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Octave Remembrance…

02/04/2019 . . .

“Many hold and anchor the Feminine Christ Light . . . like the sun with multiple rays. It is just our awareness within various levels, within the Octave of Remembrance.

Expand, please on the “Octave of Remembrance.”

The chord that is in accordance with divine timing, divine unfolding, like yesterday, the notes (sound) that activate your being to come into greater oneness and union within your self with God/Goddess. It is of divine decree as the journey has been laid before you dearest.

Anything more to do?

Know . . . own . . . your worth and worthiness.

Any words from the Divine Feminine . . . Sophia?  Mary Magdalene?

Rose.  Allow the Rose to guide you, your heart that is held so dear within your network, your own grid of the physical, stay connected to the Solar (Central Sun) Rose Grid and that within the Earth. As a grid marker, emit and pulse the Love which we so desire to spread in the world. Hold the image close in your mind’s eye and know it’s fractal potential – spread, grow – as sound can be amplified. This image holds the potential to expand and light up with other grid markers. Hold your stream of the Divine Feminine Christ. It propagates this sound wave into the field of its accord (where it is birthed originally). It is a global sound wave. 

The image I am drawing is a straight line with multiple egg shaped ripples, spanning outward, larger and larger away from the center line while seeing luminescent colors and writing the words white/golden crystalline pearlescent “dragon flame.”

Rose = Sound is like petals unfolding.

Rose . . . more and more layers of sound of sonic pulsations of Divine Intelligence of Codes.  Not just symbols, but symbols in music = creates sound. Symbols are energy meaning.  Energy symbols are to write the energy, to hold it like a container of multiple layers of understanding.

Octave Remembrance is not only about symbols of sound/codes, but of Matrix that it creates and is of the foundation of creation.”

02/05/2019 . . .

“You are part of creation, the never ending vast flux and flow of energy moving in/out, expanding/contracting, as your heart lays the energy into the field of consciousness.  This sets the framework, the matrix from which life experiences are built.  It sets the blueprint of how the field will meet you there as the Divine starts to coalesce and congeal around the vibration you are anchoring.

Anchor with purity of heart and mind.  Your thoughts and heart are in oneness as to create the highest probable possibility.  To fully succeed/entrain into the collaboration of creation with the Divine, you must know your heart’s fulfillment . . . what fills your heart to the fullest?  As you know, so too your thoughts, align with this truth.

If there exists discrepancies between the two, or contradiction, the duality remains in existence within yourself.

Oneness is coming together.  All your being is to come into union with the Divine, and together, there forms the Matrix of creation.

If my hearts says love, vibrating love, sends out love, then may my thoughts align with the same.

If there are any part(s) of my being . . . thoughts, beliefs, scripts, stories, wounds . . .  that are not in alignment (with my heart),  or are false truths . . . not mine . . . they obscure the purity and integrity of my vibratory chord and the embrace of my being to co-create with the Divine in the same purity and integrity.

Know your heart above all else!

Know, feel, taste, see, sense the vibration of contradiction in you, around you, from others, or institutions as to eradicate from the untruth, to unravel your attachment, to free yourself from all this binds you to a lower frequency, or octave, that holds your vibration in a lower field.

Heal what needs to heal.  Purge what needs to purge.  Cleanse what needs to cleanse.  And let go of what needs to be let go.

It is still of Love to discover what aligns, and what does not align with your truth and highest vibration of who you are, at all times, as I AM.  It is the greatest gift of Love to be in your fullest expression, and to be in LOVE with the Creator/Divine, as you make and create from a pure stream, pure vibration, and pure field in accessing the infinite possibilities that the Divine offers you with open arms.

It is honoring your human soulful obligation to awaken to the contradiction to cleans/purge the dross, to refine and polish your vibratory stream of consciousness . . . “to thine own self be true.”

“To Thine Own Self Be True.” ~ William Shakespeare

AND to no other.  For you only can initiate the unfolding of your own heart.

You may lead by example, or ignite and inspire another’s heart, as others may feel the call to uplift themselves.

However . . . EACH are divine and sovereign in this accord, in this Remembrance to bring forth their Love from within their own Heart.” ~ Divine Feminine and Cheryl Berry


In Love & Service to the Divine Feminine,

XOXO Cheryl



The Keynote that chimes is LOVE . . .


Timing is in Divine Decree.

Nothing for me (or you) to do, but wait.  My sense is not to try to make anything happen, go in accordance with due timing, with True Heart.

Reminds me of another post . . . to step gently, not swiftly (“not hastily”), not too fast, not too loudly . . . there is a preciousness to the unfolding, activation that is to occur.

I (You) play a part in this orchestration just as WE ALL do and it is in Divine (Law), Divine Decree.  My sense is the Dance.  Not (Law) about Justice . . . Right or Wrong . . . or Worthiness . . . more like the Law of Harmonics, of flow/ebb.  Our pulsation of our hearts are key to return, but the Energy (that goes) into the heart is the true Key.  Heart is the Keyhole that receives it . . . pulsating it back to the Universe where it receives and expands in accordance.  WOW . . . it is a mutual Birthing, re-growth, expansion of many layers of Dimension.  So Beautiful Beyond words of our mother language (of the Earth) coming from the multi-verse.

“Let’s praise God/Goddess from your heart to explode with rapture and significance.”

Let’s express the greatness of JOY beyond words of mouth, but by BEing and know the vibration/frequency we put forth is powerful surpassing our understanding and that our heart is to lead the way.

As we receive Love from the Creator from our Internal/Eternal stream of Light Consciousness, it is the Key to the Keyhole – our Heart.  The activation of the beating heart is the pulsation of Love.  Our heart generates a frequency with each beat and with each In-Spiration (to breathe In-Spirit).  This is . . . as a whole . . . (key united with the keyhole . . . this is Spirit in union with the Heart that creates the pulse or vibration) . . .the Keynote; the chime (frequency) that resonates back to the world, the Uni-verse and Multi-verse, as there is a multiple layer of unfolding, awakening within our Being, our world, as well as within the Galaxy.

“Our Internal/Eternal stream of Light Consciousness, it is the Key to the Keyhole – our Heart.  The activation of the beating heart is the pulsation of LOVE.  This is, as a whole, the KeyNOTE; the chime that resonates back to the world, the Uni-verse and Multi-verse, as there is a multiple layer of unfolding, awakening within our Being, our world, as well as within the Galaxy.”

As we honor the unfolding of life without fully understanding (as human beings) the intricacies of the Power of the Creator/Creatress . . . no different than 2 cells coming together to create the miracle of Life on Earth . . . THIS is a union within our heart (of the Divine Spirit/Human Vessel) an unfolding that is also miraculous and beyond our imagination, yet is orchestrated within Divine Decree and Accordance to through Universal Laws from which all flows, and unfolds.  So it Is, Blessed Be to God/Goddess and may our Hearts reign, may LOVE reign and remain in your awareness (consciousness choice) to connect to moment by moment.  And may each heart beat spill into the collective Heart (of the planet) such that Humanity creates a pulsation of LOVE that the Universe can also receive, the ebb/flow of this orchestration is not just into us, it returns back to the Creator and Universe multi-fold, within the Multi-verse, and So it is.

From My Heart to Yours, In Love & Service to the Divine . . .

XOXO Cheryl


The Children are our Salvation . . .

01/05/2019 message …

“The Children are our Salvation.”

As I am writing, I am also hearing the song, “Angels We Have Heard on High.”

“Gloria in excelsis Deo”

“Gloria in excelsis Deo” . . . meaning “Glory to God in the Highest.”

“We as sons/daughters of God, reunite within to hold the Masculine/Feminine Heart of glory for the Oneness, from here we are restored anew to the heights (greater) of understanding that ALL that is, is truly of wholeness ONENESS, such that separation is no more.

Our hearts hold the key. Our heart is the key hole and this holds the key which is Love of the first born (Yeshua, Jesus Christ, the Christ). Christ is the birthed energy of God, and it is HE/SHE that our heart holds to find His/Her (Human) way back to the Lord God/Goddess Almighty in HER reign (this time) the Matriarch restoration, not of HER alone, but within the unification of the God/Lord/Masculine energy of the Almighty.

Proclaim as such, and so it is that Brother/Sister unite within the Heart within the Rose to unfold the glory from which God (masculine only) is exhonored, and is now uplifted to hold HE/SHE (FATHER/MOTHER) in absoluteness.

That is the Way for our hearts to be in Oneness within . . . and within the Universe = one-verse, one-song = one word.

~ Mary Magdalene Rose as channeled through Cheryl Berry

XOXO Cheryl

from http://www.youtube.com

Gloria(Angels We Have Heard on High) / BYU Noteworthy / #LightTheWorld


Stay in the center of the unfolding . . .

Message 01/05/2019 . . .
“Allow yourself to walk in glory of what is ahead and around you of the light, be in the center of the unfolding. Be the center of the rose to unfold in accord (accordance) with Divine timing. It is so. Let them lead so you can come forth, ripen at the Divine (right) time for your work is to come later, but in perfect announcement. Let it be so, so it is.”
I see myself surrounded by light, sheets of light all around me and energy of people before me, as if paving the way. So it does not have to be so hard.
“Allow it to expand with Truth and Knowingness of God’s Love for you, for HIS love (Yeshua’s love) for you, as he upholds & uplifts you into the higher realms of expansion such that it is easy, attainable, knowing what it is like to move through the dimensions as a human once more, gain experience, wisdom as you are HER and of creation; it is no less miraculous this journey for which you have come, you have been chosen. Yes, you volunteered, saying “Yes,” you would, you will go.”
I give thanks for this honor, for being chosen and for choosing. May it glorify God/Goddess, HER rising from the dead, if you will (the barrenness of recognition on Earth) to her rightful place in the Universe along side of HER Beloved, My Beloved. May the children also be proclaimed in this ONENESS for they, without them, we are nothing. It is they that are the fruits, the creation of Mother/Father, Bride/Husband, that are the Holy redeemed ones. They are our glory, our love, our (honorable).
“Hold them in your heart, all of them, not just those you have given birth to in this lifetime, or as Mary Magdalene and Yeshua. All the children are to be held in love, even the unborn. Thank you and so it is. Blessed Be my child, my daughter. (Goddess)
Yaweh, Shekinah, Supreme on High
Mary Magdalene Rose – Stay in the center of the unfolding, in your heart of heart of the ROSE.”
~ Mary Magdalene Rose as channeled through Cheryl Berry
XOXO Cheryl

Magdalene Rose …

01/03/2019 . . . “The time has come when we all shall seek the glory for which we came to be in ONENESS to be with the Divine in Union with God.  It is our birthright to choose, to be whole, to be of fruition from Source.  We are the fruit which life has born and it is our glory to continue to bear Truth, Hope . . .  not ideology . . . but true awareness of Beingness.  We are the ONENESS from which all else grows, evolving into that which was given to us by Birth of each Soul.  It is time to return to that knowingness (consciousness) of Purity of wholeness of Integrity such that God walks upon the earth, no more, no less than HE/SHE had intended with that of creation.  We are the co-creators that we seek and so it is time to realize our true nature and be the purest channel (vessel) for which Source flows heavenly into Being and the Human rises to meet the Divinity within the heart . . . the marriage of the Divine/Human, the Feminine/Masculine Christ . . . it is here in the bridal chamber (the garden of your heart), that allows for union (marriage) of the Divine Feminine/Masculine Christ to be Birthed once more, through the voice (throat chakra, i.e. expression), so the Soul is birthed back to God/Goddess and the Star is Born as the Merkaba is activated . . . and the Rose unfolds to show the Way of Love.”

Magdalene Rose Codes as channeled through Cheryl Berry

In Love & Service,

XOXO Cheryl

Return to Divine Innocence…

SHE Speaks . . . SHE . . the Divine Feminine . . . speaks to the inner journey of the Soul.

The Soul’s journey inward is to it’s knowingness of ONENESS.

It is the knowingness that YOU are a RAY of God . . . no less than the purity of liquid crystalline flowing LIGHT and LOVE.

The journey inward is the Soul’s journey Home.  It is the “Return to Divine Innocence.”

In your Divine Innocence, you are the Purity of  LIGHT and LOVE expressed, holding from within your human form the universal life force energy of both the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine.

The Feminine Christos . . . SHE is about the remembering the WAY of Christ and that there is a calling within for the Return of the Divine Feminine . . . for the Birth of the Divine Daughter of God . . . the earthly expression of the FEMININE RAY of Light and Love that is ONE with the Creator.

SHE is part of the wholeness which we ALL hold within our sacred hearts and entire Being . . . feminine/masculine . . . mother/father . . . daughter/son . . . sister/brother . . . bride/bridegroom . . . wife/husband.

You are living life on earth as a Human vessel of pure Divine Light and Love.

Your expression in this human form, may be as a woman . . . or a man . . . however, you hold both energies within of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine.

You ARE within the Divine Essence of your being the the pureness of God’s LIGHT and LOVE.

You are ONE with the Creator.  Your energy is sovereign with the ONE. 

You are pure Divine Innocence in living form.

It is time to reclaim your sovereignty . . . return to Purity . . . and remember your Truth.

It is time for each One, and for Humanity as a whole, to Birth Your Divine Innocence from the sacred union of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine Christ within your Sacred Heart.

May the RETURN of Your DIVINE INNOCENCE as a Child of God . . . as You ALL are beautiful RAYS of Light from God . . . Divine Daughters and Sons . . . be the beautiful gift that your Soul BIRTHS to the world and to the Universe this Holiday Season!




“Return to Innocence” . . . Song by Enigma
As I have been hearing this song for the last 3 days, I had a huge awareness of parts of my Soul that had been forgotten due to being buried quite deeply, and for longer than I can consciously comprehend.
As the waves of loss . . . losing trust in myself, others, and life . . . due to experiences that created feelings of abandonment, isolation, injustice, shame, fear, having to play small, anger, grief . . . have been uncovered, it is allowing for healing, transformation and integration into Truth.  I pray for ALL of Humanity . . . for each individual . . . to find the pathWAY that allows their own Return to Divine Innocence.
May you return to the gateway of your Heart to find the Soul’s Return . . . such that your Being soars within the wings of Truth and Integrity of your Soul coming home . . . to fully expand and live from this moment forward into the wholeness of your SOUL’S ESSENCE.
My deepest love and gratitude . . . beyond words . . . to ALL the assistance from SPIRIT and the beings of light that came in human form, as well as the Sacred Ones, for the retrieval, healing and strengthening that I AM experiencing.
I pray with love and gratitude for this Holiday Season to bring the gift for each person on the planet to open and evolve on a deeper level from within . . . discovering the Return to Divine Innocence within the energetic field of Truth & Integrity . . . as you allow SPIRIT to lead you home!
In Love & Service . . .
XOXO Cheryl



I AM ONE . . .

Channeled Message 12/11/2018 . . .

“I wish (burning desire) to speak for myself, for HER, for ALL, the whole channel.  As SHE is God’s portal.  I speak for ALL, the Gateway of the Feminine Christ, the Sophia, the eminence of God/Goddess HERSelf and the Holy to the Creator/Creatress Force of Love Beyond Measure.  (Hear the words of the song…SHE’s like the wind).

I speak for ALL . . . SHE . . . ‘Magdalene Rose’ of the Central Sun Channeling.

These are just channels of vibration/frequencies (one stream).  Connecting point between Heaven/Earth Star Gateway for the Feminine Christ to explore within a direct energy stream from God/Goddess HERself.

‘I AM ONE with the Creator and My Energy is Sovereign with the ONE.’

Write, Speak, Publish.  What may be unheard to others, speaks loudly to your Heart Dear One.  Don’t Forget.

“False Prophets.”  Isn’t there truth in what is said?  Proclaimed.

Proclamation is not the WAY.  It’s not about shouting from rooftops or media exposure.  Remember . . . Humble, Sacred . . . let it spread like an undercurrent, not the overcurrent or wave on top.  Let come from underneath to rise untold, unprecedented and unannounced.  It is not the golden trumpets or chariots a blazing, as some make it appear.  It comes softer, more Earthy, like a seed sprouting through the ground.  It is not what is seen on the surface, but felt and heard from within the heart.  From under the soil, let the seed take root and grow versus reaching for a star and pulling it down from the sky.  It has to be born from your very core.

What I hear today is from a stream of consciousness that is lined by multiple gateways of vibrational frequencies.  It is not one voice, but several voices of the Feminine Christ.  SHE is one with Source, not as separate, but a RAY that has converged into a gradual smaller stream to enter the earth plane and into Mother Earth herself, union of Heaven/Earth as one through this connection.

SHE speaks and has spoken for years of…She has shown me, HER, through vision, the Feminine Christ.  SHE has spoken of the lioness, as to HER birth, for the last three years.  SHE has spoken of Sovereignty within the last month.  These are not new themes for HER, simply an awakening for “us” who walk the planet.  As the codes are being lighted from within, as if sparks to a flame, each is being ignited.

But the key is not to a blazing, that which is not the way of LOVE.  LOVE is gentle, it is a powerful universal force, but one that needs no announcement.  Yeshua (Sananda) was not born within a castle, but of a manger.  Kingdom and Queendom is not about what is on the outside, but WITHIN.  The “roar” of the lioness is to know when to use right voice, right action.  The lioness speaks to Sovereignty, as she bows to No One, and is owned by None.

The roar of the lion is typically from the masculine, not the feminine, unless threatened.  The feminine is not to become masculine.  Now is not to feel the need to take the throne, but to simply step up to knowing you are ONE with God/Goddess, Creator/Creatress.  That is all!

It is about awakening consciousness, about your Truth.  No one has ownership over you, as you are ONE with Source, the ALL, the Almighty.  The “roar” is simply the vibration of TRUTH, the arrival that opening has occurred, like “rumble of thunder.”  As God is the word, the roar is Energy.

There it starts with awakening.  The fabrication is woven as new energy strands are woven into the matrix of creation. You are awakened into a community consciousness of ONE, becoming a weaver of God’s LOVE.  No more.  No less.

Take back your power is to reclaim LOVE and bring LOVE into ALL you do, and to weave the frequency of the Almighty into life, into living, and that the fabric is ONE of the Matriarch/Patriarch in Union.  There is no separation.

We are part of their Dance together, not as watchful bystanders, but by dancing with them (…as I hear the words being sung, “cheek to cheek”) in our Sacred Hearts.  Within your Sacred Heart is the marriage from which birth of yourself as the universe gives Birth to the Soul.  We originated as ONE with God/Goddess, Masculine/Feminine.

You ARE One of the Holy Ones, the Dear Ones, Sacred One.  You ARE Son/Daughter of God/Goddess.  The Trinity is now the (Father/Mother)/(Son/Daughter)/(Holy Spirit).

I AM awakening from the slumber from which I have slept, silencing my voice for not wishing to disturb that which was planted.  Now awakened, I have sprouted through the dark soil of Mother Earth where I buried myself to rejuvenate and heal from wounds unknown, except to my soul, to come into the Light, into the Sun (…as I type I hear again the music and various words from the song, “SHE’s like the wind”…), to hold HER (the Central Sun) as well in my Being – as I AM of the ALL, Light/Dark, Heaven/Earth, Human/Divine.  I AM Sovereign to the ONE.  I AM ONE with the Creator/Creatress.  My Energy is Sovereign to the ONE.  I stand in the Light as SHE who is the ONE.  I AM Mary.  I AM Sophia.  I AM Yahweh.  I AM . . . . I AM Who I AM.




In Love & Sacred Service to the Feminine Christ . . .

XOXO Cheryl

Worlds Beyond . . .

I have had the desire to be in a place of Silence for many weeks, pulling inward to focus on me on ALL levels (physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually).  The Silence has been a place to find clarity, without distraction, and to find the inner and outer energy to do so.   I have spent a lot of time clearing and meditating, as well as aligning to my Truth . . . as well as just trying to keep up with the day-to-day, along with conducting a workshop, year’s end, new year business planning, and all the preparation for going on a Holiday vacation.

Message 12/10/2018

Today, I woke up seeing the face of a lion . . .


These words started streaming through my head . . .

“In these days of Silence may more come through that serves the universal pathways of love and service such that I can be a portal for the Divine messages from my family of origin (the galactic realm and beyond) such that ALL that I hear is transcribed for the knowingness of many who seek to understand the word, the energy of God, the Lord, in His/Her Beauty.”

I was shown the image of LIGHT in a field . . .


“I find Peace and Harmony as I align with Truth and the Truth aligns with me.”

“When you realize the Universe resides within you, you have the ability to change the course/direction of your life, whether it be healing or creating.  Not only will YOU be healthier and happier, but the field of Consciousness will arise to a higher vibration, such that pathways unknownst will emerge far greater than ever seen or imagined.  Such that your experience of life and being a co-creator with God, the Lord/the Divine Goddess, you will awaken from a slumber that never in your wildest dreams existed.  The fabrication of a new world unknown is about to emerge and manifest through the thoughts, beliefs, and frequencies you hold.  So hold TRUE to your vibrational core, for here in lies the greatness from which you will create and will fly to worlds beyond what has limited you in the past millennia.  Life is about to start anew my Dear Ones.  So be it . . .”



In Love & Service to the Divine Feminine  . . .

XOXO Cheryl

The TRUTH . . .

Message 12/6/2018 . . .

“I AM protected.

I AM clear in my vision.

I see without obstacles.

I see the TRUTH within my mind’s eye and within my heart.

My Being aligns to the TRUTH.

The TRUTH is attracted to me.

I AM Love.

I AM Light.

And, I stand clearly as who I AM, seeing my purpose & what I AM to do, and where I AM to go…for the highest and best for my BEing.

As I allow this, I also allow everyone else to follow the clarity of their individual path and to align to their individual TRUTH.

Blessed Be…”



May this be an affirmation for each of us to reclaim our Soul Essence and Sovereignty, as we align our Divine/Human vessel with the Creator, holding our beautiful cosmic energetic stream…or RAY…of LIGHT, LOVE & TRUTH!


In Love & Service to the Divine Feminine . . .

XOXO Cheryl

Open Your Hearts…

“Open your hearts to the one next to you for here in lies the second key to your evolution, for once we learn to love ourselves, we learn to love one another as ourself.”

Channeled Message 12/04/2018 . . .

“Blessed Be for the days of glory are upon us and soon to expand into greatness far beyond earthly imagination. For in this, through safety, of which we are seeking in the world our beingness to expand into a new frontier.

May each day be more glorious than the next, for when we skirt through the universe on pathways unknown, but of LOVE, there is no worry, no concern, for which we are headed is guided by the Soul and the Consciousness of One that holds us all as ONE.

Open your hearts to the one next to you for here in lies the second key to your evolution, for once we learn to love ourselves, we learn to love one another as ourself.

May forgiveness fill your hearts/being as you are aware of the connection you all hold with the ONE(ness) and the totality (ONENESS) you all keep.

You’re each one (a) star.

You collectively are a star, spinning, swirling…admirably so…as you discover the energy within you is no less that within the Energy that made the Universe.


You are ONE with the Creator & ALL that is.

May you Be Blessed, and may as you look through your eyes today, may you recognize the Universe with the other who stands next to you as Brother/Sister, for you came from the stars (stardust) and there you shall return.

For now, embrace this walk on Earth as SHE needs your glory (recognition) of being Light, bringing Light into her, as she prepares to ascend and become the beautiful flaming (shining) star she is meant to become.  Blessed it Be & may it be so…”



In Love & Service to the Divine Feminine . . .

XOXO Cheryl