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Summer is here…and so is the Deer!

“In every walk with Nature one receives far more than s/he seeks.” ~ John Muir

Deer have been on the property of the Harmony House and healing studio . . . off and on . . . for several weeks now.

I am awe struck every single time I see them!

It is a special gift to see the does and the fawns wander through and feast on the foilage.

Maybe I should be upset for the plants and flowers, but I truly feel blessed by the presence of the deer, their babies, and their willingness to share the space of living in Nature’s gardens with me . . . even if only for a few moments.

The deer teaches us to TRUST.  Trust our heart and to trust being in harmony with each other and ALL of nature.

The grace and gentleness of the deer reminds me to walk softly, yet stay true to my path, as I trust living in my heart.

I see a world . . . when the deer appear . . . that is simpler and inspired by Spirit to lead.  They nudge my consciousness to remember the possibility of new beginnings.  There is a joy that fills up from within my being as the deer find the courage to take the next step and make their way to come out of seclusion of the woodlands.

Just as we enter this new season of Summer and celebrating the Solstice as the longest day of light in the year, the deer are reminding each of us that it is time to come out of the woods, out of the shadows, and step fully into the LIGHT . . . . . it is time to allow yourself to be fully seen.

“BE at Peace . . . for the time will come when we shall ALL walk in the Light.” ~ morning meditation 5/16/2018


Summer invites each of us to be visible in our LIGHT and to be seen for all of who we truly are.

My prayer of hope for this Summer Solstice is to step as softly and gently as the deer on my path.  As I am guided to create anew, I choose to always follow the LIGHT that permeates and expresses from my heart and soul.

May each of us find our way to express our LIGHT fully each and every day . . . and with each and every season.

“A single sunbeam is enough to drive away many shadows.”  ~ St. Francis of Assisi




Always….much Love & Light from my heart to yours!

XOXO Dr. Cheryl








LOVE…a Feminine Force of Nature

“The ROSE is without an explanation.  SHE blooms, because SHE blooms.” ~ Angelus Silesius

The rose is symbolic of LOVE.  It is more than romantic love or cuddly love…chocolate or fancy dinners, or jewelry.

The energy of LOVE is a Feminine Force…a Force of Nature…that resides in ALL of creation.

LOVE is the the Creator’s Energy that is a Force within and gives forth Life.

LOVE is a Force of Nature that brings forth the desire for LIFE to find its full expression.

LOVE wants no less than for full evolution, or the unfolding, of LIFE and the experience of that Life from within..from wherever it resides.

LOVE wants nothing more than to experience LIFE to the fullest in whatever container or vessel it is held.

The rose reminds me of my mother…Rosa May Berry…and the unconditional LOVE she gave to everyone, not just her children.

So, what have you learned from the LOVE of Your Mother as we celebrate this month of May, honoring our mothers?

What memories do you hold that shaped You in LOVE as a woman, mother, daughter, sister, friend, colleague, or whatever roles you have taken on in this life???  How has LOVE become you to bloom?

What memories do You hold with your own daughter…or son…that has also shaped You and your unfolding as the mother you have blossomed into within the Feminine Force of LOVE?

“Just as the ROSE does bloom, we each have an inborn potential to become.  Release the potential, and allow the bud to unfold.”  ~ Dr. Cheryl

What about the Divine Mother,…as well as our Earth Mother?  Have you felt HER LOVE??

May we all celebrate not just one day…but everyday…the Feminine Force of LOVE that comes from Above and Below…and from within our hearts, expressing LIFE between Heaven and Earth.

May you celebrate this Feminine Force as you breathe Life into every cell of your being.  May every breath be a sacred expression of LOVE.

May you celebrate LOVE today in experiencing all of the Creator’s Energy as you go out into the world today…feeling the sun on your face…smelling lilacs in the garden…seeing the unexpected hummingbird flutter by…or sharing a smile with a stranger.

May you celebrate this Feminine Force of Nature with one of your fondest memories of YOUR Mother…or someone who loved you as a mother.  May the memory of your heart wrap around you like a warm blanket, enveloping YOU with the purest vibration of universal LOVE in absolute truth, trust and passion of her enduring heart!

“LOVE is a gift you can give everyday.” ~ anonymous

From My Heart to Yours!

XOXO Dr. Cheryl



5 Golden Pearls of Wisdom…..

This was such a personal blog to write.  However, I felt strongly it wasn’t just for me, but a gift to share.  A gift for us to see how we are never alone in our journey of living.  And a gift to see that our life’s challenges and lessons learned are truly Pearls of Wisdom from the depths of living in human form that our Soul has come to retrieve.

…..I was meditating and found myself standing at the water’s edge, the healing pond of rainbow colors surrounded by green grass.  I call it a pond, although it was more the size of a small lake.  I had sat here before, but never went in.  Not until this day.

I wasn’t alone.  Two guides, who have been in my heart for some time, were standing with me.  One male and one female…Master Jesus and Mary Magdalene.

They walked me into the lake and performed a healing and at the same time it felt like a baptism.  I had never been baptized before, but this felt like a ritual of healing, rejuvenation, awakening, a ceremony of cleansing and joining of hearts.  It was a sacrament, uniting a sacred Trinity or Triune, with a higher part of ME, joining with the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine.

As soon as we finished, Mary took me by the arm.  SHE was excited and eager to take me diving into the water.  SHE held onto me as we dove deep into the waters…swimming deeper and deeper…and deeper.  SHE knew exactly where she wanted to take me.  SHE reminded me of the Mermaid that had been by guide several years ago, discovering the golden chalice.

The CHALICE…..the cup from which we drink of life’s experiences.  The treasure, the wisdom that life has brought you.  Nothing is without a gift if we are willing to look past the muck, and the yuck that can be stirred up in exploring life.  If we learn to look with new eyes, with a new perspective, from a different vantage point, we can find the gold within what feels like fallen ruins. 

Allow the mermaid to help you traverse the lower world, like the Shaman, to retrieve the gifts your soul was meant to share in this lifetime.  SHE will dive into those uncharted waters, to those scary places where past life experiences have caused you to bury a part of yourself. 

SHE creates a current of Divine Love wherever she swims.  SHE is a catalyst for healing, discovery, and transformation simply through the vibration of LOVE that SHE puts forth.  In the silent journey, SHE will guide you back to your true self.  SHE speaks the energy of loving service, blessings, and joy.  SHE reminds us to find play and pleasure even when swimming in deep waters.  In the discovery, SHE offers the treasure up to you, out of service to a dear friend, speaking only with her eyes, hands, and heart…”Here it is!”  Here is the gift that was buried deep within.  Here is what your have been looking for!”  ~ rewritten from the Mermaid and the Chalice Blog…..June 22, 2017

For the size of this pond, I was surprised how deep the waters were.  It seemed like we kept swimming, deeper and deeper.  As we approached the depths, there it was.  It seemed like a small sunken oasis with plants and rocks.  SHE put her hand among the rocks and into the earth, pulling from the bottom of this watery earthen floor.

There it was again, the golden chalice.  This time SHE dipped her hand into the cup and pulled out 5 Golden Pearls which she placed in my heart….5 Golden Pearls of Wisdom.

What exactly were these pearls?

HER message felt as if the Heart holds Golden Pearls of Wisdom of Life;  life experiences that guide our Soul to the greater depths of learning and a greater experience of LOVE.

Five is the number for LOVE, and the Heart is the keeper of the Wisdom we gain in transmuting our experiences and healing into LOVE.  Gold represents the Christ Consciousness of LOVE, as well as the magic of alchemy as things are transformed to a higher vibration, expressing their true nature of BEing.

I wondered if these 5 Golden Pearls of Wisdom were Universal to ALL Souls, or individual to each Soul and it’s current life?  If individual, what did these 5 Golden Pearls represent for ME?

I wanted to figure out what these 5 pearls represented as soon as I received them.  However, slowly over the next several days, it felt like lessons of the following were put right in front of me to see, feel and explore the possibilities of what these 5 Golden Pearls of Wisdom stood for… at least for ME:

  1.  Integrity, Truth & Light
  2.  Humility, Ease & Grace
  3.  Sacrament, Sacredness of Life
  4.  Compassion, Empathy & Unconditional Love
  5.  Faith, Trust & Acceptance

The gift from Master Jesus was a white feather.


A white feather was not new; it has been a gift several times.  A white feather hangs in the hair of an Indian Woman, titled “The Promise” by Lee Bogle and hangs over my bed.  The white feather came from the heavens and was given to ME when surrounded by multiple beings of light while in a much previous meditation, exploring the reason for my coming to earth.  A white feather is also painted in my adjusting suite in the “Helpful People” corner.  A message, I feel, is saying that Spirit and the Angels are always with ME.

HOPE is the thing with feathers, that perches in the Soul.  And sings the tune without the words…and never stops at all!” ~ Emily Dickenson

Together, pearls and feathers are part of the original artwork, once again created by my dear friend, Catherine Foster in 2002…titled “Child of Light.”  It is the mask of my daughters face when she was 11 years old and sits in my “Relationship” corner of my adjusting suite.

I often thought I should probably move this art piece of a child from my relationship corner.  On the surface, it didn’t seem like the best choice to optimize Feng Shui for attracting a relationship in my life.

However, now if feels that this artwork was perfectly placed to represent the Union of the gifts of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine…the Child of Light being the Birth of their Union.


SHE, Mary Magdalene, represents the golden chalice or human vessel for which SPIRIT fills and the Golden Pearls are cultivated through LIFE and what our humanly experiences offers each SOUL in it’s growth and evolution.

HE, Master Jesus, representing SPIRIT, the LIGHT which fills our chalice, or humanly body.  The LIGHT within that streams through every cell of our being, and when in bodily form is the animating LIFE FORCE ENERGY…or SOUL…of the human vessel to express LIFE and experience LIFE itself.

As Above…So Below….just as the Outside is an expression of the Inside.  So the question becomes, “What in your Inner Heart have you created through all of your LIFE experiences…the ups and downs…the trials and tribulations…as well as the treasures?  What are you expressing from these experiences to the Outside?”

The 5 Golden Pearls and White Feather were placed in my heart…the union of the Feminine and the Masculine…the union of the Human and the Spirit.

The Golden Pearls of Wisdom of Life experiences melded with eternal Hope to bring forth the vibration and melody of universal LOVE.

LOVE is the child of light that every human being can birth forth from their individual heart.  The Golden Pearls and Feather symbolize the holy sacrament of uniting your Soul with that which is Human and Spirit, within the Sacred Heart of ONENESS…and the expression of universal LOVE.

Just as the pearl is created by an irritant in an oyster.  Irritants in life can be the catalyst for transformation and growth of our whole being.  The oyster creates a substance called “nacre” that is secreted around the irritant.  We too, go into protective mode via the sympathetic nerve system when feeling the need to protect ourselves.  We often wall off our hearts.  Just look at the posturing of people around you.  Is the heart space open, or is it more constricted and closed?

How easily accessible is your own heart, let alone the emotions and heart of the people you see everyday?

When we can learn, grow, and evolve from our life experiences, especially the irritating, painful, or unexpected ones, then we can gain Golden Pearls of Wisdom to share from our hearts…uplifting and giving Hope…not only just for ourselves, but in sharing unconditional LOVE with others.

What 5 Golden Pearls of Wisdom has your Soul learned through the irritating, difficult and challenging life experiences within this lifetime?

What words of WISDOM, or acts of kindness in offering HOPE, do YOU share from your heart, simply by living each day in the conscious space of BEing in LOVE???

With Love & Hope…from my Heart to Yours!

XOXO Dr. Cheryl

Spring…Illuminating the WAY

The SPRING EQUINOX is less than a week away, bringing equal day and equal night.  As the sun sits overhead at the equator, the Northern and Southern Hemispheres are equally illuminated.

Some may think of this time of year as Balance, but Life is about movement.  Just look at how Nature continues to grow, bloom, die, and give birth again.  It is in continuous motion and a process of evolution…no different that You and I.

Therefore, I don’t believe Balance truly exists in an every changing and dynamic Universe.

I do believe, however, there are moments of equilibrium of energetic forces and the balancing of these energetic forces to create stability when needed.

It may not always be of equality except for a moment in time, such as with the Spring Equinox.  Because in the Universe…just as in Nature…the earth is in constant and perpetual motion around the sun.  No different than the moon in orbit around the earth.  We, too, are in perpetual motion of growing and evolving physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

What the Spring Equinox brings for me in this moment of equal day and night, is a Stillpoint…like a photo that has captured a beautiful memory.

The Equinox is a moment of equal day and night, as we move from darkness of winter into the light of summer.  It is the moment of being in the center between these seasons, just as being in the center of the earth, just as the sun shines on the equator.

We are at the midpoint of day and night…light and darkness.

The Spring Equinox is also close in time to our celebration of Easter and the resurrection…a time where Jesus Christ evolved from living to dying from his earthly body…to being reborn into the fullness of his spiritual LIGHT body.

I hope you will take this time to sit in meditation and prayer to be in a place of stillness within your being .  To be with all you have gone through…the light and the dark you have experienced in your life and the possibility of where you may be going.

What is most important is to simply be in the stillness and in the center of light and darkness…of what was and what may be….to feel your own being in this moment and to trust your Inner Light will illuminate and guide you to what is next and what is possible!

Much Love, Light & Hope to YOU and Yours!!!

XOXO Dr. Cheryl

THANK YOU to Leonard Cotte on Unsplash for the featured image…https://unsplash.com/photos/c1Jp-fo53U8?utm_source=unsplash&utm_medium=referral&utm_content=credit.


Emergence…Chrysalis of Soul

“I AM a Feminine Force of Nature…I AM no less than the wind, the rain, or the moon’s pull upon the ocean tide…” ~ words of Mary Magdalene as channeled by Dr. Cheryl

I wrote these words in a previous blog.  However, today I feel HER so strongly that it is time to share where they truly came from.

These words came through me in November 2017. I knew who was speaking them.  However, it was very difficult to admit it to anyone.

It has been close to twenty years now that she first came to me in a Reiki session with my dear friend..healer…artist…Catherine-M-Foster (www.catherinefoster.com).  I remember, Catherine, saying she was standing in the room and that I might want to learn more about HER.  I looked to Catherine for counsel and guidance on what to read.  I have collected a library of  books over the years on HER.  Some of the writings seemed true and some not completely true.

This Reiki session was only the beginning.  It was as if my soul was being awakened to the Divine Feminine and being nudged to explore HER…who she was and what she stood for.

However, it wasn’t until about two years later, that I saw my face with that of the Masculine Christ…Master Jesus…flipping back and forth while looking in the bathroom mirror.  It was sometime following a Soul Recognition Ceremony that Catherine had recommended the year before as something I might want to experience.  It took a year to get the courage up to do it.  Again, Catherine stepped in as my guide and guardian during this ceremony and process.

Although Mary Magdalene did not appear to me during the Soul Recognition, this ceremony was a catalyst for healing and for the vision of Christ’s face being interwoven with mine.

So many things run through your mind when you see things that others are not seeing.  You wonder if you are going crazy?  You wonder what exactly does this mean?  You wonder if you should speak about it, or keep it in the depths of simply unexplained experiences?

I kept drawing a symbol, trying to get it just right.  I was writing the word…Christos.  Then I found the symbol in one of Catherine’s art pieces and felt there was some validation to my unseen world and what was utterly unexplainable.  This artwork now sits in the middle of my reception area of my healing studio.


It may have seemed like a dormant process during that time until now, but a lot of change was happening below the surface of my awareness as I look back.

One was the walk in the Labyrinth at Unity Church.  Once in the center I was getting a download that caused me to sit on the floor with tears streaming down my face.  I felt as if I sat for hours and could not move, even if I tried.  I have no idea what was exchanged in that moment, except some form of deep soul to soul communication.

I asked who are You?  How do I communicate again with You in the future?  What do I call You?  The name I understood was “Sar’h.” It was a collective consciousness of energy, not one single entity.  Whether it was the actual name, I do not know.  However, I knew it was a name given such that I could easily identify this energy with the collective consciousness of the children and Lineage of Light that Master Jesus and Mary Magdalene had seeded in their union.

I can’t recall how much time has passed since the walk in the Labyrinth; it could be ten years by now.  However, within the last two years, Spirit has been opening me to channel HER through my writings after going through several months of visions and learning from different Feminine Archetypes.  The high priestess, Isis, was the first to come.  I not only felt I was an apprentice to Isis, but a daughter to her as well.  This was also activated in a guided mediation with Catherine.

I have to say, Catherine, has not only been my dear friend for many years: she has stood as guardian, teacher, and catalyst for when my soul needs healing and is calling for expansion and growth.  Sometimes she has shown up for one thing and something else amazingly emerges.  That, to me, is the beauty of trust, allowing and following Spirit’s lead…something Catherine expresses everyday and has been teaching me every step of the way.

More recently in the last 4 months, greater clarity has come in vision.  HER appearance came to me several times as the High Priestess in early December and even requested permission to bring HER energy through my hands while serving in my chiropractic studio.

“I am both, deeply honored and humbled, to share the energy and messages of the Feminine Christ Consciousness. My heart is full of love and gratitude in allowing my hands to be HER hands…and my voice to be HER voice…the voice of Mary Magdalene.” ~ Dr. Cheryl

What followed was more downloads of information, visions, and deep emotion.  I can’t tell you how joyful and painful this type of transformation is.  The emotions can come from all ends and depth of the spectrum…and beyond…since you are in the presence of energy that is of great vibration…and ALL is happening at the same time.

The soul takes over and numerous Dark Nights of the Soul come through your consciousness as you process HER life experiences, as well as your own.  Sometimes before one is healed, another one comes through.  It is a time of deepest pain, healing, and grieving HER life and that of your own heart, while questioning if this is ALL truly happening, or an illusion of your own making!!?

Fortunately, Dr. Brie Gibbs, as well as Theresa Hebert, were there for understanding and support as friends, as well as holding the unconditional love and energy of spiritual mother and sister.  I don’t know how I would have gone through this without Dr. Brie’s healing work, messages, wisdom and counsel.  I am forever grateful for both of these two women in my life.

However, I also needed the love of ALL of my family, friends and spiritual tribe even if they were oblivious to my process.  Just knowing there was unconditional love that has been there and supported me throughout my life, even though most of my family and friends were not conscious of this transformation, allowed me to continue to go through the pain and healing, in order to get to the joy on the other side.

“It will take many lifetimes, this path of your Soul…but no matter how many spirals you journey into the depths and vastness of your Being….All Paths Journey Home!  Blessed are those who find the courage to delve deep into their hearts and discover their individual Oneness and the ONENESS to the Creator/Spirit…God and Goddess!” ~ words of Mary Magdalene as channeled by Dr. Cheryl

So, I thank you for being here on this journey with me!

However, my journey has now metamorphosed into a Life Path that is no longer an experience, but my spiritual calling.  And, I feel no less than the butterfly who has gone through several stages of transformation in order for my being to emerge anew from this Chrysalis of Soul.  

I can’t say enough how deeply humbled and honored I am every day that she comes forward with HER words, messages, and energy for the transformation of greater LOVE and LIGHT for the Children of the world, all of Humanity and for our planet, Earth!

With LOVE Always from My Heart..and HER Heart…to all of Yours,

XOXO Dr. Cheryl

Heart of Gold

“When you do, or think, or feel something, do it with passion.  Let it come form the Heart.  Put your Heart and Soul into it.  And when you do, you will feel a river flowing sweetly through you and especially through your entire life.  Life has much more meaning that way.”  ~ Angie Karan

February brings Valentine’s Day and many birthdays in our family.  My mother was born the day after Valentine’s Day and she was the heart of our family.  I believe all mother’s hold the potential to be the heart, the uniting force within all families.  What beats inside a mother’s heart is a river of Love.  It is what extends to all her children and is the foundation from which they will grow and flourish!

And…when you look close at the human heart, looking at it’s structure and physiology, you will see an amazing correlation between the physical and spiritual and the flow of Love.

Your Heart is divided into four chambers.  Two chambers sit on the left.  And two chambers sit on the right.  Two sit above and two sit below.

The right chambers (masculine) pump blood that has comes from the body to the lungs. It is here where the waste product of carbon dioxide is given back to the universe.  In exchange, life giving oxygen, that all human cells need, comes into the blood to be transported back to the left side (feminine) of the heart.  The left side of the heart receives the rich oxygenated blood to carry it to the body, for all physiological and cellular functioning.

Even the upper chambers of the atrium, along with the lower chambers of the ventricles, work in tandem for the Heart to function unified.  The atria that are Above, pump blood into the ventricles Below, in order to propel the carbon dioxide laden blood to the lungs, or the oxygen rich blood to the body.

The Beauty of one’s Heart is that it functions in a place of UNION.

It is the union of it’s chambers…the left and right (Feminine and Masculine) with the upper and lower (Above and Below)…that bring it’s distinct and separate function into a unified system of wholeness.

The Union within your Heart is a oneness … and wholeness … that beats, functions, and performs in synchronized fashion that is no less than absolute perfection!

So … the greater message that the Heart holds for us, is to find the same UNION within ourselves, of ALL of our parts.

The Heart teaches us to bring sacred union and marriage within to become whole again.


There may be aspects of ourselves we love and like, as well as facets of ourselves that we don’t like.  Through LOVE, all the parts of who we are, and all experiences, can be brought back to wholeness to find that place to unite from within.

Ultimately the Heart is GOLDEN.  For within the heart is where Love resides.  Love is what brings the spiritual into physical form.  Love is the uniting force within, just as the blood that is pumped by the human heart.  Love is able to extend beyond the physical and unite all hearts in the world.  LOVE is the golden and most powerful elixir of alchemy, transformation, and unifying force in nature.

Love from within your Heart is the greatest force in nature and the universal language that unites all beings through time, space and dimensions!

Honor your Heart just as you would gold!

Actually…your Heart’s worth is greater than gold.

Your beating and united Heart is priceless!!!

Remember your Heart is the pulse of Life…it holds the river and uniting force to all things through Love.

And, only through LOVE do we have the power and magic to create a new life and a new world!


Always…from my heart to yours!

XOXO Dr. Cheryl

The Power of YOUR Presence …

“Your soul is your inner most being. The PRESENCE that you are beyond form. The consciousness that you are beyond form, that is your Soul. That is who you are in essence.” ~ Eckhart Tolle

When I started writing this blog, it was from the perspective of a talk I gave for a business networking group back in December. And when you think about what is important to your overall development whether it’s expanding your career, running your business, or simply growing as a human being, a lot of “P” words tend to show up to guide the “Process”…..Philosophy, Purpose, Passion, Play, Personal, Profession, Plans, Practices, Protocols, Procedures, People, Prosperity, Possibilities, etc.

At any point in time, you may contemplate these different areas to give you new direction in your life, to figure out your next step, or how to re-create your self, your personal life, or your professional career.

Ultimately, these “P’s” are points of reference for all areas of living to help you define who you are and define your direction.

What they have in common, as the “common denominator,” is what you value. They are what you value enough to cultivate. They are what you truly desire to experience and express.

So…when and where do you consider your PRESENCE???

Or have you ever thought about PRESENCE???

Your PRESENCE…what value does it bring to your personal or professional life, your relationships, your daily practices or routines, your business, your success, or simply just living?

Is there any real value or POWER in YOUR PRESENCE???

“My PRESENCE speaks volumes before I even say a word.” ~ Mos Def

First of all, you need to ask the question and define “What is PRESENCE?”

Beyond words, it’s your energy field, your consciousness, your essence. It is what you emit from your CORE. It is the totality of the energetic life force that surrounds you and includes everything else that you value from your core foundational Philosophy and beyond. It’s your Soul.

“I sometimes ask people, ‘Can you be aware of your own Presence? Not the thoughts that you’re having, not the emotions that you’re having, but the very PRESENCE of your very being?’ You become aware of your own Presence by sensing the entire energy field in your body that is alive. And that is the totality of your Presence.” ~ Eckhart Tolle

If your PRESENCE is a totality of yourself beyond form, and if your energy field surrounds you and precedes your physical being, then it makes sense to cultivate your PRESENCE by connecting to your Soul and being your Soul.

If PRESENCE is what is constantly being emitted by your energy field, should you not grow IT just as you do any “field” of endeavor that you wish to grow?

So, what I realized when I was first started writing this blog, was that I writing from a business perspective and not from my Soul. I had shifted the conversation of Presence from Soul to “energy” out of fear…out of fear of stepping on some toes in the business world. Maybe that was appropriate language for my audience in that time and space, but it was not exciting for me here!

In truth…in My Truth…can you ever get away from your very Soul??? I guess you can if you choose to stay in the ego, or what others want for you. But why would you ultimately want to??? I don’t want to.

So, let’s reframe the entire conversation to…

“What do you wish to emit from your Soul…your PRESENCE…and grow in this New Year of 2018?

What do you wish others to sense from your Soul…the very essence of your being…without words… from just walking into a room? Whether there is one person in the room, or it’s a room full of people? Whether it is for a New Year’s party, or to stand up and speak in front of a board room, or on stage? What do you want the world to take away from you showing up, being YOU?

“People also leave PRESENCE in a place even when they are no longer there.” ~ Andy Goldsworthy

What about healing through simply your PRESENCE alone? Or to teach or inspire by being a walking example from the energy you emit from your Soul?


“I teach people that no matter what the situation is, no matter how chaotic, no matter how much drama is around you, you can heal by your PRESENCE if you just stay within your center.” ~ Deepak Chopra

What does it take to develop and Practice PRESENCE?


Being in your CORE…

Simply the power of your breath…breathing into your CORE, your belly…allows you to stay centered and clear. There is an unwavering strength and conviction when you live and show up from within the CORE of your being.



By staying CENTERED…as if staying in the eye of the storm where it is peaceful…any distractions, drama, and negative energies can swirl around you without disruption of your energy. The outside world does not waver what is going on, on the inside. Being CENTERED is strength; it is your central pillar from which all else unfolds.


Seeing with CLARITY…

CLARITY of vision…knowing exactly what you wish to grow…defines where you are going. Once you are clear from within, then cultivating your energy, directing your energy, and living from the energy of your Soul becomes easier…if not absolute.


What is it you emit from PRESENCE?



You exude an energy beyond your body that is palpable.

Your Presence exudes an energy that ultimately emits CONFIDENCE and CERTAINTY.

You own it. It’s yours. It’s authentic. It’s the real and most authentic YOU!!!


What is created with PRESENCE?



What first stirs is a knowing from within, or a CALLING from your heart as your Soul speaks to you. This CALLING is your greatest Purpose, such that your PRESENCE holds its vibration without doubt, and without confusion. When you know…YOU KNOW…your greatest Purpose, the energy of your heart and Soul emits a magnetic attraction within your field. The beauty of such a magnetic force is that it has an affinity, or potential to draw others in.

The Power of YOUR Presence is that is can create COLLABORATION and an alliance for more of the same with others.

YOUR Presence also has the POWER to light the way for others to find their PRESENCE, their greatest Purpose, and all the other parts of their life such that there is alignment and that may simply fall into place.

YOUR Presence and the Power of Presence in any ONE human being has the ability to re-ignite the spark of POSSIBILITY within another…and another…

“As we let our light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our PRESENCE actually liberates others.” ~ Marianne Williamson

The Power of Your Presence starts with with the light of your Soul. As you align with your Soul, your Presence grows. It is vibration of greater authenticity…of Purity…of Truth…and of Love…that is placed into the field of human consciousness.

When humanity’s heart can reach the tipping point of 51% of greater Truth and Love from our SOUL, then together we can emit a magnetic force that shifts our collective vibration to grow and expand into a greater global energetic field.

Together, we all shift. Our individual hearts shift. Collectively, as human beings, the whole of humanity shifts. As WE shift and reconnect to Soul and Presence, it allows our hearts to align in Truth and Love with the heart of our planet.

“In the stillness of your PRESENCE, you can feel your own formless and timeless reality of unmanifested life that animates your physical form. You can then feel the same life deep within every other human and every other creature. You look beyond the veil of form and separation. This is the realization of oneness. This is LOVE.” ~ Eckhart Tolle

TRUTH and LOVE…that is the Power of YOUR Presence!

XOXO Dr. Cheryl

A Mere Miracle…

“There are two ways to live your life.  One is as though nothing is a miracle.  The other is as though everything is a miracle.” ~ Albert Einstein

I woke up this morning with these words “Mere Miracle” running through my head.  Apparently sugar plums don’t dance in my head any more.  Honestly, I don’t think they ever did.

Before I jumped quickly out of bed, I stopped to lay quietly and take a moment to meditate on these words, take them in, feel them and discern the true meaning.

Mere…does it mean water?  Or, mere…does it mean smallest?  Or when you google the meaning on the internet….”that is solely, or no more or better, than what is specified.”

Water…our bodies are 70 percent water.  Being in human form as LIFE is truly a miracle.

Small…or that which is solely…or no more or better…than a miracle.  Perhaps nothing short of a miracle?  Or, how does anything ever get better than a miracle???

As I continued to feel into the words, I believe the message is that You and I, are each … simply and miraculously … a “Mere Miracle”… no less and no more.

So, as you prepare for the Holy Days, no matter what traditions you celebrate, I believe the meaning we are all looking to celebrate is the Light, Love, and Life that resides in all of us and around us.

I hope you will take the time to be in stillness and reflect on your own sacredness, the “mere miracle” that resides within you, just as you may reflect on the sacredness of your beliefs and traditions.

I hope that the “mere miracle” that YOU and I…and the world…can hold in our hearts and create is that of ONENESS.

When, You and I, can each hold all the parts of own individual selves that are different:  the parts we like and the parts we don’t, the parts we judge and the parts we are proud of, the parts we need to forgive and heal, as well as the parts we accept and continue to grow … then You and I can be within a place of UNION inside our own individual soul, mind, heart, body, and life.  And, then we can create a vibration in the field of consciousness for the second mere miracle to unfold…a place of UNION and a place of ONENESS…collectively with each other.

Once You and I can find that place to hold all that we have created in our own lives, the Light and the Dark, then we can hold unconditional LOVE and compassion for each other…no more and no less than the creator of the universe holds for ALL of us.

My Blessings to YOU and YOURS for Holy Days and New Year…

I hope and pray you find PEACE within the center of your heart and your life, even if it is not perfect.

May you find the vibration of GRATITUDE within your heart and send it out into the universe, appreciating what has brought you growth and wisdom, even if not ideal.

May you place another frequency of claiming and knowing your TRUTH, your values and the beliefs you live by.

May you share the LOVE and vibration of JOY for yourself and with those you care about.

May you offer a BLESSING from within your heart and soul…for yourself…as well as for your family, friends, community, and people of the world.

May YOU be the “mere miracle” that is awakened to the beautiful Light, Love & Life that resides within you!

And, may your Light, continue to spread the Light for the way of birthing the mere miracle of ONENESS on Earth!!!

Love, Dr. Cheryl XOXO


Feminine Force of Nature

“We are all gods (and goddesses), all Forces of Nature.  We can destroy, we can build.  We are like oceans and like fires.” ~ Barry White


I AM a Feminine Force of Nature…

I AM no less than the wind, the rain, or the moon’s pull upon the ocean tide.

I AM a radiant sun:  an expressive, radiant, creative power of life force energy in form and fortitude.

I AM a rock, a mountain, a crystal vessel:  a strong, bold, unmovable force, standing and holding my ground.

I AM a waterfall, a cascade of emotion:  a flowing force that can trickle steadily with contentment; bubble forth with joy; or rage and roar with a mammoth of passion and purpose.

I AM the ebb and flow of the peaceful tides, the crashing of waves upon the shore, and the uncharted waters of the deep, dark ocean floor.

I AM an expression of body, heart and spirit, abiding by the laws of the universe and the laws of nature.

I AM a human portal for life, creation, and the expression of my soul upon the earth.

I AM a woman able to birth through my womb, as well as my heart, my hands, and my voice.


I AM a mother, tender, fierce, and loving.


“…Haley’s love for Jack was joyous and fierce.  That fierceness is why she isn’t here today.  A mother’s love is an unrivaled FORCE OF NATURE and we can all learn much from the WAY Haley lived her life.”  ~ Hotchner in Criminal Minds, from the eulogy of his wife


I AM ALL that I choose to become through my body, heart and soul’s desires.

I AM ALL that I choose to become through my ability to vision and imagine.

I AM ALL that I choose to become through my commitment and perseverance.

I AM ALL that I choose to become through my play and laughter; sweat and tears; triumphs and falls; and willingness to always get up and go the distance.

I AM ALL that I choose to become through the call to serve and give to my family, my community, humanity, as well as the plants, animals and Earth, herself.

I AM ALL that I choose to become through the sharing of my truth, love, hope, wisdom, gifts and talents in full integrity.

I AM ALL that I choose to become through the giving and receiving of energy through the universal law of exchange.

I AM a Feminine Force of Nature and the WAY I live my life says it ALL about my legacy and what I leave behind me, for whatever time I walk upon this earth.

I AM a Feminine Force of Nature…and I choose to leave behind me a-wake of TRUTH, LOVE and HOPE . . . no less than any other unrivaled force of nature.

YOU…too…in your own most beautiful, powerful, and creative WAY are a Feminine Force of Nature!!!

Finding your WAY in living life as a Feminine Force is very simple.  It is about listening and feeling deeply your intuition.  However, your intuition and the Divine speaks to you, whether through inner vision, sound, feeling, emotion, physical sensation, deep knowing, writing, repeated messages that start popping up, or what ever way….pay attention and notice!  Your inner voice is communicating to you.  It is that inner stirring that never goes away.  And if you do ignore it…trust me, it will find another way!

The WAY of the Feminine Force and bringing forth your personal creative power as a Force of Nature is all about following what is unseen and unheard to others…and yet feels absolutely right to YOU!

It is about creating your own path; re-creating and changing course as your passion calls; re-claiming all parts of yourself; and living your life on your terms with great joy and integrity.

The WAY is shown to you, when you start seeing life through your own eyes.  The WAY will speak ever so loudly such that it is only your heart that hears.

And, I know . . . if you start seeing, listening, and following your own heart’s lead…that innate inner wisdom…YOU WILL indeed leave a positive imprint upon this earth as a Beautiful and Powerful Feminine Force of Nature!


With LOVE & more from my heart to yours!

Dr. Cheryl XOXO




Finding HER Strong, Sensuous, Sacred & Sexy…

“Aging is not lost youth, but a new stage of opportunity and strength.” ~ Betty Friedan


If you are like me, time feels like it is going faster and faster.  As the years pass, not only do I wonder how another smile line appeared on my cheek, but I am constantly seeing the videos and books for the Fit, Fabulous and Fantastic after 40.

I am all for it, but honestly I think it’s something we need to cultivate earlier and allow the process to unfold as gracefully as possible.  Yet, I also believe…whole heartedly…that it is never EVER too late to start!

So, now that I am older and past 40, why are there not more of the Fit, Fabulous and Fantastic after 50 something?  Or finding Her Strong, Sensuous, Sacred and Sexy before 60 or after 70???

How come I am not seeing much of this age group unless I actively go looking and seeking it???

Women have continued to express their greatness, beauty in creating, and achieving their fabulous even after 50.  In fact the beloved, Louise Hay who passed this year at 90, was 58 years old when her book “You Can Heal Your Life” was published and shortly after her publishing firm empire, Hay House, was founded.

So…what if it’s not about trying to erase the aging process, but to embrace Life and Living as a beautiful process of unfolding and becoming.  It is a process of continuing to Find the Fit, Fabulous and Fantastic at “whatever age.”

What if we look through the eyes of this poster and relish in the last line…that “every woman should see a wrinkle and be reminded of her youth; and not her age.”

Every Woman
~ Anonymous

What about embracing and inspiring ALL women, wherever they are in life, and what ever age they are, that they are perfect? What about our culture embracing and teaching women that it is okay to re-create ourselves throughout our lifetime…if we want to…and that it is never too early or too late?

“Every woman should find HER Strong, Sensuous, Sacred & Sexy…no matter her age.  Every woman should embrace re-creating HERself with every decade.” ~ Dr. Cheryl Berry

STRONG … because we need to know who we are and who we are not.  We need to be able to push when it’s time to push, and to offer support then someone else needs us, young or old.  We also need to know when to support ourselves.  We need to know we can hold it together when all may feel like it’s falling apart; and we need to be able to pull ourselves up out of the mud and muck, take a breath, and take another step even if we don’t know where the second step will be.  We need to have courage to start again, as well as knowing when to stop, or change directions.  We need to know where we stand in the moment, as well as what we will stand for, or what we will take a stand against.

Strong …  because sometimes we need to express our inner masculine of doing and putting energy out into the world, and it’s only YOU who can do it even when you feel the most vulnerable!

Strong …  because it is not only the physical strength and endurance of body, but the emotional support like a marble pillar, the mental fortitude to keep going the distance, the courage of heart to hold onto truth and love, and to lead, and be led, by the light of one’s soul even in the darkest of nights.

SENSUOUS … because feminine energy engages our senses.  Author, Debrina Jackson, is the first woman I heard speak of this.  If you break the word down to its root…SENSE-U-OUS…you will see it’s root is SENSE.  If you actually look up the word SENSUOUS it comes down to what your senses perceive.  It is what you see, hear, smell, taste, or touch.

“Just as the ROSE does bloom, we each have an inborn potential to become.  Release the potential and allow the bud to unfold.” ~ Dr. Cheryl Berry

Have you ever felt wonderful smelling roses, fresh rosemary, lavender, a ripe peach, a favorite perfume’s, or your baby’s skin?  What happens inside your mouth when you take a bite of a garden ripe tomato, a strawberry right off the plant, or decadent chocolate?  What do you feel when you light candles and place them all over your bedroom or around the bath?  What about sitting curled up in front of a fire with a soft blanket, or waking up to sunshine coming through your window?

There is a physiological excitement of the senses, an awakening of the ability to experience and take in more via your nerve endings and sensory organs.  Sensuous is your feminine energy that is receptive to receiving and taking in more of LIFE.  It is simply feeling more inside through your sensory nerve receptors and nerve system of what is there on the outside, as well as making sense of the world.

  • Sensuous is to be perceived by the senses.
  • Senses is any of the faculties, of sight, hearing, smell, taste, or touch, by which humans and animals perceive stimuli originating from outside or inside the body; sensation.
  • Sensation is the perception or awareness of stimuli through the senses.  A physical feeling resulting from stimulation of a sense organ, or from internal bodily change (e.g. cold or pain).  A general feeling not directly attributable to any given stimulus, such as discomfort, anxiety, or doubt.  A mental or emotional feeling, especially a state of excitement.  An interest caused among a number of persons, or within a community, due to rumor or some occurrence.  (http://www.dictionary.com)

When you feel pain, numbness, prickling, pressure, or temperature fluctuations, it’s also from your nerve system sensing changes in your inner world, or it is how your physiology is responding to the interaction with the outside world.  You are hearing and feeling the language of your physiology at work and whatever adaptions it is attempting to make with the information it has been given.

Your nerve system is responding to internal messages and external cues.  Whether it is the sensory in feeling, or the motor in moving, or the autonomic (sympathetic or parasympathetic) in organ, gland, and blood vessel functioning; keeping your nerve system free of interference allows you to sense more and feel more in every capacity possible, while experiencing and expressing more LIFE. 

SACRED … because being in human form is sacred.  Living LIFE in body, heart and soul is sacred.  As a woman you have the sacred potential to Birth…whether a baby, a business, a book, or whatever.  Birthing is sacred.  Laughing and Crying is sacred.  Running and Jumping is sacred.  Falling and Getting up is sacred.  Aging and Evolving is sacred.  Dying is sacred.  Every breath, every moment, every experience within “the dash” between the dates of birth to death is sacred.

“My temple is my body.  The world around me my altar.  My words are spells. Every thought an intention.  My actions rituals, to manifest all that will be.  I am Sacred.  I am Divine.”  ~ Ara Campbell

The Innate Intelligence that created you from the conception of two single cells and has been the inner wisdom creating, developing, growing, adapting, and guiding you from inside out is eternally sacred.  The Universal Intelligence that created all of LIFE on this beautiful planet, and all of nature that is around you, and maintains it in existence is sacred.  Your body is the home for your soul.  The planet is the home for your body.  Each of these homes is sacred.

Because we are creators and live in an inner and outer world, full of potential and limitless possibilities, everything we are, be, do and have is sacred.   Because the union of masculine and feminine energies, the strong and the sensuous, is a sacred union of wholeness.

“The Major Premise – There is a Universal Intelligence in all matter and continually gives to it all its properties and actions, thus maintaining it into existence.”

“The expression of this Intelligence in matter, is the Chiropractic meaning of Life.”

From The 33 Chiropractic Principles, book by Ralph W. Stephenson, DC

SEXY … because sexy can be a lot of things; it’s your own personal perception.  I believe, above all, it’s a radiance that a woman shines from inside that starts within her heart.  I think it is less of being attractive externally, and more of being confident and centered internally.  I believe it’s about owning your energy and your presence.  There is a magnetic attraction in presence when it comes from your core.  It’s not just about tight abs and glutes, it’s about knowing your values, your expertise, your purpose, and your passion.

It can be more of simply showing up fully, centered within, clarity of vision, certainty and commitment.  Demonstrating you have brains, intelligence, a quick wit, sense of humor, are able to laugh, as well as forgive easily, and even say “no, that doesn’t work for me,” and embrace each day with an open heart, can be just as sexy as wearing a tight little black dress!

“It has little to do with what you say.  It’s where you are in yourself.  You offer your PRESENCE.” ~ unknown.

Let’s keep it simple, I hope you will embrace all of LIFE and all your heart desires, no matter your age.

I hope you will discover, and continue through every year of your life, to feel and express the woman within.

I hope with each decade you will feel the freedom to re-create yourself from the inside out, for no one else but to please yourself and to please your soul.

May you always feel into your essence and live from HER . . . finding HER Strong, Sensuous, Sacred and Sexy . . .  no matter what!!!

And, may you allow your life to unfold like the ROSE, appreciating the process of LIFE in all of it’s beauty and intelligence…the creating, becoming, and expressing HER fullest potential until the last petal falls!


From my heart to yours!

Love, Dr. Cheryl XOXO