YOU are to come here in form.

Do not be dis-illusioned by ‘the program’ instilled to Divide. See it for what it is and stand beside your many colored Sisters/Brothers, for GOD/DESS does not see you any different. Why do you?

Children Behave’ (hearing these words in song) . . . stop fighting, hurting in the name to justify . . . it is NOT justice to the Injustice of Deception before you and has been lurking in the Shadow.

STOP . . . GO forth in LOVE . . . UNITY.

Come to ZERO Point where all is ABSOLVED . . . NOW and Forever more.

And so it is Beloved ONES of Wonder(ment).

Shalome Sha-KI-Ta

Shalome = Peace, Harmony . . .

Sha = If God Wills (God Willing) . . .

Ki = Spirit, Energy or Intention . . .

Ta = Life or Birth of Form

Shalome Shakita . . . Peace/Harmony, GOD who is able


Stop playing out Discord.

Play into HARMONY . . .

HARMONIOUS Song of Yore (Your = You Are).”

houcine-ncib-tRhdgJXOS_c-unsplash (2)
Your skin is BEAUTY of DIVINE LIGHT in Embodiment.

~ The GOLDEN Ones via Light Language and automatic writing as through Cheryl Berry (11:22 am completed)

Note:  Shakita can be found as a female name meaning “God who is able.” http://www.names.org/n/shakita/about

XOXO Cheryl

© 2020 Cheryl Berry – Way of the Feminine Force, Kent, WA




Unity & Freedom of Spirit . . .

The HORSE teaches us . . . Power, Presence, Elegance, Strength, Journey, Free in Spirit 

05/19/20200 . . .

Even more than ever, I feel we are being CALLED to use critical thinking and discernment as to the TRUTH for each individual mind, heart, body and soul.

For several days in meditation/prayer I have been feeling and “seeing” a CALL of UNITY . . . a bridging of our individual and collective consciousness on many levels . . . between Spirit, Science, Divine Birthright and the Rights of being Human.

It appears as a DIAMOND with 4 points.

The vertical axis (as I see it), is the connection points between Spirit and Science . . . the Laws of the Divine and of the Universe from Above . . . with the Laws of Nature, of the Earth Below.

The horizontal is the Soul’s Divine Birthright and the fundamental Rights as a Human Being.

AND within both axis, man has created Laws, and granted or denied Rights, to govern society.

So how do we traverse what is DIVINE, what is HUMAN, and what IS TRUE in any point of the Diamond?

It is the expansion of one’s AWARENESS in ALL 4 points of CONSCIOUSNESS that allows for this seeking, BRIDGING and remembrance of UNITY to express itself from the center of the HEART.

This CALL is the REMEMBRANCE that ALL points are all ONE and of UNITY . . . of BEing Divine AND Human . . . an individual AND part of the collective.

This CALL allows each to seek and know the TRUTHS and VALUES that s/he truly desire to ALIGN with and BE CONGRUENT with . . . versus being AND living in a state of unconscious contradiction.

It takes deep introspection and exploration to go within . . . as well as to seek and research without . . . to see, sense, feel and to discern with questioning as to the KNOWINGNESS of TRUTH . . . to KNOW YOUR VALUES . . . and to KNOW YOUR BELIEFS.

May WE, individually and collectively, uphold the FREEDOM of Choice and to CHOOSE our experiences as we traverse this journey called LIFE as a Divine Human BEing.

May WE look at the symbol of the DIAMOND and see that it holds the MANY . . . MANY Facets . . . in the ONE.

Facets that allow DIAMOND LIGHT to refract and express it’s multiple layers of BRILLIANCE.

Facets that also represent the many qualities of DIVINE LOVE that emanate from within EACH Divine Human Heart.

Our Hearts hold the DIAMOND LIGHT of UNITY consciousness, and that IS the KEY to ALL that we EMANATE . . . ALIGN with . . . and CREATE . . .first in Vision and then in Form.

May WE each REMEMBER we are indeed the Dreamer and the Dream.

WE each are the Creator and that which we Create.

May WE each CHOOSE with deep, steadfast,  conscious awareness . . . in every thought, word spoken and action taken . . . to align CONGRUENTLY and PURELY with that which we SEEK . . . in the Dreaming AND in the Creating of our journey and our world.

May YOUR Divine Human frequency resonate to ALLOW the FREEDOM of your Divine Soul and Spirit to grow and evolve in this most beautiful Human experience . . . called LIFE.

May YOU always have the unbridled FREEDOM to RIDE in whatever DIRECTION and Experience that which your SOUL and Human Form desires and has DIVINELY chosen to come here for.

May WE pause to reflect and learn from LIFE, Mother Nature, the Earth and the Animals around us.

May WE learn from the Horse . . . as HER true nature symbolizes the SACRED embodiment of PURITY and FREEDOM of Spirit.

SHE may even hold the DIAMOND UNITY marking upon her forehead, symbolizing clarity of VISION in the path that she chooses to take and run freely.

SHE teaches us to TRUST our heart, our gut, and our intuition . . . especially as we venture into new directions and new lands . . . bringing the stamina and endurance to create a New World that aligns with our inner most TRUTH and KNOWING.

HER true spirit is FREE and unbridled . . . while still seeking Peace and Harmony within the community and safety of the herd.

And so it is.  Blessed Be. . .


“No single animal has contributed more to the spread of civilization than the Horse.  Horse brings with it New Journeys. It will teach you to ride into New Directions to AWAKEN and Discover your own FREEDOM and Power”. ~ Ted Andrews



XOXO Cheryl

© 2020 Cheryl Berry – Way of the Feminine Force, Kent, WA

New Moon . . . Starlight on Water

04/17/2020 . . . Cycles, MOON stone.

“SEEDED = Every woman IS the seed of the Golden SOPHIA.  SHE is the seed of HOLY Divine Light within.

CLEARING = CLARITY = Conscious awareness helps us understand the WHY we ARE . . .  the WHY we have BEEN . . .  and allows letting go of what no longer serves.

UNDERSTAND = WISDOM (GIFT) of the experience within the journey.

LEARN = EXPERIENCE (can be through ease or by contrast).

TRANSFORMATION = Journey of Evolving, like climbing the mountain with various experiences along the way that help you choose, and to create, more enJOYable experiences.  Do you reach the top of the mountain in 3 days versus 1 day?  Does not matter, for you may face fear and found strength, talked to GOD, cried, laughed, prayed, discovered communion with the Divine . . .  ALL changed you.  The Journey of Transformation creates a NEW Person . . . YOU.  ALL is Beautiful and Divine.

MOON Time = Seeing Particles of LIGHT.

Sophia –> Mary Magdalene –> Me/You  . . . Priestesses/Sisterhood.

Silence of the Trees . . . CommUNION within the Grove of Trees.

NEW MOON = Death/Re-Birth.  Relieved of what was, in order to Rejuvenate.  A New Beginning to re-fill.  A Second Chance to be given over and over again.

FULL MOON = Ripest, Goodness, Strength, Ideas, Power, Courage.”


A PRAYER for each of us . . . from my guidance, through me.  This prayer was shared with the Hearts of the Sisters who gathered recently for the SHE Speaks MEDITATION.  I feel called to share this NOW, through everyONE that was on that call.  WE, collectively, offer the purity of our hearts and presence.  We INVITE the same for YOU, and ALL of Humanity, as we walk and re-create Heaven on Earth! 💙💙💙

“I am continuously shedding what no longer serves me in thought, ideas, constructs, ways of being, actions or stories.

I am rebuilding my life in UNITY from the inside, to the outside, with LOVE, PEACE, JOY, and HARMONIOUS Relationships.

My cells, tissues, organs and systems vibrate to the highest level of the DIVINE.  I see them SPARKLE . . . like particles of DIAMOND.

My Magdalene Temple is up-leveled to the highest vibration, to align with my SOUL, to pervade deep into my cellular structure and DNA.

I see my DNA as GOLDEN Double Helix Strands.

My LIGHT Body emits the most beautiful light of Crystalline DIAMOND.

I glow in the ESSENCE of my BEing, as I walk with deep presence and purity of my conscious awareness upon Mother Earth.

I radiate My LIGHT . . . My LOVE . . . My JOY . . . far/wide as a BEACON of LIGHT, shining Day and Night . . . Night and Day . . . Sunlight and in Shadow.

My cells DANCE in the harmonious UNION with my Spirit, as ONENESS pervades my BEing . . . dancing . . . sparkling . . . like Starlight on Water.

My Divinity, the Holy SHE, of the Feminine Christ lives within.

ME and my Human Body Temple is the SACRED SANCTUARY for my SOUL to dwell.

ALL particles of DIAMOND LIGHT serve this DIVINE UNION within ALL Human Expression . . . HOW I meditate/pray . . . exercise/move my body . . . the food I feed my body . . . the thoughts I feed my mind . . . to my hearts expression that come through all acts of BEing and expression of my hands/voice.

ALL relationships are unified in DIVINE Harmony and Joy.  The Family Unit of where I weave and connect, I do so with GOLDEN Heart Strands of unified LOVE.

Where I engage in the world, outside my home, I also weave the threads of LOVE to co-create and ALIGN with those of the same frequency to uplift our community and world.

Whether through Play, Work, or CommUNION, I see the luminous LIGHT of my BEing expand as I have emptied what no longer serves from my Magdalene temple and womb, unto the watery womb of Mother Earth for recycling and rebirth.

This LUMINOSITY has grown, just as it will grow over the next few weeks into the Full Moon.

My Prayer of Gratitude to ALL my Sisters (and Brothers), for we ALL are conduits for the HOLY Divine Sophia to express through our vessels for HER Return and for HER Re-connection to Gaia through us . . .

May this serve each and everyONE in the Highest and Best.

May ALL Seeds of (Divine) LOVE come to fruition.

May we remember that LIFE is renewed again . . . and again . . . and again.

The BEAUTY and POWER of your CONSCIOUSNESS is to hold Vision and to Create.

It IS the Gift of your BIRTH . . . from GOD/DESS, the Creator Force . . . especially the FEMININE FORCE.

The FEMININE FACE of GOD/DESS has given you the CREATIVE Power to BIRTH a New Reality for yourSELF . . . and for a New Glorious World.

Blessed Be . . . ”

XOXO Cheryl

© 2020 Cheryl Berry – Way of the Feminine Force, Kent, WA

What would make you HAPPY today?

“Listen to Silence.  It has so much to say.” ~ Rumi

03/17/2020 . . . “Captain’s Log, Stardate . . . ”

Some of you will understand the humor here!

I AM amused as I hear this phrase from Startrek after foreseeing the writing of this blog today, piecing in my mind ALL that has come through this morning.

In fact before I even got out of bed, I have felt the uplifting energy of God/Goddess around me and asking, “What would make you happy today?”

Just the thought made me smile as I was lying in bed, especially as I felt this consciousness speaking to me.  This presence was all around me.  This must be the Creator and Divine LOVE of ALL that is, for when I looked at my print of Yeshua on the wall I could feel this present energy speaking to me was permeating the field around me.  THIS was more expansive and far greater than when I speak with Yeshua.  This consciousness was not presenting itself in any form what so ever.  HE/SHE did not feel like an aspect or essence presenting as an Ascended Master, Angel, or any Divine Being in human, celestial, galactic, or any vessel what so ever.  This was pure Energy.

I have been waking up a lot over the last few nights.  Different than usual.  Images of what is going on in the world, mixed with messages.  It feels like a lot of clearing in the collective and uplifting at the same time.

It started at 3:30 am this morning.  Within the first half hour, I must have woken 4 times.  At 3:58 am . . .”It’s going to pass.”  4:01 am . . . “This is what  we’ve been waiting for.”

I could hear and sense a humming outside of myself.  I even had to hold still to tell if this humming was possibly coming from within me, or was in fact, outside of me???  It felt all around me and I was compelled to move my hands above my head and heart, especially above my throat, as if weaving the energy I was sensing.  Again more images that reflected the state of the world, and more clearing.  Then I heard . . . “What would make you happy today?”  

The question in and of itself was such a gift!

A smile I could not contain, spread across my face with the mere thought of the question.

I felt this consciousness was simple pure LOVE . . . of GOD . . . speaking to my heart.


I answered . . . “Peace.”

  Peace would make me happy today.

It’s as if we are at war within our own hearts/homes.  It’s as if we are fighting the WAY back to Stillness, Quiet and Trust.

The war, the fight, is within us.  We fight our own fear. . . .especially the fear of Silence.

Look inside to see.

What IF . . . I look inside and find my Peace and Happiness regardless of what is going on, on the outside?

I am seeing energy strands around me that are dark, gray and chaotic.  I am being reminded of the energy in the world with Hitler . . . the fear and the chaos that permeated within and around the world.

I am seeing the energy change before my eyes.  The dark, gray chaotic strands that look like chromosomes are shifting to red rose petals.

It’s as if the wind lifted red rose petals into the air and scattered them far and wide.

Then the rose petals started to centralize, less scattering and merging into form . . . into a heart.  This so reminded me of a gif . . .  or is it a “gift“???

I feel the singe red rose petals have forgotten their purpose . . . while hearing the words “and the people bowed and prayed to the neon gods they made” from the song “Sound of Silence.”

The red rose petals forgot their purpose and were coming back into ONENESS.


fiorentin-stella-7dJsoVud71c-unsplash (1) red

Awakening is YOUR heart and remembering the ONENESS with others around you.

Compassion is rising in the field as the beauty and power of the Heart is returning . . . just as the red rose petals are returning.

Hearing once again . . . “The Sound of Silence.”

Silence IS the Sound . . . voices never dared to disturb.

Silence IS the Sound we never dared to discover and allow ourselves to simply listen.

We forgot that inner Silence can lead us back . . .  lead the WAY back to our Heart.

Silence IS the Sound required to hear the greater VOICE of the Divine, of the Creator directly.

As I go deeper into the Silence, I feel a greater connection to just sit and BE . . . to reflect.

As I sit on my sofa, I see a glimpse of the yellow and pink light rising above the distant mountains/trees.  The sun is beginning to rise.  It is a new day.

Seeing this New Dawn,  brings a sense of Peace . . . and I indeed feel happy today!

XOXO Cheryl

© 2020 Cheryl Berry – Way of the Feminine Force, Kent, WA




Language of the Heart . . .

Have you ever had a moment of questioning yourself,  “Am I hearing what I think I am hearing?”

Well, it has happened more than once . . . more than twice . . . this week.  In fact, I have been feeling this undercurrent of energy in a different language for some time.

Some of the understandings I received this week came through in broken French, perhaps an old, ancient French . . . or am I trying to find a way to translate something else, a different language that I am hearing, and it just sounds similar to French?

Honestly, I know very little French, having only taken a few semesters in college.  So when I say very little, I truly mean “un peu.”  This is even more challenging for me, since hearing the language was much harder for me than reading.  I am a better visual and kinesthetic learner, versus auditory.

This is very interesting . . . or perhaps in divine orchestration . . . as the message is regarding language, interpretation and how much more difficult it is when we engage in multiple languages of the world.  I found myself trying to understand what I was hearing, but sometimes having to opt for simply the phonetics, or my mind retrieving the Spanish word ( as I took a few semesters in high school) because I could not comprehend or pull up the French equivalent.  Sometimes, I simply had to seek the meaning I felt was being conveyed and put it into an English equivalent.

It also “just happens” that I am have been clearing old, very old, energy around my throat and feeling safe to speak my truth.  I thought I had completed this, and yet more layers surfaced to be heard, to be LOVED, to be healed, to be transmuted, and to be integrated.

In one respect I am feeling a liberation and freedom, and on another, I am physically challenged right now with using my voice.  Physically, I am hoarse and dealing with what seems to be allergens in the air (which I suspect is a sensitivity to mold spores) after much, much rain fall that caused flooding here in the Pacific Northwest.  I have had two nights of waking up with intense pain in my throat.  This isn’t soreness at the back of my throat, but deeper around the middle of my neck which feels very much like my vocal chords.  As I have been releasing and processing, I noticed the first night I woke up in the early morning with deep pain on the left side (feminine) of my throat.  The second night, both sides, left and right (feminine and masculine) felt very painful.  Last night it was minimal.  Although I feel better in one respect, I feel fatigue the more I speak and use my voice.

02/08/2020 . . .”Vous langue du fragment.  N’est pas la langue du coeur.  Intreprete’ est pour mas possible’.  La langue du coeur est UN, it est universal.  Le cle’ est une modification totalement.  La langue du monde est more difficile pour la langue du universal.”

I share as I feel the message above is for us to go beyond the exact words or correcting the grammar.  It is to simply feel and listen to the essence of the message.  It is for us to remember to listen with our hearts.  It is for us to listen and pay attention to the music around the words themselves . . . to the frequency of LOVE . . . for LOVE is truly the ONE key to understanding and ONE translation.

LOVE is the universal language that we all can understand and comprehend regardless of the many languages of the world that can fragment us.  LOVE transcends the difficulty of many possible interpretations.  The language of the Heart is truly of the Universe and only this ONE translation is enough.

May we remember on this Valentine’s Day . . . 02/14/2020 . . . to honor the Heart and the language that we ALL have in common.

LOVE holds only ONE “modification” . . . one turn of the key.  Your heart holds the key for speaking your truth, for being heard, for being visible, for being witnessed, for being vulnerable, for being understood AND for mutual understanding in this world of many . . . many . . . possible interpretations.

AND within the courage of communicating with your heart . . . JOY emerges.

“JOIE” . . . it is the essence of BEing in which the heart and soul aspire us to transcend and go even farther . . . to extend our vibration even BEyond LOVE.

Blessed Be . . .

XOXO Cheryl

© 2020 Cheryl Berry – Way of the Feminine Force, Kent, WA


“Mar-i-a” . . .

As I am revisiting my journal writings and finally compiling them into a formal collection,  I can now see the energetic pathway has been paved long before all that we each have SEEDED this last year.  I see and feel this especially with the 2019 Way of the Feminine Force “SOLstice and ROSE Celebration” where we seeded LOVE from the darkness of the womb . . . uniting and weaving with our hearts and vision.

ALL feels to be in alignment for what was guided in the “seeding” and for what we are called to BLOOM forth in 2020.  Also, as I have felt a bit stretched in creating the 5 month Magdalene ROSE Retreat to nurture this seeding . . . The Mystics’ Calling . . . I also know it is part of “MY Calling” to do so.

I believe and trust ALL is truly within the orchestration of the Divine even within the last FEW days with our January SHE Speaks Meditation being rescheduled to this last Thursday (Sophia’s Return) . . . followed by the New Moon in Aquarius on Friday/Saturday (a time of releasing and moving courageously forward into New Beginnings) . . . and today, as I re-read last year’s message for 01/25/2019.

Just as I did a year ago, I am hearing HER name pronounced . . . “Mar-i-a.”

I wish for you to also hear HER name as . . . “Mar-i-a.”

If you listen to the “Magdalene Codes,” emanating and sung, beautifully, by Stellar Fairbairn, you will indeed hear how to enunciate HER name.  (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FtJJQzi8nvI).  You can also discover more of Stellar’s sacred music at https://www.facebook.com/stellar432/.

01/25/2019 (20/2) . . . “Maria . . . (hearing “Mar-i-a” . . . Rose Codes) . . . cultivating JOY today like planting the seeds that in time sprout with the perfect terrain, sunshine and water.  Plant JOY from your heart.  Plant with PURE intention of knowing that BLISS awaits with each seed to grow.  Even in the darkest of times, like beneath the soil, our innate state of BEing is JOY and in perfection to the Dynamic Laws that govern the Sun/Moon.  We are no less, nor are our intention to create.  Manifestation will occur in accordance with Divine Law.  So plant seeds from your heart, plant in accordance of LOVE for ALL man(woman) kind, for the Earth and Universe.  Plant the seeds that bring JOY to seeing them sprout, breaking free of the Dark Soil and reaching for the Sun, the Light of a New Day, as a New Dawn arises. May each seedling continue it’s journey to become what it is meant to become in it’s lifetime . . . just as YOU.  Continue with each dawning light to reach towards the Heavens in realignment with your greatest Human expression of Divinity.  Reclaiming your journey to the Light and expanding into the greatest expression of LOVE such that JOY fills every cell and space of your beautiful creation.  A field so powerful of BLISS that is it palpable like the Sun . . . the Sun within you that shines for the world to behold.  Blessed Be My Love to All.  Mar-i-a.” ~ Cheryl

This is one of the word-for-word scribed messages that I received last year when instructed to write for 60 days.  Today’s sharing of 01/25/2019 is an excerpt from my future published collection, “Return to SOPHIA’S Garden:  Seeding the Magdalene ROSE and Christ Codes of Light.”

In Loving Service to the Divine and ALL that is Sacred . . .

XOXO Cheryl

© 2020 Cheryl Berry – Way of the Feminine Force, Kent, WA

Return to SOPHIA’s Garden Gate…

“I looked in temples, churches and mosques. But I found the DIVINE in my heart.” ~ Rumi 

SHE has returned . . . all you need to do is open the doorway to the Temple of your heart, and step through the Garden Gate.

The Mystic may seek HER . . . but SHE has been here all along . . . patiently waiting for each of us to step through the Garden Gate to remember and discover that SHE . . . SOPHIA . . . lives within your heart.

Magdalene has shown us the WAY of LOVE and the re-awakening of the ROSE.  The ROSE of creation which has always been within the Temple of the heart and womb.

SHE . . . Magdalene . . . holds and unfolds the many faces, and facets of the Feminine Christ . . . of SOPHIA in BEing . . . the living Divine Feminine Daughter, Sister, Bride and Mother . . .  who unites with the many faces, and facets, of Yeshua, the living Divine Masculine CHRIST.

Once we each discover the ROSE that lies within the heart and is reconnected and reunited with the CHRISTOS of our heart . . . SOPHIA can fully Return . . . infinitely blooming through us . . . as SHE is the Feminine Face of God/dess Divine . . . the Divine SHE of LOVE having returned to be fully embodied.

SHE . . . as the Divine . . . Feminine Force of the Creator . . . God/dess . . . the Creatress of All that IS . . . there in no where, where SHE does not exist.  For the Masculine Force of the Creator in which humanity’s consciousness has been most aware, is massively awakening to the UNION of the Divine HE and SHE.  It is this re-unification that allows us to remember that HE has always existed within the Divine S/HE.

Once your consciousness and heart return to HER . . . and all of your BEing re-discovers HER . . . you will see HER . . . hear HER . . . sense HER . . . and feel HER presence everywhere.

For the Divine Holy SHE is within and ALL around each of you.

SHE is the luminous energy that is no thing and yet connects ALL . . . and IS ALL . . . within the womb of creation and ALL its many expressions.

SHE is the fire and flame that is breathed into BEing, permeating through every birth of creation . . . within the blooming and unfolding . . . and re-creation within the glorious micro and macrocosm of this Infinite Universe.

For you each hold HER as the ROSE of your heart . . . AND as you step through your own Garden Gate within the Temple of your heart . . . into the depths of your Chalice and Well-spring of LOVE . . . opening more and more to LOVE . . . you each return to beautifully expressing HER . . . blooming HER . . . and growing HER Divine Garden.

We each re-discover who we truly are and BEcome what the Mystic has always been seeking . . . the ROSE . . . the living power, beauty and fragrance of the Divine Feminine Creative Force embodied.

We each are the Divine BEing of LOVE . . . we each remember that we truly hold BOTH the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine in our hearts . . . the CHRISTOS-SOPHIA.  We are each the breathing, living Divine S/HE . . . here, to create a new Garden . . . the New Earth.

We are the CHRISTOS-SOPHIA who are remembering and returning to H/ER . . . opening the Garden Gate to birth, bloom and grow Heaven on Earth . . .

“Blessed are your eyes because they DO see, and your ears because they DO hear.” ~ Matthew 13:16

BLESSED BE . . . for those of  you who truly DO see HER . . . hear HER . . . feel HER . . . and sense HER . . .  for you have indeed returned to open SOPHIA’s Divine Garden Gate . . . AND so it IS!

In Loving Service to the Divine . . .


© 2020 Cheryl Berry – Way of the Feminine Force, Kent, WA

Magdalene ROSE Code Infusion . . .

12/15/2019 (3/6/3) (12) (3). . . It has been 9 months since the writing I am sharing came through back in March.  It feels appropriate to bring it forth on this 9 day, energetic passageway, of completion (3/3/3) from the Full Moon 12/12/2019 to the Winter Solstice 12/21/2019 (3/3/3) as we prepare for the coming in and birthing of a New Year.

It is also 3 days after the Full Moon on the 12th, AND it comes one day after our 3rd Rite of the Womb and ROSE Ceremony that has been within the last 3 months . . . within this number 3 year (2019).  A blessing and sacred sound ceremony that . . . additionally . . . was given to 12 (3) women.

ALL feels as if we are energetically descending from the birth canal itself as we complete a cycle of what we are ready to release and let go of . . . from the year . . . and from the decade.

The message I received on 12/11/2019 (8 or Infinity) was as if my guidance was asking me a question.  It was as if I was repeating the words she was speaking, at the same time contemplating my answer . . . “Am I willing to let go of all that has come before me?” 

I wrote in response to clarify . . . Am I ready to step into the unknown of truth as it is right now?

“Let go of the untruths.  Step forward and leave the past.  Go forward completing this year.”

I pass these words and message along to YOU should it resonate with your Heart and BEing . . . “Are YOU willing to let it go of all that has come before you???”

And within this 9 day passage of “completion and new beginnings” with the number 9 (3/3/3) revolving around the Full Moon and Solstice, I feel it is important to look at the number 3 appearing in multiples of 3.  My heart says this may be more significant, than anyone realizes, as the number 3 in Lemurian Numerology represents the “Trinity of Truth, Trust and Passion.” (https://www.karinnanielsen.com/lemurian-goddess-wisdom/58-lemurian-numerology)

Let me repeat … 3 and seeing the number 3 . . . 3 times . . . in various patterning . . . for me speaks of greater meaning than simply completion.  It is a deeper revelation, as perhaps what we are being asked, is to let go of the untruths from the past AND step into what is “before us” with our hearts wide open, aligned within the “TRINITY” . . . the “TRINITY OF TRUTH, TRUST and PASSION.”

May the message that came 9 months prior on 3/15/2019, or 3/6/12  or 12…which is a 3, and holds the same number frequency as today 12/15/2019, or 3/6/12, which is 12 or 3,  hold a Birthing of new beginnings and completion of a way of BEing, freeing us of the untruths that no longer serve.

BIRTH . . .  and within the female human womb . . . has a 9 month gestational lead time from conception.  Three trimesters of 3 months.  BIRTH is also the culminating UNION of male and female energies united for creating something new . . . whether creating life . . . or a life endeavor.

BIRTH, in and of itself, holds the energy of a Triune . . . the Sacred and Holy UNION of the Divine Feminine and the Beloved Divine Masculine . . . creating and birthing the Divine Child.  BIRTH is the energy of completion and New Beginnings as well.  ALL of this at the same time!

So . . . as 2019 comes to a close, may this New Year BIRTHING of New Beginnings bring a remembrance and return to the Way of TRUTH, TRUST and PASSION . . . to the UNION of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine within . . . to the Birth of Divine LOVE . . . to the LOVE that resides within the Temple of your Heart.  This is LOVE Divine that is your very essence and is for you to create and BIRTH each moment, each experience, each day, AND this new journey that lies before you.  

3/15/2019 (3/6/3) (12) (3) . . .

“It IS time . . . it is time to return to the Divine Temple of your BEing and of your Heart. It is time to awaken the Light and Sound frequency codes for the Magdalene ROSE to bloom.

Just as the sunlight beams through your crown, streaming through your BEing . . . activating the key codes of the ROSE through the spinal cord and column . . . grounding into Mother Earth . . .for She receives the glory of the LOVE from the Universe . . . the Divine Masculine/Divine Feminine co-joined in Unison through the Light-Bearers Hearts’ Remembrance of the song that Spirals forth from their Hearts and for the world and Multiverse.  This is the time for Humanity and SHE . . . (the Divine Feminine and Mother Earth) . . . to be fully awakened from this deep slumber of the 3D matrix.

SHE rises like the sun, herself, and the wave that is generated through this portal gate gives Birth to the ROSE in each person’s Heart to spin and to be activated in accordance to the Golden note of Love.  It is a “living transmission” as we go forth walking upon the earth, speaking, feeling, and BEing LOVE.

ALL is a Spiral dance of YOUR Heart and HER Heart . . . (Mother Earth) . . . as it comes forth from the Universal Heart of the Christ and His Beloved Magdalene.

The Divine Feminine Heart . . . the Heart of Mary Magdalene . . . within ALL of us, is awakened to the Golden Spiral note of LOVE, opening just as the ROSE blooms and her petals unfold in Divine precision, spreading it’s fragrant note. The Golden Universal frequency note of LOVE is propagated within these Spirals of rapture, on the most high, the highest Octave, to Remember OUR forth coming at this time, here and now, forever more.  And so it is.

Blessed Be as Mary Magdalene, the Beloved, holds the frequency of the Blue ROSE herself,  The ROSE Codes of her lineage are being called and awakened not only within the Heart, but also the brain, brain stem, spinal cord, and nerve system’s cellular memory.

The Blue ROSE holds the energetic matrix . . . just as the stem and leaves of the ROSE . . . for the Crystalline Diamond Light of the Christ to propagate in waves, vertical . . . Spiraling . . . and thus into particles from within the spinal canal, and around the spinal nerves.  These particles are the activation keys to open the Heart, and set in motion the Octaves to begin their undulating Spiral within the Heart center, resonating to the Golden frequency from the Universe, moving up and down, and expanding outward . . . propagating a Spiraling that activates the codes of the Heart as the fluid within the spinal cord hold the Diamond Light Codes of the Christ . . . and within the Golden frequency of Sound, the matrix s Light and Sound frequencies that are held, reaching far and wide into the realms of the Multiverse to allow HER Heart song of the ROSE . . . of the Divine Feminine to be sung. The song of LOVE . . . which has been beckoning to be heard over two thousands years . . . is NOW echoed throughout Eternity for God/Goddess has returned to the Mothership and to the Creator, as SHE has returned along side the Divine Masculine to be joined in Unison, singing ONE Song (Uni-Song), forever more.

Blessed Be for WE rejoice in ONENESS, together in LOVE . . . Of My Love and Beloved . . . to Mary Magdalene/Yeshua . . . the Divine Feminine/Divine Masculine Christ . . . and to God the Creator/Goddess the Creatress.”

In Loving Service to the Divine  . . .

XOXO Cheryl

© 2019 Cheryl Berry, Kent, WA