“There is no need to travel anywhere. Journey within Yourself.” ~ Rumi

WAY OF THE FEMININE FORCE is the Divine & Human Journey into Discovery, Alchemy & finding a new Way of Living as a Creative Force of Nature.  It is about LIVING fully within the Power & Beauty of your own Creative Energy, not just as a Woman, but as a Divine Being in Human Form.
Through my own journey, as well as observing the transitions of the Feminine Lineage of my daughter, sister, mom, and aunt; as well as hearing the stories of my grandmother’s life; along with the healing work to support  women in my chiropractic practice, I discovered the WOUNDING of the WOMB can carry the vibration of contraction, involution, and pain that seeps into playing out similar roles and living similar stories of our female lineage.  However, the Beauty is in the GOLDEN ALCHEMY of discovering the gifts of the wound.  It is the process of self-love, forgiveness, healing & transformation for the contraction to now expansion into gratitude and a ripple of sharing our learning, joyfully, with the world as a Golden Gift.  The Return to living as Creative Beings can feel magical and miraculous, even though, it has always been our birthright.


Through a PROCESS of PERCEPTION, PRACTICE, and PRESENCE, I have found a renewed sense of living & re-writing my story from this PERSPECTIVE.  We as women, especially, hold a deep Power & Beauty as Creative Forces of Nature.  We have the ability to transmute, transform and recreate, again, again, and again.  Now is the time, to re-create your life, re-write your story, and leave your own Legacy.  My hope is that by sharing my journey and discovery, it is A WAY to teach others as an offering of limitless possibility, especially to my own daughter & other women, to bring more Ease, Grace, Joy, Health & Sacredness to our Soul’s Journey of Humanness.
My hope is that we, as a collective of role models & teachers serving as grandmothers, mothers, daughters, sisters & wives, can bring forth a new Way of Living & Being for ourselves & for future generations, as we uphold the honoring of Life, Creation, Nature & the Divine.
I hope for a Way of Living that uplifts, celebrates & re-joices in re-membering the sacredness of being co-creators within our own physical/mental well being, with Spirit & with each other.
My hope is that all Your days are FULL of Health, Happiness & celebrating being Human, as well as a part of this amazing Creation that Spirit has brought forth to reside within You & All around You.
I am grateful You are on this journey with me, in whatever way or depth you wish to participate. May we each make a difference in our own individual life, the lives of the people & community, we hold dear in our hearts, and the LIFE all around us on this amazing planet. May you Find Your Beauty in all that you be & do as you go deeper into the Heart of Creating with Spirit & re-discovering Being a Creative Force of Nature…….the Way of the Feminine Force.

Always With Love…from My Heart to Yours,
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