“Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth.” ~ Rumi

“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.” – Rumi 


When you journey into the Way of the Feminine Force, you will dive deep into healing the Wounds of the Womb, as well as the wounds of your heart, soul, and body.  By discovering the emotional pain and physical drain, you can rediscover the Golden Gifts that have been buried in your heart and soul. Like the Golden Buddha, that was covered in mud, your Light can also be re-discovered to shine through the ALCHEMY of healing your PERCEPTION. Open your heart and eyes to re-frame the wounds to Wonder, Joy & WOW!!! Re-ignite your spark, dare to shine, and illuminate from the inside out your gifts for your self, your family, and for humanity. In the end, all we ever have is “Our Story.” Throughout your journey, you will tap into your heart, remembering what lights up your soul, fills you with joy, and find Your Way to shine in the world again.
CULTIVATING DAILY PRACTICES:  Pathway to Soulful Elegance & Body Bliss…..
“Elegance is not to pass unnoticed, but to get to the very Soul of what one is” – Lacroix


 A Pathway to keeping your vibration high and resonating in Truth, Love, Joy and Beyond is critical to creating a new story and preparing for transformation. As you give up the story of being unsupported and taking care of others like Snow White doing the cleaning, cooking, and making beds for the 7 dwarfs, the new story is about shifting consciousness, engaging in ritual, and the PRACTICE of sacred self-care first.  It is our PRACTICES within DAILY living that CULTIVATES a shift in our vibration. “Beautify your thoughts, Beautify your body” is not only an affirmation, but also a daily practice and process of re-sculpting your Way of thinking, choosing, acting, eating, breathing, and moving through the 7 energy centers of the body and re-aligning to your Joy from the inside out. Move through life from your core with elegance, ease, grace, and bliss as you prepare the vessel of your being to receive. As you look into the mirror on the wall; you are no longer the victim, nor the Crone of fading youth and life force. Recognize your authentic radiance from your internal heart, eternal soul, graceful body, and external beauty as the wise Queen that you truly are and that your kingdom has been awaiting for your return.


MAGNETIC PRESENCE & PARTNERING:  Dancing with the Divine…
“What you seek is seeking you– Rumi


You have found your JOY, prepared the vessel of your being and life to manifest all your dreams, and now you can be the Open Channel and Gateway for the Divine to match your vibration and be partners in co-creating. Whether your dreams are for greater Health, Wealth, Relationship, or Spiritual Connection, know whatever your heart desires is waiting to be fulfilled by Spirit. Your heart will lead the Way as you walk, move & breathe from your center, radiating a PRESENCE from within your Being, grounded within, upon the Earth as a Force of Nature, connected, above-down-inside-out, clear, and MAGNETIC. Learn to listen to the signals from the universe and nature, the messages from your body, and cue into your intuition to Trust the process of allowing, living, creating, and appreciating all in JOY! Life is your ballroom. Dance with the Divine as your Life PARTNER, no matter your relationship status. Celebrate the dance and most importantly LIVE your new-story!




There are several ways we can work together.  The easiest WAY to find if I am the right person to support you in your process of Discovery, Healing & Re-writing your Life Story as a Creative Force of Nature is to have a conversation.  Feel free to contact me via e-mail at drcheryl@drcherylberry.com.  Write in the subject FEMININE FORCE.  We can set a time to connect and explore if I can serve you at this time in your journey.
I look forward to this Journey of Discovery with you!
Love, Cheryl