“The voice of the Soul is not heard by ears, but felt by the Heart.”  ~ Cheryl Berry

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As a society I believe we look to the outside for confirmation and validation. I don’t believe we are encouraged as strongly to really listen to the whisper of our soul, our heart, our inner wisdom, or the messages within nature, and follow it’s lead.

What if YOU did listen more, felt more, and chose more from listening to the whisper inside your being, and the messages from the Divine, every day and allowed this guidance to show you the way to Finding Your Beauty & Your Joy?

I hope you will “SIGN UP” on this page to receive the SPREADING FRUITS OF LOVE meditation as my gift to you. May it support you in finding your Truth, your Beauty, your Joy, and the Fruits of Love from deep within your Being you choose to grow and spread throughout the world!

Know that YOU and the World can only grow more of whatever you choose….so choose with your Heart & Soul!!!

From My Heart to Yours…LOVE Always,
Cheryl XOXO

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