“Cherish . . . I will not falter”

Through the sunlit clouds, as I was driving home Tuesday evening, I could see, sense and hear a message coming through. It was a whisper of Words in response to my prayers for guidance.

“Cherish . . . I will not falter.”

“Cherish” . . . Or was it my name, Cheryl? Because the CH in my name is pronounced like CHerry.

OR was it the actual word, Cherish? To hold what is dearly valued close to your heart.

I felt the energy of both.

However, I heard someone speak the word “Cherish” that same evening when listening later to a video. The person was talking about how she cherished, holding close to her heart, the WORD of God that HE does not falter on his promise to hear us and guide us, no matter what challenges each of us are going through.


Or Divine Validation???

When spoken directly to my heart and in respond to a specific prayer, I feel I received a direct message of confirmation that God’s Word IS validating and reassuring to each of us, that the Creator “will not falter.”

TRUST . . . we are individually, and collectively, held in Eternal LOVE and Divine Grace of the highest.

TRUST . . . God KNOWS each of our hearts.

TRUST . . . and hold on to your FAITH in KNOWING that the Creator’s WILL, will be done, and will not falter, as we align with the divine.

And . . . AGAIN this morning . . . I received an impression and heard the word “mockery.”

So, as I am preparing for the next SHE Speaks meditation series, multiple transformations and synchronicities seem to be happening at once in my life.

The beauty is that I AM hearing the Creator’s Voice and specific words coming in with greater clarity every day.

It is a CALL to deepen my Trust and walk in Faith.

AND . . . I AM guided to acknowledge as such, sometimes sharing the WORD and message, and sometimes not.

Let me be clear that these WORDS I hear, are not my words. They are HOLY words that float in softly, like a whisper, and carry multiple layers of energy and meaning. They are coming in a little differently than when I speak in a meditation or video and I state . . .”I am hearing the word”. . . and I state that word.

Today I felt the word “mockery” was a call to witness and observe, what I believe God was telling me, of a “mockery” in the field.

We are not here to make a “mockery” of LOVE, of the soul’s journey, nor our spiritual connection.

As an Oracle for the Divine and Instrument of God’s Love, YOU are a humble servant with a sacred purpose.

You may lead by example, but you lead by the CALLING that is sparked within your higher heart that holds the flame of passion and purpose of remembrance to simply be of SERVICE.

You are an “Instrument” for the Creator’s Glory . . . not your own.

Allow the Creator Force to flow through you and become a “transmitter” of Eternal Love, Divine Truth and Infinite Wisdom through the Holy Words you receive and are called to speak, or emanate, through your energetic field, soul essence and presence.

You don’t even have to be in the physical presence of another person.

As a transmitter, your Holy Connection with God Source alone, will emanate the energetic message from your heart and out into the field of consciousness, reaching the hearts that are open and ready to receive in alignment.

Pure . . .

Simple . . .

Unadulterated . . .

For the energy of the Creator’s WORDS hold the Holy spark and impulse of creation. The beginning substance of form, from that which ALL begins and IS formless.

“For in the beginning was The Word.” ~ John 1:1

Words are the Energy of Creation.

Speak wisely that which you are gifted and called to speak, emanate and transmit.

As a spiritual WAYshower, you may see where “mockery” and pretense exist. Your LIGHT and LOVE has the ability to rise above, and thus, not be entangled in “the show.”

YOU are here to uphold in GLORY God’s Holy WORD, Power, Wisdom, Truth and Eternal Love.

Treat your vessel and being as a sacred temple . . . pure, clear and sovereign.

See, sense, feel and hear with the HIGHEST of discernment when receiving and offering.

Not all is as it appears.

When listening to others, FEEL what is within the music of the words, the undercurrent of which the words are riding upon. For here is the TRUTH of which you seek and which you are asked to discern the frequency of alignment with your own discerning heart.

God’s WORDS are Holy, Sacred and True.

Simply accept and receive ONLY the messages founded in the Divine frequencies of LOVE and TRUTH that can reach deeply through and within your core . . . touching body, heart, and soul.

And when CALLED . . . show up in sacred humility as the DIVINE INSTRUMENT you were born to be and SPEAK the Words just as the DIVINE ORACLE.

For Mother/Father/God/Goddess, the Creator of All-That-IS, if gifting you exactly that which S/HE desires you to Speak.

Blessed Be

XOXO ~ Cheryl 🌹🌿

© 2023 Cheryl Berry – Way of the Feminine Force, Kent, WA 



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