Return to the garden . . .

02/23/2019 . . .

As I go into meditation for healing the shadow of the Divine Feminine, I call upon the energies of Lilith, to reveal herself.

I am greeted by the many faces she has shown up . . . either in feminine human form or male human form . . . from early years as a child to the most recent as an adult.

She reveals herself in many ways, in the giving and in the receiving.  In the silencing of voice, squelching of spirit, in judgment, in ridicule, in shame, in questioning self-worth, in doubt, in rejection, in betrayal, in gossip . . .

And as I speak with each one to bring forth the resonance of Truth, Love, Forgiveness, and Healing . . . I also ask for how I have been blessed by this shadow of the Divine Feminine?  How can this serve me, so I can bring forth the Purity of my heart.

THIS, I give my greatest gratitude for finding the path to return to Divine Love and the remembrance I have choice . . . and I choose LOVE . . . always . . . and in ALL Ways.  My choice is to choose LOVE and to align with Truth from within AND to align with LOVE and Truth from without.

After exploring all the many faces and experiences that Lilith has presented herself, I look at Lilith across from me, face to face.

I do not see a bitter, negative, dark shadow feminine energy.  She is actually clothed in white.  I see one who is ready to step fully into the light, owning her truth and ready to uphold her heart.   I see her in fullness, ready to step into the flame that is sitting between us, between our hearts.  She stands, as if she has been waiting for me to recognize her, and for me to bring her home fully as I can truly see her many faces turn into one.

I invite her to step into the eternal flame of divine love within my heart, to transmute all lower vibration that she represents that may have been received . . . or originated from . . .  within me.

I ask her to reunite with me, for ALL to be transmuted in love, light and love even more fully . . . and divinely . . . for the restoration of my original divine blueprint.

As she steps into the flame, I see a full circle of Lilith’s, a collective of faces and her energy stepping into the eternal flame of my heart.  It is as if ALL the energies within the circle are saying we are ready as well.  We are ready to return to LOVE, to Divine Purity and Grace.  It is from here, within the purity of the heart, where LOVE is chosen for creation forward.

As I see the many Lilith’s within the eternal flame, I sense the “Rising of the Phoenix,” and a new Lilith going through a metamorphosis.

Within the flames, an eye of the Peacock feather emerges.

From the ashes and flames I see something more white unfolding, unsure if these are petal or wings.

They are the beating of wings . . . four in total . . . white, pearlescent, translucent.

Are these the wings of an angel?

A butterfly?

Perhaps a dragonfly?

Or even a fairy?

I am taken below, for my vision to see the body that sits beneath the wings.

She is simply a tiny Bee with beautiful, delicate wings.

She flies into the garden.

She has returned to the garden of creation where she originally left.

She flies from flower to flower, from rose to rose.

Her feet take the pollen, the substrate of the nectar and sweetness of life (i.e. the honey), sharing between all the flowers, and all the roses, of the garden.

Her flight, and the dance of her feet, have the potential to reconnect the roses, to bring back the feminine circle of sisterhood.

She is offering by her new presence to return the garden of creation into a place where the Divine Feminine is honored and uplifted in community and collaboration.

She, too, has returned to BEE part of community within the Divine Feminine.

She teaches us that the circle sits comfortably within the shape of the hexagonal honeycomb.

The Divine Feminine Circle of Sisterhood sits with ease and beauty within this structure.

The honeycomb houses the womb where the nectar of life is created . . . the sweetness and JOY . . that fills and nourishes our hearts.  ALL is birthed forth from us working together as a collective.

She also teaches us that she still has a stinger.  THIS is her reminder that we have choice.

LOVE and uniting as ONE is a conscious choice that our heart chooses.  And when we choose LOVE . . . Life in all of it’s co-creative energy with the Divine can bring forth and birth the greatest of sweetness . . . the beautiful nectar . . . the honey.

It is a collective process in creating honey . .  this sweet nectar that flows, nourishes, sustains, and heals.  It is the food of the garden, the sweetness of life.

It is the pureness of  JOY that is birthed from within the divine union of your whole being, residing within your heart.

It is the JOY birthed from within the sacred collective, for we have healed and returned to the garden of creation.  All the flowers, and all the roses, are now BEEing connected within the Divine Feminine Circle of Sisterhood that the garden has been waiting for.

NOW is the time . . .

My deepest gratitude to the many soul sisters and teachers whoso love and messages brought forth this weaving and understanding through vision.  May this resonate, not only within my heart and for myself, but also for the collective healing for the Divine Feminine, along with the Divine Masculine, as we continue to come into harmonious union together.

~ Cheryl Berry

XOXO Cheryl



The Dove…

“As I sit upon the floor, the base of the pyramid, I hear the chanting of my heart, my heart singing the chords of which it is remembering, a sound, a refrain I’ve never heard before in this lifetime…sweet, low. I see myself, returning, walking into the pyramid, dressed in a white gown as if the Dove herself, seeing me as the Initiate. I’ve returned, yet I am the Dove in Human form, almost waltzing, gliding over the floor of the great pyramid.

The song of the Heart is like the sound of the Dove, deep within the throat. As I sound, I see the actual dove make sounds of hers, seeing her throat move. She and I are one.

Blessed Be for we have come here today in unison for this (uni-song), this one song, the song of the heart.

Know SHE (Dove) presents herself here in form (Human) as a gift to our remembrance of knowing the throat (Truth) of which we speak and share with the world. As we do, this is the activation like a melody heard from one bird to another, one heart of souls to another.

Take your hand(s) over your heart and allow yourself to feel the beat, see the rhythm as ripples emanate and pulsate. See the Dove in your heart, see her starting to flap her wings as she starts to sing with your heart.  And as the frequency builds, she is able to take flight, not through her own accord, but to fly on the waves of frequencies, the vibration, on the sonic pulses, the waves of the beating heart…. from your beating heart.

Beating of wings are not necessary, as the beating heart gives the lift to the wings to soar into the heavens and beyond. SHE, the dove, flys into the night sky, into the stars, into the realm of the night sky, into the Solar realm, into the vast Milky Way and Beyond.  She flys to where your heart beat is anchored within the Universal Field.

As the universe lends itself to reveal the deeper layers of dimension – into the multiverse – it is as if we ALL have a Universal Heart Node (like the SA node and AV node of the physical heart), which looks like a “pod” or pearl out within the field.

Each heart node of the multiverse is able to propagate it’s wave to the next, collectively, creating the universal field of coherence and multi-dimensional unfolding –> a divine orchestra in harmonious synchronicity with all different notes/chords, yet bringing forth the greatest of percussion (sound) as the many hearts uplift into One Heart and create ONE Note of LOVE.  This Note emanating from each Heart is key to the Heart Node within the Night Sky. Your human heart sings to it.  Just as the Dove sings and calls to her mate to unite.  We sing to unite with our Heart within the Stars.

The awakening – the quickening – this “quiver effect” – like the first movement of the fetus that a mother feels from within her womb….is the beating, the pulsation of these Universal Heart Nodes.  The Universal Heart Nodes quiver and propagate their frequency, just like the propagation of the sinus wave from the SA node moving through the heart cells of the physical heart.  YOU connect to your greater Universal Heart Node just like the your inner Central Nerve System connects to the smaller SA node.

Those in your soul family will feel the Heart propagation and connection here on Earth. Then they too can sing their Hearts’ accord, connecting universally.  As the 144,000 souls awaken and find their Heart node in the sky, each will connect in the Universe, creating a new grid, a Universal Heart Grid.  A grid for others to join in collectively, as if WE now we are simply creating the pathways, the matrix, for this Universal Heart Grid to talk hold.

Your Heart(s) hold the key.  Your Heart(s), the Note to sing back to the Night Sky like the Dove sings in unison her song to be sung to her Beloved.

We each sing from our hearts the note that accords, and invokes through vibration, UNIVERSAL LOVE.  Universal LOVE awakens the Heart Node(s) within the field of consciousness beyond the Earth plane and is awakened to reconnect, and reconvene, and reconfigure the pathways within the universe, creating a grid or matrix that holds the Universe together. As if we, through the song of our hearts, create something beyond words, beyond the imagination.

It’s as if layers upon layers of “structure” and infrastructure are manifesting to anchor the Holy of Holies.  It is no less than the physical Heart (i.e. the physical sac, chambers, valves, arteries, veins, smaller vessels and tributaries) as all parts are necessary to exist, to propagate the wave form, through the electrical pathways, through the intercalated cells.  Your SA node receives from the Brain/CNS/Nerve Fibers. Electrical propagation relies on the SA node of the heart and it’s intercalated cells.

The Universal Heart, however, is based on sound.  Inner Harmonics is what propagates its wave.  It is within the frequency and vibration within the field. “Heart to Heart” is via frequency, the note of your heart connecting to the universal field, and through the Universal Note of LOVE.

As we connect to “this” note and we each connect to our Heart Pod (like a pearl or node within the universal field), see it quiver (like the throat of the Dove). Notes are being sung to activate the spiraling within the Pod and energies start to emerge like the tributaries of the human heart, seeking to find resonance back to your human heart for manifestation, to connect to the Earth. It is a flow of energy from our heart to our universal pod, within a universal matrix and back to our heart for Mother Earth.  We hold this Universe Heart Grid for HER.

The key is Purity and Truth of your Heart that creates coherence, cohesiveness, connection, re-connection, creation for this New Matrix.

There will be two grids . . . 1) connecting the hearts upon the Earth, 2) Heart Nodes connected within the Universe . . . such that the universal nodes are pulling soul energies into the Earth.

As we create the grid there (within the universe) and pull in our soul energy (to Earth), by Soul’s Decree of what we came here for, WE lift HER, Mother Earth, and ALL of Humanity to the next level.  We ALL ascend and SHE becomes the shining star she has been evolving to be.

Bow to the DOVE, her throat, her Breast, her beating heart . . . As I bow to the others, the priestesses within the pyramid, and give thanks for we are ALL activating within this accord and in accordance to the Divine Dance that is to Begin the calling of the Heart, this Call of the Dove of LOVE back home within relationship to the Universe for all shall be revealed (all Nodes quickening and awakened). ALL will connect to their True North, their True Node, to unify the Oneness that we seek and accord via Divine Decree. And So it Is.  And So it Is” . . . . . . Blessed Be.❤️

Blessed Be.

XOXO Cheryl

02/23/2020 revised for audio © 2020 Cheryl Berry – Way of the Feminine Force, Kent, WA


Where everything is music…

“When I am silent, I fall into that place where everything is music.” ~ Rumi

We have had snow in the Northwest beyond anything I have ever experienced.

Yes, we have had the rare foot of snow dumped every ten years or so, but this has been waves, upon waves of snow fall.

Today was the third wave and there is another wave expected in a few days, with potentially more next week.

Even though it has created a disruption in many lives and many schedules, there is beauty and elegance, along with a sense of wonder and magic, that snow brings to adults and children.

Snow also brings a stillness to the air.

I feel there is a hush that allows the extraneous noise, chatter and frivolous to fall away.

I feel the snow nudges us to dive into the sacred, as well as remembrance of joy.  It also creates more harmony among people . . . at least it has the potential to do so . . .  because we are all in this together, especially when it comes relentlessly.

I, personally, feel it is an invitation from the Divine for us to connect inwards, to go inside, go within our own heart, and hold the space for each other’s heart.

It is a time to really hold compassion for the self and for everyone.

We each are doing the best we can as we ALL are out of our usual routine and sometimes quite out of our comfort zone.  Sometimes for days or even weeks.

Snow tells me there is a unique sound in the silence, in the quiet that goes beyond words and resonates in the heart.  There is frequency and music that can be felt.

So much I have been receiving lately in meditation and what has been coming through in my writing, has been on the heart . . . connecting to it’s sound, frequency, vibration, notes, chords, chimes, resonance, octaves . . . all words that relate to music.

It surprises me, as this has not been my world, except for listening to music and artists on Pandora or YouTube, or attending the rare concert.  However, I did play the clarinet when I was in 4th to 6th grade, but I could not read a sheet of music if I wanted to at this time in my life.

In that sense, I identify myself as being the receiver, and appreciator, of music . . . versus the initiator.

However, the Divine messages I am receiving tells me otherwise, and the books I have read over the years tell me otherwise.  Some of the chiropractic techniques I have studied, also, tell me otherwise.

We are frequency.

We are vibration.

We are sound.

We are music.

When I take the time to tone the notes of the chakras, or pause to drop my awareness into my heart to speak (versus from my head), I also feel otherwise.  It begins with initiating the stillness and quieting of the extraneous, the internal and external, chatter.

When I do find the stillness and silence within, I feel a more unique quality of sound that comes from within my Being.  THAT . . . I will . . . and do . . . claim I AM the initiator of.

It does not matter whether you play the guitar, the piano, the clarinet, the violin or the harp . . . YOUR instrument is your Beingness . . . the Human Body and Divine Soul embodied.

We each are creators of music via the frequencies and vibrations we each put forth from our heart, emotions, thoughts, beliefs, perceptions, as well as body and soul.

If you limit your perspective to only musical instruments, you have lost sight of who YOU truly are and how powerful your ability is to create, to create in chorus with another and with many others, as well as to create within the harmonics of the universe (and multi-verse).

I know what I feel when music speaks to my heart . . . to my body . . . and to my soul.

I know how I feel when I am in resonance with another Divine Human Being.

I know how it feels when I am in alignment with Truth, whether within myself and/or with another.

IT all goes beyond the actual words spoken.

IT is the energetic presence that each person expresses from the core of their Being and is felt within the field.

IT is the space between.

IT is where we are not separate, but where we are energetically connected.

When you let go of the words, only the resonance, or lack of resonance, is left.

THIS is the music.

The music is what we feel with our hearts and goes beyond the words.

Snow or no snow . . .take the time to listen beyond the words . . . to the silence . . . and to what falls in the spaces between the words.

Listen . . .  to your heart . . . and . . . with your heart.

Listen . . . to another Divine Human Being’s heart.

Listen . . . for here . . . within the silence . . . is the place where you will discover that . . . everything . . everything IS music!


In Love & Service…From my Heart to Yours,

XOXO Cheryl


Octave Remembrance…

02/04/2019 . . .

“Many hold and anchor the Feminine Christ Light . . . like the sun with multiple rays. It is just our awareness within various levels, within the Octave of Remembrance.

Expand, please on the “Octave of Remembrance.”

The chord that is in accordance with divine timing, divine unfolding, like yesterday, the notes (sound) that activate your being to come into greater oneness and union within your self with God/Goddess. It is of divine decree as the journey has been laid before you dearest.

Anything more to do?

Know . . . own . . . your worth and worthiness.

Any words from the Divine Feminine . . . Sophia?  Mary Magdalene?

Rose.  Allow the Rose to guide you, your heart that is held so dear within your network, your own grid of the physical, stay connected to the Solar (Central Sun) Rose Grid and that within the Earth. As a grid marker, emit and pulse the Love which we so desire to spread in the world. Hold the image close in your mind’s eye and know it’s fractal potential – spread, grow – as sound can be amplified. This image holds the potential to expand and light up with other grid markers. Hold your stream of the Divine Feminine Christ. It propagates this sound wave into the field of its accord (where it is birthed originally). It is a global sound wave. 

The image I am drawing is a straight line with multiple egg shaped ripples, spanning outward, larger and larger away from the center line while seeing luminescent colors and writing the words white/golden crystalline pearlescent “dragon flame.”

Rose = Sound is like petals unfolding.

Rose . . . more and more layers of sound of sonic pulsations of Divine Intelligence of Codes.  Not just symbols, but symbols in music = creates sound. Symbols are energy meaning.  Energy symbols are to write the energy, to hold it like a container of multiple layers of understanding.

Octave Remembrance is not only about symbols of sound/codes, but of Matrix that it creates and is of the foundation of creation.”

02/05/2019 . . .

“You are part of creation, the never ending vast flux and flow of energy moving in/out, expanding/contracting, as your heart lays the energy into the field of consciousness.  This sets the framework, the matrix from which life experiences are built.  It sets the blueprint of how the field will meet you there as the Divine starts to coalesce and congeal around the vibration you are anchoring.

Anchor with purity of heart and mind.  Your thoughts and heart are in oneness as to create the highest probable possibility.  To fully succeed/entrain into the collaboration of creation with the Divine, you must know your heart’s fulfillment . . . what fills your heart to the fullest?  As you know, so too your thoughts, align with this truth.

If there exists discrepancies between the two, or contradiction, the duality remains in existence within yourself.

Oneness is coming together.  All your being is to come into union with the Divine, and together, there forms the Matrix of creation.

If my hearts says love, vibrating love, sends out love, then may my thoughts align with the same.

If there are any part(s) of my being . . . thoughts, beliefs, scripts, stories, wounds . . .  that are not in alignment (with my heart),  or are false truths . . . not mine . . . they obscure the purity and integrity of my vibratory chord and the embrace of my being to co-create with the Divine in the same purity and integrity.

Know your heart above all else!

Know, feel, taste, see, sense the vibration of contradiction in you, around you, from others, or institutions as to eradicate from the untruth, to unravel your attachment, to free yourself from all this binds you to a lower frequency, or octave, that holds your vibration in a lower field.

Heal what needs to heal.  Purge what needs to purge.  Cleanse what needs to cleanse.  And let go of what needs to be let go.

It is still of Love to discover what aligns, and what does not align with your truth and highest vibration of who you are, at all times, as I AM.  It is the greatest gift of Love to be in your fullest expression, and to be in LOVE with the Creator/Divine, as you make and create from a pure stream, pure vibration, and pure field in accessing the infinite possibilities that the Divine offers you with open arms.

It is honoring your human soulful obligation to awaken to the contradiction to cleans/purge the dross, to refine and polish your vibratory stream of consciousness . . . “to thine own self be true.”

“To Thine Own Self Be True.” ~ William Shakespeare

AND to no other.  For you only can initiate the unfolding of your own heart.

You may lead by example, or ignite and inspire another’s heart, as others may feel the call to uplift themselves.

However . . . EACH are divine and sovereign in this accord, in this Remembrance to bring forth their Love from within their own Heart.” ~ Divine Feminine and Cheryl Berry


In Love & Service to the Divine Feminine,

XOXO Cheryl