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LIGHT the Way…

“The candles are many, but the LIGHT is one.”  ~ Rumi

It’s that time of year, as the season of fall moves toward winter, the days are getting shorter, colder and darker.

If you are like me, it is easy to feel the tug to go inside and even into hibernation mode with this time of season.

In fact, your whole being may feel the need for more rest, more quiet, and more solitude.

You may want to sit on the couch.  Maybe you feel like curling up with a blanket in front of a fireplace, or watch a movie, read a book, enjoy a cup of tea, journal . . .   It can be whatever gives you a sense a peace and warmth internally, while the world externally feels colder and darker.

The thing to remember is that it can be colder and darker outside, however, your LIGHT inside is never extinguished.

Sometimes your LIGHT may dim, but that is because you have forgotten to attend to the flame.  Life gets busy and there are times . . . and I know I have been guilty of this . . . ignored attending to the flame of my LIGHT.

Life’s responsibilities, commitments, schedules, family, work, etc., can override your own personal sacred care of your SELF and nurturing the LIGHT of your Soul.

Remember that your LIGHT . . . your Soul . . . your Spirit . . . is here to shine in YOUR own individual way.  IT is everlasting.  There is a beautiful beaming LIGHT in each and every one of you that is here to shine it’s most radiant and brightest Self.

“I will love the LIGHT for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness for it shows me the stars.”  ~ Og Mandino

So during this time, and it may seem early to some of you since it is only October, but I really want to use the analogy of lighting YOUR candle.  There is no better time than to light this concept into your consciousness . . . for today . . . and every day, as well as to have this understanding shine in the consciousness of humanity.

As each day passes away, and we get closer and closer to the shortest day of the year, as well as the holidays…or HOLY Days…let’s remember to give thanks and gratitude for the LIGHT that shines in every person and every creation on the planet.

Honestly, we don’t have to wait for the HOLY Days to celebrate the LIGHT of the universe that resides in ALL of us.

Let’s just breathe and take into our hearts that one single LIGHT, even by itself, still shines LIGHT into the darkness.

However, if we join together and walk together, in a place of union, our LIGHT can shine even brighter.

It is together that we can always bring the greatest LIGHT to the world!


“Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened.  Happiness can be spread without diminishing that of yourself.”  ~ Ghandi

Namaste . . .

XOXO Cheryl


The Gift Box…

“We carry inside us the wonders we seek outside us.”  ~ Rumi

Life isn’t always easy.

Often there can be that feeling to escape or rise above the human experience and transcend it.

However, being human is no less than your divinity, or your “crown.”

Life in human form is your gift.  Being human is not to be escaped, but to be glorified.

Your human vessel is actually your packaging.

Think of your body and human vessel as your “gift box.”

The question is…”what is inside?”

What if your humanness is really an empty box, an empty vessel?

What if . . . it is an empty vessel, or box, that contains the gift of your divine presence?

What if . . . your soul is what is contained within the gift box, and it is your journey through life which grows and expands the beauty of the gift . . . the beauty of your soul?

What if . . .  ALL you are here to do is to seek the beauty of your soul, the all of who you are, and to share the divine present that is inside your gift box?

“There is a Life-Force within your soul, seek that Life.  There is a gem in the mountain of your body, seek that mine.  O Traveler, if you are in search of that, don’t look outside, look inside yourself and seek that.”  ~ Rumi

What if . . . all you really have to do is to seek the gem?

And, in the discovery of the diamond within, you allow your SOUL to shine through all that you have gone through . . . and will go through . . . in this human gift box of experience and packaging!!!



Love & Light Always!

XOXO Cheryl

Breaking Free…

“The soul has been given its own ears to hear things that the mind does not understand.” ~ Rumi

I have been sitting in meditation on Tuesday mornings for the last month.  It is a very personal and sacred time that I was told to call …”Tuesdays with Sophia.”

I got the message back in July to make a commitment to spending time connecting with the Divine Feminine within the Christ Consciousness and energy of LOVE.

Since writing while in meditation is my easiest mode of retaining what I receive, it’s what I’ve been up to every Tuesday.  Some are personal messages and some are to be shared.  Honestly, it’s kind of scary to voice your heart and soul out there for the world to hear.

Like many of us, it can be scary to speak your truth or share your inborn gifts.  There can be fear of repercussion or the feeling I am not good enough.  Or even questioning is what I am creating of value to others?  I know I have.

On the other hand, speaking one’s truth is how changes occur in the world, movements get started and shifts of consciousness in how we live occur.  And without expressing your true nature and inborn gifts, how can any one of us be fully genuine, show up as role models of authenticity for our children, and live in truth of our whole being if we keep it contained?

Why I am sharing “Tuesdays with Sophia,” is to shine example in how you may feel the pull or tug to share yourself through your divine gifts and talents.  And, by doing so you may be expanding and creating something that only YOU can give birth to and give back to the world of humanity and to Spirit.

Some might say I simply have a great imagination in my writing!!!

Maybe I do.

However, I remember a dear friend asking me many years ago, “How do you believe Spirit speaks to you, if it not through your imagination???”

Imagination is more important than knowledge.  For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.”  ~ Albert Einstein

So… if you are willing to step into my world, my visions, “my imagination,” and to go on this spiritual journey seeing with your heart, you would see something very much like a Divine Feminine “King Arthur’s Round Table.”  Actually it’s my simple rectangular farmhouse kitchen table.

What started with three has now become a garden of 15 divine feminine energies from Ascended Masters to Goddesses and Archetypes sitting around the table, having coffee (at least I AM), sharing divine wisdom and insights.  It’s more like I sit at my table with pen in hand and transcribe in my journal what I see, what I feel, what I hear, and what flows in my thoughts.

It has expanded and become more like a garden of goddess energy flowing and growing around me and through me.  As Aphrodite specifically told me last week…”you need more roses, more healing for us to come as one.”

This morning the word “oppression” came as a feeling.

This feeling of “oppression”.. What about it?  It is a hard word.

“Shift to a lighter state.” … Do we create it?

“Oppression is not for the meek.  It is for the courageous of heart.  It is a vibration to help you break free, find freedom in your journey and transform the bonds of time that have kept you bound so tight that you could not breathe…or rather expand fully into your being. 

It is there as a gift to set you free on a new path and to welcome your becoming into your own…your own “birth,” if you will.  It is the contraction of labor that is more like a wave that leads to the expansion within the next wave form. 

It is the accumulation of contractions for the greatness to come.  It can come in a collective consciousness of humanity, or in one individuation, or in one experience of living.

Never doubt it’s power of expulsion.

It is fear that keeps it from moving forward to completion.  The completion is what you desire as the ultimate product of transformation that the oppression has created inside.  Oppression can be compared to gestation, if you will.  It is the incubation time where the uterus gets tighter…and tighter…as the energy of the fetus (or what is to be birthed) grows. 

Oppression can be a constriction in consciousness that when…what is to be birthed…has reached it’s peakness…the bonds holding you back will break free. 

The goal is to shift consciousness around the oppressive container so that it can merge into the void; not holding any boundaries with ease.  The place to arrive is in letting go and allowing the unfolding to merge into the space of love where it is easily transmuted into love & light, and returned to Source.  For then, the gift and wisdom it has brought you will be discovered. 

The beauty of this oppression, incubation, or energy of contraction will then be seen and experienced from a new state of being….”the birth” that you no longer have to labor for.” 

“We are born of Love; Love is our mother.”  ~ Rumi

The message of “Breaking Free…” I feel is for a shift of consciousness, not only for me, but for all of us, to see from the heart, to see with the eyes of LOVE and possibility.

It is about seeing the energy of oppression, or rather contraction, and the fear around it, in a new light; to see it more energetically as part of a wave.  It is that part of contraction and constriction, before the next expansion, and ultimate expulsion.

No matter the length of time of contraction and laboring toward freedom, energy desires to move and to be transformed.  The energy of contraction does not have to be feared.  It can be embraced in knowing there is a point of “breaking free.”

There will come a final push for expansion, and the ultimate expulsion, where the “birth” which you seek (or which is seeking YOU)…from within…from above, down, inside, out… is finally born.

Remember that “birth” of creativity and creative endeavors always comes through a portal or passageway, whether through a woman, a man, or even a child.

Everyone of us is a creative being and a creative genius at heart!

Woman may be the portal for birth of humanity’s children through her womb and down through the pelvic triangle.  However, each person has the ability to give birth to the voice of their individual soul, through their own heart, and up through the clavicular triangle.

One is the union of the human female egg and male sperm in the female uterus.  The other is the union of the divine feminine and divine masculine of our true nature that is discovered in the sacred heart.

One is the birth of you as a human being into form, into the world and of the earth.

The other is the birth of your divine soul expressing it’s light, it’s creative energy,  and it’s gifts to the world and to the universe.

Both involve labor.

Both come from LOVE.

“Love is the cure, for your pain will keep giving birth to more pain until your eyes constantly exhale love as effortlessly as your body yields its scent.”   ~ Rumi


From My Heart to Yours,

XOXO Cheryl




A Bridge Builder…

“Go to the truth beyond the mind.  Love is the bridge.”  ~ Stephen Levine

What is your role in life?

Have you ever wondered?

I use to think I was like a telescope.

My purpose was to help people see the Big Picture, the spiritual, the macrocosm, the bigness of the universe and what our potential was beyond the human form.

Today, I feel I am less of helping people see a new perspective with just their eyes, but more of helping them see the possibility of a new Path and finding their Way.

Kind of like Indiana Jones in the scene, “Leap of Faith” from the movie, The Last Crusade, where he finds the courage and faith to take that first step.  Once he throws the sand across, from one side of the chasm to the other side, he then fully sees the planks that create the bridge to take him from one side to the other.  You can find that scene on YouTube…https://youtu.be/xFntFdEGgws.

It may take tiny steps to get over any bridge, but that doesn’t matter.  And sometimes you have to lay the stones, or groundwork yourself, and create your own bridge.

What does matter is being open to taking the first step to a new path and a new perspective on LIFE, and a new WAY of Living.

Imagine going up Machu Pichu.  You may need some guidance along the way.  Someone who can help you see what you haven’t seen before and offer suggestions where you have never been before.  Someone to answer questions.  All the while, you are creating your own personal experience.  You are the one making your own personal way in this journey of your life.

In the big picture of the world, universe and multiverse, bridges come in many forms and are the “what” that gets you from one place to another.

A bridge can be a shift in consciousness that allows you to simply see a possibility that you didn’t see before.

A bridge can be that one word, just like the first stone or piece of wood put into place, that awakens you to try something new, to get the path started, and to be on your new way.

Being the bridge, may mean holding the space of understanding where someone is and seeing where the possibility exists for them.  It’s about how to help someone gain a bigger perception, but also meeting them where they are first and foremost.

As a chiropractor, I feel being a bridge builder is helping people learn to trust their bodies’ innate wisdom and ability to heal again.  Once the trust in the body is restored, there is a greater vantage point, and potential for that “leap of faith” to trust the heart and soul again.

It’s about learning to trust forces of life and the universe that are seen, and then trusting what is unseen.  Trusting to see through the eyes of LOVE and living from there, versus from the perception of fear.

Really no different than Indiana Jones and his “Leap of Faith.”

So what role are YOU playing out?

What is your purpose in being of service to others at this stage, or season, of your life???

What leaps of faith have you, yourself encountered to create a new path, or new Way of Living, that is enriching YOU and your life journey in body, heart & soul?

With LOVE Always….

XOXO Cheryl




For Sophia…

Although this is a constant flow of communication as I am receiving through my writing, it is also a personal dialogue, dispersed with my questions and the answering all in one exchange with Spirit, directly from my journal.

This all came about since I was hearing the name Sophia two weeks prior.  Later in the day, I heard, Gateway.  Even later, as I drove to my studio to drop off some garden statues for decorating the offiice, the word Garden popped into my head.

As I turned to look at the studio, I could not believe the beauty of the garden that day.  The colors popped and were more vibrant than ever.  These all felt like multiple signs along a pathway for me to follow and has been the catalyst for re-creating a new healing room, or garden room, in our chiropractic studio, “For Sophia.”

07/09/2018 … Here we are!

” Sophia, Sophia, Sophia…where art thou? ”

What is this about? My writing and being the (?)…a Divine Portal of Wisdom, or rather a “Portal for Divine Wisdom”… which were the words I heard back in April contemplating my purpose.

What this says to me…”is the ‘mystery’.”

“We each hold inside to seek the unseen forces at work in our lives, but also to find the sacredness that we do see everyday because it is all around us…the BEAUTY of Living.

Whether we see it or not, it is an undercurrent of energy that propels us along our way.  No matter the course, nor the direction, hidden (but not really) forces that are creative energy as they come from the creator and all HER wisdom and Divine Nature.

SHE is Life unfolding.  SHE is life expressed in our Humanness.  SHE is the X-factor double (joke), and multiple, multi-fold to hold that is within the universe and beyond.

SHE is the Divine Mother, the Holy Spirit, the gateway to redemption.

Redemption (?)

Meaning to find our WAY home, to re-discover the path to our Heart and to seek not any more than simply love for thy Self, and from there, each other…(vantage point).

Are you here to teach me, to teach others…Humanity?  That the key, the pathWAY home, is loving ourselves first?

This is the First Key.

It is the First Pearl.

So Be It – Blessed Be!  Amen”

“The PathWAY home is to simply love thy self first.”


With Love Always…

XOXO Cheryl



Summer is here…and so is the Deer!

“In every walk with Nature one receives far more than s/he seeks.” ~ John Muir

Deer have been on the property of the Harmony House and healing studio . . . off and on . . . for several weeks now.

I am awe struck every single time I see them!

It is a special gift to see the does and the fawns wander through and feast on the foilage.

Maybe I should be upset for the plants and flowers, but I truly feel blessed by the presence of the deer, their babies, and their willingness to share the space of living in Nature’s gardens with me . . . even if only for a few moments.

The deer teaches us to TRUST.  Trust our heart and to trust being in harmony with each other and ALL of nature.

The grace and gentleness of the deer reminds me to walk softly, yet stay true to my path, as I trust living in my heart.

I see a world . . . when the deer appear . . . that is simpler and inspired by Spirit to lead.  They nudge my consciousness to remember the possibility of new beginnings.  There is a joy that fills up from within my being as the deer find the courage to take the next step and make their way to come out of seclusion of the woodlands.

Just as we enter this new season of Summer and celebrating the Solstice as the longest day of light in the year, the deer are reminding each of us that it is time to come out of the woods, out of the shadows, and step fully into the LIGHT . . . . . it is time to allow yourself to be fully seen.

“BE at Peace . . . for the time will come when we shall ALL walk in the Light.” ~ morning meditation 5/16/2018


Summer invites each of us to be visible in our LIGHT and to be seen for all of who we truly are.

My prayer of hope for this Summer Solstice is to step as softly and gently as the deer on my path.  As I am guided to create anew, I choose to always follow the LIGHT that permeates and expresses from my heart and soul.

May each of us find our way to express our LIGHT fully each and every day . . . and with each and every season.

“A single sunbeam is enough to drive away many shadows.”  ~ St. Francis of Assisi




Always….much Love & Light from my heart to yours!

XOXO Cheryl








LOVE…a Feminine Force of Nature

“The ROSE is without an explanation.  SHE blooms, because SHE blooms.” ~ Angelus Silesius

The rose is symbolic of LOVE.  It is more than romantic love or cuddly love…chocolate or fancy dinners, or jewelry.

The energy of LOVE is a Feminine Force…a Force of Nature…that resides in ALL of creation.

LOVE is the the Creator’s Energy that is a Force within and gives forth Life.

LOVE is a Force of Nature that brings forth the desire for LIFE to find its full expression.

LOVE wants no less than for full evolution, or the unfolding, of LIFE and the experience of that Life from within..from wherever it resides.

LOVE wants nothing more than to experience LIFE to the fullest in whatever container or vessel it is held.

The rose reminds me of my mother…Rosa May Berry…and the unconditional LOVE she gave to everyone, not just her children.

So, what have you learned from the LOVE of Your Mother as we celebrate this month of May, honoring our mothers?

What memories do you hold that shaped You in LOVE as a woman, mother, daughter, sister, friend, colleague, or whatever roles you have taken on in this life???  How has LOVE become you to bloom?

What memories do You hold with your own daughter…or son…that has also shaped You and your unfolding as the mother you have blossomed into within the Feminine Force of LOVE?

“Just as the ROSE does bloom, we each have an inborn potential to become.  Release the potential, and allow the bud to unfold.”  ~ Dr. Cheryl

What about the Divine Mother,…as well as our Earth Mother?  Have you felt HER LOVE??

May we all celebrate not just one day…but everyday…the Feminine Force of LOVE that comes from Above and Below…and from within our hearts, expressing LIFE between Heaven and Earth.

May you celebrate this Feminine Force as you breathe Life into every cell of your being.  May every breath be a sacred expression of LOVE.

May you celebrate LOVE today in experiencing all of the Creator’s Energy as you go out into the world today…feeling the sun on your face…smelling lilacs in the garden…seeing the unexpected hummingbird flutter by…or sharing a smile with a stranger.

May you celebrate this Feminine Force of Nature with one of your fondest memories of YOUR Mother…or someone who loved you as a mother.  May the memory of your heart wrap around you like a warm blanket, enveloping YOU with the purest vibration of universal LOVE in absolute truth, trust and passion of her enduring heart!

“LOVE is a gift you can give everyday.” ~ anonymous

From My Heart to Yours!

XOXO Cheryl



5 Golden Pearls of Wisdom…..

This was such a personal blog to write.  However, I felt strongly it wasn’t just for me, but a gift to share.  A gift for us to see how we are never alone in our journey of living.  And a gift to see that our life’s challenges and lessons learned are truly Pearls of Wisdom from the depths of living in human form that our Soul has come to retrieve.

…..I was meditating and found myself standing at the water’s edge, the healing pond of rainbow colors surrounded by green grass.  I call it a pond, although it was more the size of a small lake.  I had sat here before, but never went in.  Not until this day.

I wasn’t alone.  Two guides, who have been in my heart for some time, were standing with me.  One male and one female…Master Jesus and Mary Magdalene.

They walked me into the lake and performed a healing and at the same time it felt like a baptism.  I had never been baptized before, but this felt like a ritual of healing, rejuvenation, awakening, a ceremony of cleansing and joining of hearts.  It was a sacrament, uniting a sacred Trinity or Triune, with a higher part of ME, joining with the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine.

As soon as we finished, Mary took me by the arm.  SHE was excited and eager to take me diving into the water.  SHE held onto me as we dove deep into the waters…swimming deeper and deeper…and deeper.  SHE knew exactly where she wanted to take me.  SHE reminded me of the Mermaid that had been by guide several years ago, discovering the golden chalice.

The CHALICE…..the cup from which we drink of life’s experiences.  The treasure, the wisdom that life has brought you.  Nothing is without a gift if we are willing to look past the muck, and the yuck that can be stirred up in exploring life.  If we learn to look with new eyes, with a new perspective, from a different vantage point, we can find the gold within what feels like fallen ruins. 

Allow the mermaid to help you traverse the lower world, like the Shaman, to retrieve the gifts your soul was meant to share in this lifetime.  SHE will dive into those uncharted waters, to those scary places where past life experiences have caused you to bury a part of yourself. 

SHE creates a current of Divine Love wherever she swims.  SHE is a catalyst for healing, discovery, and transformation simply through the vibration of LOVE that SHE puts forth.  In the silent journey, SHE will guide you back to your true self.  SHE speaks the energy of loving service, blessings, and joy.  SHE reminds us to find play and pleasure even when swimming in deep waters.  In the discovery, SHE offers the treasure up to you, out of service to a dear friend, speaking only with her eyes, hands, and heart…”Here it is!”  Here is the gift that was buried deep within.  Here is what your have been looking for!”  ~ rewritten from the Mermaid and the Chalice Blog…..June 22, 2017

For the size of this pond, I was surprised how deep the waters were.  It seemed like we kept swimming, deeper and deeper.  As we approached the depths, there it was.  It seemed like a small sunken oasis with plants and rocks.  SHE put her hand among the rocks and into the earth, pulling from the bottom of this watery earthen floor.

There it was again, the golden chalice.  This time SHE dipped her hand into the cup and pulled out 5 Golden Pearls which she placed in my heart….5 Golden Pearls of Wisdom.

What exactly were these pearls?

HER message felt as if the Heart holds Golden Pearls of Wisdom of Life;  life experiences that guide our Soul to the greater depths of learning and a greater experience of LOVE.

Five is the number for LOVE, and the Heart is the keeper of the Wisdom we gain in transmuting our experiences and healing into LOVE.  Gold represents the Christ Consciousness of LOVE, as well as the magic of alchemy as things are transformed to a higher vibration, expressing their true nature of BEing.

I wondered if these 5 Golden Pearls of Wisdom were Universal to ALL Souls, or individual to each Soul and it’s current life?  If individual, what did these 5 Golden Pearls represent for ME?

I wanted to figure out what these 5 pearls represented as soon as I received them.  However, slowly over the next several days, it felt like lessons of the following were put right in front of me to see, feel and explore the possibilities of what these 5 Golden Pearls of Wisdom stood for… at least for ME:

  1.  Integrity, Truth & Light
  2.  Humility, Ease & Grace
  3.  Sacrament, Sacredness of Life
  4.  Compassion, Empathy & Unconditional Love
  5.  Faith, Trust & Acceptance

The gift from Master Jesus was a white feather.


A white feather was not new; it has been a gift several times.  A white feather hangs in the hair of an Indian Woman, titled “The Promise” by Lee Bogle and hangs over my bed.  The white feather came from the heavens and was given to ME when surrounded by multiple beings of light while in a much previous meditation, exploring the reason for my coming to earth.  A white feather is also painted in my adjusting suite in the “Helpful People” corner.  A message, I feel, is saying that Spirit and the Angels are always with ME.

HOPE is the thing with feathers, that perches in the Soul.  And sings the tune without the words…and never stops at all!” ~ Emily Dickenson

Together, pearls and feathers are part of the original artwork, once again created by my dear friend, Catherine Foster in 2002…titled “Child of Light.”  It is the mask of my daughters face when she was 11 years old and sits in my “Relationship” corner of my adjusting suite.

I often thought I should probably move this art piece of a child from my relationship corner.  On the surface, it didn’t seem like the best choice to optimize Feng Shui for attracting a relationship in my life.

However, now if feels that this artwork was perfectly placed to represent the Union of the gifts of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine…the Child of Light being the Birth of their Union.


SHE, Mary Magdalene, represents the golden chalice or human vessel for which SPIRIT fills and the Golden Pearls are cultivated through LIFE and what our humanly experiences offers each SOUL in it’s growth and evolution.

HE, Master Jesus, representing SPIRIT, the LIGHT which fills our chalice, or humanly body.  The LIGHT within that streams through every cell of our being, and when in bodily form is the animating LIFE FORCE ENERGY…or SOUL…of the human vessel to express LIFE and experience LIFE itself.

As Above…So Below….just as the Outside is an expression of the Inside.  So the question becomes, “What in your Inner Heart have you created through all of your LIFE experiences…the ups and downs…the trials and tribulations…as well as the treasures?  What are you expressing from these experiences to the Outside?”

The 5 Golden Pearls and White Feather were placed in my heart…the union of the Feminine and the Masculine…the union of the Human and the Spirit.

The Golden Pearls of Wisdom of Life experiences melded with eternal Hope to bring forth the vibration and melody of universal LOVE.

LOVE is the child of light that every human being can birth forth from their individual heart.  The Golden Pearls and Feather symbolize the holy sacrament of uniting your Soul with that which is Human and Spirit, within the Sacred Heart of ONENESS…and the expression of universal LOVE.

Just as the pearl is created by an irritant in an oyster.  Irritants in life can be the catalyst for transformation and growth of our whole being.  The oyster creates a substance called “nacre” that is secreted around the irritant.  We too, go into protective mode via the sympathetic nerve system when feeling the need to protect ourselves.  We often wall off our hearts.  Just look at the posturing of people around you.  Is the heart space open, or is it more constricted and closed?

How easily accessible is your own heart, let alone the emotions and heart of the people you see everyday?

When we can learn, grow, and evolve from our life experiences, especially the irritating, painful, or unexpected ones, then we can gain Golden Pearls of Wisdom to share from our hearts…uplifting and giving Hope…not only just for ourselves, but in sharing unconditional LOVE with others.

What 5 Golden Pearls of Wisdom has your Soul learned through the irritating, difficult and challenging life experiences within this lifetime?

What words of WISDOM, or acts of kindness in offering HOPE, do YOU share from your heart, simply by living each day in the conscious space of BEing in LOVE???

With Love & Hope…from my Heart to Yours!

XOXO Cheryl

Spring…Illuminating the WAY

The SPRING EQUINOX is less than a week away, bringing equal day and equal night.  As the sun sits overhead at the equator, the Northern and Southern Hemispheres are equally illuminated.

Some may think of this time of year as Balance, but Life is about movement.  Just look at how Nature continues to grow, bloom, die, and give birth again.  It is in continuous motion and a process of evolution…no different that You and I.

Therefore, I don’t believe Balance truly exists in an every changing and dynamic Universe.

I do believe, however, there are moments of equilibrium of energetic forces and the balancing of these energetic forces to create stability when needed.

It may not always be of equality except for a moment in time, such as with the Spring Equinox.  Because in the Universe…just as in Nature…the earth is in constant and perpetual motion around the sun.  No different than the moon in orbit around the earth.  We, too, are in perpetual motion of growing and evolving physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

What the Spring Equinox brings for me in this moment of equal day and night, is a Stillpoint…like a photo that has captured a beautiful memory.

The Equinox is a moment of equal day and night, as we move from darkness of winter into the light of summer.  It is the moment of being in the center between these seasons, just as being in the center of the earth, just as the sun shines on the equator.

We are at the midpoint of day and night…light and darkness.

The Spring Equinox is also close in time to our celebration of Easter and the resurrection…a time where Jesus Christ evolved from living to dying from his earthly body…to being reborn into the fullness of his spiritual LIGHT body.

I hope you will take this time to sit in meditation and prayer to be in a place of stillness within your being .  To be with all you have gone through…the light and the dark you have experienced in your life and the possibility of where you may be going.

What is most important is to simply be in the stillness and in the center of light and darkness…of what was and what may be….to feel your own being in this moment and to trust your Inner Light will illuminate and guide you to what is next and what is possible!

Much Love, Light & Hope to YOU and Yours!!!

XOXO Cheryl

THANK YOU to Leonard Cotte on Unsplash for the featured image…https://unsplash.com/photos/c1Jp-fo53U8?utm_source=unsplash&utm_medium=referral&utm_content=credit.


Emergence…Chrysalis of Soul

“I AM a Feminine Force of Nature…I AM no less than the wind, the rain, or the moon’s pull upon the ocean tide…” ~ words of Mary Magdalene as channeled by Dr. Cheryl

I wrote these words in a previous blog.  However, today I feel HER so strongly that it is time to share where they truly came from.

These words came through me in November 2017. I knew who was speaking them.  However, it was very difficult to admit it to anyone.

It has been close to twenty years now that she first came to me in a Reiki session with my dear friend..healer…artist…Catherine-M-Foster (www.catherinefoster.com).  I remember, Catherine, saying she was standing in the room and that I might want to learn more about HER.  I looked to Catherine for counsel and guidance on what to read.  I have collected a library of  books over the years on HER.  Some of the writings seemed true and some not completely true.

This Reiki session was only the beginning.  It was as if my soul was being awakened to the Divine Feminine and being nudged to explore HER…who she was and what she stood for.

However, it wasn’t until about two years later, that I saw my face with that of the Masculine Christ…Master Jesus…flipping back and forth while looking in the bathroom mirror.  It was sometime following a Soul Recognition Ceremony that Catherine had recommended the year before as something I might want to experience.  It took a year to get the courage up to do it.  Again, Catherine stepped in as my guide and guardian during this ceremony and process.

Although Mary Magdalene did not appear to me during the Soul Recognition, this ceremony was a catalyst for healing and for the vision of Christ’s face being interwoven with mine.

So many things run through your mind when you see things that others are not seeing.  You wonder if you are going crazy?  You wonder what exactly does this mean?  You wonder if you should speak about it, or keep it in the depths of simply unexplained experiences?

I kept drawing a symbol, trying to get it just right.  I was writing the word…Christos.  Then I found the symbol in one of Catherine’s art pieces and felt there was some validation to my unseen world and what was utterly unexplainable.  This artwork now sits in the middle of my reception area of my healing studio.


It may have seemed like a dormant process during that time until now, but a lot of change was happening below the surface of my awareness as I look back.

One was the walk in the Labyrinth at Unity Church.  Once in the center I was getting a download that caused me to sit on the floor with tears streaming down my face.  I felt as if I sat for hours and could not move, even if I tried.  I have no idea what was exchanged in that moment, except some form of deep soul to soul communication.

I asked who are You?  How do I communicate again with You in the future?  What do I call You?  The name I understood was “Sar’h.” It was a collective consciousness of energy, not one single entity.  Whether it was the actual name, I do not know.  However, I knew it was a name given such that I could easily identify this energy with the collective consciousness of the children and Lineage of Light that Master Jesus and Mary Magdalene had seeded in their union.

I can’t recall how much time has passed since the walk in the Labyrinth; it could be ten years by now.  However, within the last two years, Spirit has been opening me to channel HER through my writings after going through several months of visions and learning from different Feminine Archetypes.  The high priestess, Isis, was the first to come.  I not only felt I was an apprentice to Isis, but a daughter to her as well.  This was also activated in a guided mediation with Catherine.

I have to say, Catherine, has not only been my dear friend for many years: she has stood as guardian, teacher, and catalyst for when my soul needs healing and is calling for expansion and growth.  Sometimes she has shown up for one thing and something else amazingly emerges.  That, to me, is the beauty of trust, allowing and following Spirit’s lead…something Catherine expresses everyday and has been teaching me every step of the way.

More recently in the last 4 months, greater clarity has come in vision.  HER appearance came to me several times as the High Priestess in early December and even requested permission to bring HER energy through my hands while serving in my chiropractic studio.

“I am both, deeply honored and humbled, to share the energy and messages of the Feminine Christ Consciousness. My heart is full of love and gratitude in allowing my hands to be HER hands…and my voice to be HER voice…the voice of Mary Magdalene.” ~ Dr. Cheryl

What followed was more downloads of information, visions, and deep emotion.  I can’t tell you how joyful and painful this type of transformation is.  The emotions can come from all ends and depth of the spectrum…and beyond…since you are in the presence of energy that is of great vibration…and ALL is happening at the same time.

The soul takes over and numerous Dark Nights of the Soul come through your consciousness as you process HER life experiences, as well as your own.  Sometimes before one is healed, another one comes through.  It is a time of deepest pain, healing, and grieving HER life and that of your own heart, while questioning if this is ALL truly happening, or an illusion of your own making!!?

Fortunately, Dr. Brie Gibbs, as well as Theresa Hebert, were there for understanding and support as friends, as well as holding the unconditional love and energy of spiritual mother and sister.  I don’t know how I would have gone through this without Dr. Brie’s healing work, messages, wisdom and counsel.  I am forever grateful for both of these two women in my life.

However, I also needed the love of ALL of my family, friends and spiritual tribe even if they were oblivious to my process.  Just knowing there was unconditional love that has been there and supported me throughout my life, even though most of my family and friends were not conscious of this transformation, allowed me to continue to go through the pain and healing, in order to get to the joy on the other side.

“It will take many lifetimes, this path of your Soul…but no matter how many spirals you journey into the depths and vastness of your Being….All Paths Journey Home!  Blessed are those who find the courage to delve deep into their hearts and discover their individual Oneness and the ONENESS to the Creator/Spirit…God and Goddess!” ~ words of Mary Magdalene as channeled by Dr. Cheryl

So, I thank you for being here on this journey with me!

However, my journey has now metamorphosed into a Life Path that is no longer an experience, but my spiritual calling.  And, I feel no less than the butterfly who has gone through several stages of transformation in order for my being to emerge anew from this Chrysalis of Soul.  

I can’t say enough how deeply humbled and honored I am every day that she comes forward with HER words, messages, and energy for the transformation of greater LOVE and LIGHT for the Children of the world, all of Humanity and for our planet, Earth!

With LOVE Always from My Heart..and HER Heart…to all of Yours,

XOXO Cheryl