“Cherish . . . I will not falter”

Through the sunlit clouds, as I was driving home Tuesday evening, I could see, sense and hear a message coming through. It was a whisper of Words in response to my prayers for guidance.

“Cherish . . . I will not falter.”

“Cherish” . . . Or was it my name, Cheryl? Because the CH in my name is pronounced like CHerry.

OR was it the actual word, Cherish? To hold what is dearly valued close to your heart.

I felt the energy of both.

However, I heard someone speak the word “Cherish” that same evening when listening later to a video. The person was talking about how she cherished, holding close to her heart, the WORD of God that HE does not falter on his promise to hear us and guide us, no matter what challenges each of us are going through.


Or Divine Validation???

When spoken directly to my heart and in respond to a specific prayer, I feel I received a direct message of confirmation that God’s Word IS validating and reassuring to each of us, that the Creator “will not falter.”

TRUST . . . we are individually, and collectively, held in Eternal LOVE and Divine Grace of the highest.

TRUST . . . God KNOWS each of our hearts.

TRUST . . . and hold on to your FAITH in KNOWING that the Creator’s WILL, will be done, and will not falter, as we align with the divine.

And . . . AGAIN this morning . . . I received an impression and heard the word “mockery.”

So, as I am preparing for the next SHE Speaks meditation series, multiple transformations and synchronicities seem to be happening at once in my life.

The beauty is that I AM hearing the Creator’s Voice and specific words coming in with greater clarity every day.

It is a CALL to deepen my Trust and walk in Faith.

AND . . . I AM guided to acknowledge as such, sometimes sharing the WORD and message, and sometimes not.

Let me be clear that these WORDS I hear, are not my words. They are HOLY words that float in softly, like a whisper, and carry multiple layers of energy and meaning. They are coming in a little differently than when I speak in a meditation or video and I state . . .”I am hearing the word”. . . and I state that word.

Today I felt the word “mockery” was a call to witness and observe, what I believe God was telling me, of a “mockery” in the field.

We are not here to make a “mockery” of LOVE, of the soul’s journey, nor our spiritual connection.

As an Oracle for the Divine and Instrument of God’s Love, YOU are a humble servant with a sacred purpose.

You may lead by example, but you lead by the CALLING that is sparked within your higher heart that holds the flame of passion and purpose of remembrance to simply be of SERVICE.

You are an “Instrument” for the Creator’s Glory . . . not your own.

Allow the Creator Force to flow through you and become a “transmitter” of Eternal Love, Divine Truth and Infinite Wisdom through the Holy Words you receive and are called to speak, or emanate, through your energetic field, soul essence and presence.

You don’t even have to be in the physical presence of another person.

As a transmitter, your Holy Connection with God Source alone, will emanate the energetic message from your heart and out into the field of consciousness, reaching the hearts that are open and ready to receive in alignment.

Pure . . .

Simple . . .

Unadulterated . . .

For the energy of the Creator’s WORDS hold the Holy spark and impulse of creation. The beginning substance of form, from that which ALL begins and IS formless.

“For in the beginning was The Word.” ~ John 1:1

Words are the Energy of Creation.

Speak wisely that which you are gifted and called to speak, emanate and transmit.

As a spiritual WAYshower, you may see where “mockery” and pretense exist. Your LIGHT and LOVE has the ability to rise above, and thus, not be entangled in “the show.”

YOU are here to uphold in GLORY God’s Holy WORD, Power, Wisdom, Truth and Eternal Love.

Treat your vessel and being as a sacred temple . . . pure, clear and sovereign.

See, sense, feel and hear with the HIGHEST of discernment when receiving and offering.

Not all is as it appears.

When listening to others, FEEL what is within the music of the words, the undercurrent of which the words are riding upon. For here is the TRUTH of which you seek and which you are asked to discern the frequency of alignment with your own discerning heart.

God’s WORDS are Holy, Sacred and True.

Simply accept and receive ONLY the messages founded in the Divine frequencies of LOVE and TRUTH that can reach deeply through and within your core . . . touching body, heart, and soul.

And when CALLED . . . show up in sacred humility as the DIVINE INSTRUMENT you were born to be and SPEAK the Words just as the DIVINE ORACLE.

For Mother/Father/God/Goddess, the Creator of All-That-IS, if gifting you exactly that which S/HE desires you to Speak.

Blessed Be

XOXO ~ Cheryl 🌹🌿

© 2023 Cheryl Berry – Way of the Feminine Force, Kent, WA 



Call of the Mother . . . Step into the FOREST🌿

Call of the Mother . . . The FEMININE FORCE of Creation 🌹🌿

May your human earth walk give rise to a deeper connection to the FEMININE FORCE of Creation, especially when stepping into the Forest.

I was guided to connect deeply with the heart of Mother Earth, as well as the Divine energies of the Mother Sophia in meditation yesterday morning.

A Call also came to reconnect my consciousness to the FOREST, especially with the trees around my studio.

It is a GIFT, an opportunity of potentiality, FOR every heart to FEEL the Energy of the Mother and ALL of Creation, as we each awaken from our spiritual slumber.

A process that can not be rushed, and will take on many different levels of re-connection as we each grow and expand at our own pace.

No different than our relationship with our human mother that takes many different FORMS as we grow and expand from newborn to child, to teenager, to adult.

It has been several days of remembrance and deeper initiation of being within the FIRE and FLAME of seeing how our human embodiment gifts us the process of Wounding to be FORGED into Wisdom for Soul growth and EVOLution . . . which is a state of LOVE . . . only spelled backwards.

Your Soul’s EVOLution may not feel like LOVE within the present moment of the human walk, it may FEEL less than LOVE, but it is there FULLY when able to be experienced through the heart and a higher perspective. Especially as our FIRST wounding is the separation of Soul FROM the Creator, God/dess, as well as FROM our human birth mother.

There has been a greater awareness of respecting the process of “what is” within the journey more deeply, as well as moving into greater discernment and appreciation of gratitude FOR WHAT DIVINELY IS in the melding process of the human experience and Soul path as it is the opportunity to discover how we are both active co-creators of our life with the Divine, as well as receivers.

For the journey of the Divine Human is a REBIRTH and an unfoldment of deeper learning, growth, evolution and wisdom that can only be initiated via the burn of FIRE and yet overcome by transcendence and melding within the FLAME of the higher heart.

A process that brings one seeking alliance with the Divine in sacred silence, surrender and allowing to receive and bring FORTH . . . FORGIVENESS . . . FOR the completion and alchemic transformation into AbSOULution

Energies of Gold, Diamond, Ruby Rose Petals and Aquamarine were FILLING my heart space and activating deeper inner-standings and connection with these FEMININE FORCES of Creation, as streams of messages . . . one inter-connecting to the next . . . especially with words beginning with the letter F.

Interesting as the letter F is the 6th letter of the alphabet. 6 is “Mastery” in Lemurian Numerology. https://www.karinnanielsen.com/lemurian-self-healing/lemurian-numerology

These F-words have been incoming for over several weeks, and even more so with a FLOODING yesterday, as I have been meditating and writing.

Just when I sense all has been received and to be shared, more is added on, in a beautiful FLOW of ease, grace, eloquence and FINESSE.

I sense a deeper sharing of these messages to come in my next podcast, although some messages will only be shared in a small group of sisters that will be FORTHCOMING in May after Mother’s Day.

I do feel called to say here, that I initially FELT the primary message was to be what we receive via walking through the FIRE and the transcendence into the FLAME . . . the experience of Human Wounds to Soul Wisdom . . . which expands our consciousness into higher “Octaves of Remembrance.” https://wayofthefeminineforce.com/2019/02/05/octave-remembrance/

However, none of this is possible without the energy of the Mother . . . HERSELF . . . as the FEMININE Principle of the Creator FORCE.

For SHE seeks only for her Divine Sons and Daughters to BIRTH and know how to wield their own Divine Creative Power, sword of Truth, and wear the Armor of God as they grow and expand in Light, Love, and Wisdom.

The Divine Wisdom and Teachings that have been coming through, has been a New Calling for several months. I FEEL I AM FINALLY receiving clarity as to the WAY in which to Birth their New Beginnings.

I FELT a huge surge of energy, and a shaking of my body as I was typing on my phone trying to capture the incoming FLOW. The degree of which I have only experienced a FEW times and also when going into delivery via a C-section for my daughter’s birth. Layers of validation that confirmed ALL is being held, activated and is being LABORED and BIRTHED in divine orchestration and timing.

May we each take time to be still, silent and ground each and everyday. . . to be with the heart of the Eternal Mother . . . the FEMININE FORCE of Creation . . .perhaps even walk or simply take a step with our consciousness and imagination into the FOREST . . or wherever Nature calls.

For SHE who is of the Earth and SHE who is Eternal, Divine, and Holy . . . the FEMININE FORCE of Creation . . . is CALLING us home to our hearts and to HER Infinite Heart.

HER energy is not limited to Above or Below, but is limitless, existing throughout the multi-verse, within our own human mother, and within each of us.

Allow that which you are to receive to FLOW effortless into your being . . . anchoring . . . FIRST and FOREMOST . . . within your heart center and expanding FROM there.

Today I am reminded of the beauty and connection I deeply FEEL with the FOREST, the creek, the birds, and the animals that come to visit here on the property where my studio is located.

Even as I AM typing from my desk, I can look at the trees and easily take my awareness outside, to FEEL the ground beneath me, to re-connect to the evergreens and EMERALD frequencies surrounding me . . . the first emanation of the Creator as primal sound. https://ascensionglossary.com/index.php/Emerald_Crystal_Heart

I feel the sun, and I breathe the air that is shared by all of us.

I allow my energy to move through my FEET and into the ground to connect to the roots of the trees. I ask the roots to take the energy I AM FEELING and seeing within my heart through their deep, F A R-reaching communication system, sharing and transmitting within the land . . . and going deeper into ALL weaves of consciousness within Mother Earth . . . into HER ley lines, song lines, grids and water ways.

I ask and allow the wind to take my breath and my voice, moving the FREQUENCIES, tones and messages of Love, Wisdom, Truth and Remembrance through the branches and leaves as they rustle, communicating and spreading the emanation of sacred sound . . . the Word of God/dess . . . of which has been FLOWING into my heart AND we all have the potential to be receiving at this moment.

For “the Word of God/dess” is Divine Wisdom and Teachings of the most High. Through the EMERALD Order, as the FIRST emanation of God Source as Sound, we receive the transmission beyond what our human language can convey, or our human ears can hear.

Y E T . . . our hearts can attune, FEELING the resonance of Truth, and deeply hearing within the FIELD of consciousness and higher octaves that which resound of purity and clarity . . . a Harmonic Alignment with the Divine.

It is here . . .that the Soul telepathically connects into and simply knows, remembers, and re-ignites its spark and inner FLAME beyond the spoken or written word.

FOR it is the music . . . that which is beyond the human form of physiological sensory perception . . . that the Soul seeks and spans its eternal reconnection to ALL THAT IS . . . throughout ALL time, space, and dimensions.

It is here . . . Mother Earth A N D Mother Sophia . . . speak, sing and rejoice.

FOR the FIRE of the human experience and the FLAME of ALL that is Holy, has served the Soul to learn, grow and evolve, to meld into greater expansion and living embodiment of Divine Love, Truth, Power, and Wisdom within a FIELD of consciousness that holds bountiFUL beauty and eternal grace.

May your heart be activated with a deeper remembrance of perfection that the FORGING of the FIRE and the FLAME . . . the human journey and the soul’s evolution . . . is a melding for growth and expansion of Divine Wisdom.

It comes with every step you take . . .

A N D may you rediscover and FIND the beauty of it ALL . . .with every step . . . even if it FEELS like a FIRE walk in the moment.

May you may FIND your reconnection to ALL that is . . . the ONENESS that you FEEL and know within the FLAME of your higher heart. Allow it to be confirmed as you step .. . .walking deeper and deeper into the energies and witnessing the Wisdom within Mother Nature . . . and especially the sacredness of the emerald FOREST.

And So It Is . . . Blessed Be

XOXO ~ Cheryl 🌹🌿

© 2023 Cheryl Berry – Way of the Feminine Force, Kent, WA 

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I was guided to use this photo and the blue/white one in a previous social media post. It took me awhile to realize I was to use them in upcoming writings. Receiving messages and guidance, whether through messages or visions, has been going on ALL my life.

It was challenging when I was little, as I don’t recall too much other than being afraid to walk alone into parts of the house, or fear around meeting some people. It seems there was a lapse of them in grade school. I sense that was multi-fold. I have written a bit more about this on my podcast page.

Visions then became more intermittent in my later teen years and early twenties. I didn’t think too much of them unless imprinted in memory from dream state, or relating to my future. I did KNOW what I received was Truth. Running was also a time of active meditation when LOTS flowed in. I remember thinking how that would have been an amazing philosophical talk if I could have captured it in a recording!

None the less, these “light-streams” as I had received started coming in much more consistently in my late thirties, forties, and fifties. I discovered even more so in menopause that I needed to keep a journal and pen by my bed. Every night I would wake up, multiple times, with a vision or a phrase. I should have listened when receiving the message “to write” many years earlier.

My sense is that once the nest was empty, Spirit said you can’t put this off any more. Like Rafiki . . . “It is time!” 😉

So, dream state has been an active time, sometimes more than others. Although my waking state, can be quite active too! haha

So . . . random writing in my journal turned into a blog, into group meditations, and now a podcast. It is a commitment I started based on a vision, as I have mentioned earlier. It is about trusting my soul’s voice to share what is coming through, and it is MY personal soul journey and human process of exploration.

Not only did I receive the name “WHITE ROSE Transmission & Jasmine Tea,” I was given the vision of writing and sensing the energy of a podcast.

This has been a “SOUL TRAINING” of sorts. I actually received that I was “IN TRAINING” and it has been confirmed I AM to continue.

After nine months, I AM still in process of seeing what this “SOUL TRAINING” is fully about and where it is leading me. I feel there is some deeper awakening of remembrance and reconnection to aspects of myself. Parts that I need to heal from past lives, as well as this one, around my voice and visibility. So many times, I feel “WHY AM I DOING THIS?” I would rather go back into “my cave” and not be seen or heard.

It is a vulnerable process to open your heart and share soul gifts, whether in private or publicly. It takes TRUST in a higher power and to give lead to your Soul, no matter what THE CALL maybe.

Something I feel our western society does not teach, but what I feel is called for if we are to create and flourish in a higher state of consciousness of the New Earth.

The heart’s frequency is not only our navigation system it IS our communication system.

It does not rely on external validation, but the INNER KNOWING OF DIVINE TRUTH.

Please take what resonates, what aligns and what “inspires” YOU, for your journey and process of unfolding!

I sense we are ALL “In Training” of the highest kind to open our hearts, reconnect to our soul gifts, and live authentically from there.

If you would like to have a listen, my newest podcast “The Shattering of Glass & Illusion” is up and the link can be accessed via

My prayer is that you discover your soul’s voice and follow His/Her lead to plant your own footsteps in the sand, creating your own path, not just following the footsteps that were laid before you.

We are here to be of divine service to the Creator, Humanity, Mother Earth, while learning, growing, expanding and evolving our own soul.

I pray we do so more beautifully and genuinely . . . with the PUREST of Divine Truth, Love, Wisdom, Respect, Integrity . . . so ALL that we co-create manifests beyond our human imagination.

Blessed Be

XOXO ~ Cheryl

© 2023 Cheryl Berry – Way of the Feminine Force, Kent, WA 

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GOD Crown . . .

“GOD CROWN” . . . (10.20.2022)

Did I receive that correctly?

It was a vision, and in my mind I was getting ready to write Gold Crown.

Hmmmm. . . not what I wrote. I wrote GOD Crown.

So the questioning began?

“GOD CROWN . . . ???

Crown of Gold

Christ Light

More than that . . .



Reverence to the Creator

Gift we all have, embedded within the DNA.

Can’t go looking for it like a prize or buried treasure.

It is bestowed, or revealed, in Divine Timing and Orchestration.

It takes Diligence to Humility to getting closer to God Source.

Desire like no other to be ONE, not carried on wings of another.

This is a Solidarity Journey into ONENESS that you do alone.

One step at a time.

One leg at a time.

Not to be rushed or cajoled.

Not a race.

Place of Solitude ‘like no other.’

God’s Crown . . . ”

THE GOD CROWN . . . It is not something you wear externally.

It isn’t anything you can even put on yourself.


It held the impression of a clear, sparkling Diamond band upon the crown with emanating Gold particles, almost leaf like.

“GOD CROWN” . . .

YOUR connection to God Source and Christ, is here to be awakened, within your crown of consciousness and within the body temple.

It comes into awareness unexpectedly, having traversed layers of shadow, clearing dense muck, and choosing to connect more fully and deeply to the Higher Self.

It comes without bells or whistles, or any sort of fanfare.

It comes silently and through your own process, of the inner soul and outer human journey, with the return of deep remembrance and desire to BE fully, one-hundred-percent committed to, and in communion with, the LIGHT and LOVE of the Creator . . . ONE with the Creator Force . . . over and over again.

An ebb and flow of diligent ALIGNMENT, and DEVOTION, every day, to seek and return to be ONE with the Highest and Purest frequency of GOD SOURCE and CHRIST.

Choosing to forsake anything less than DIVINE LOVE and anything other than the embodiment of YOUR HOLY DIVINE LIGHT.

Reclaiming LOVE for yourself and ALL of Creation.

Walking in WORTHINESS on the earth plane as BEING YOUR EMBODIED I AM PRESENCE that only YOU CAN BE.

It comes without pride or prejudice.

It comes only with humility, reverence and respect for ALL.

It comes with seeing wounding . . . especially the wounds of the inner child . . . through many lifetimes and dimensions. . . observing, healing, transmuting, loving and reclaiming her (him) within your heart . . . and the many faces you have been other than the child (even as mother and father) . . . to absolve ALL back into LOVE, keeping the wisdom and gifts so the soul can learn, grow and evolve.

It does not matter how many lifetimes, soul aspects, or levels of dimensions you may be able to traverse and connect into . . . or how many soul gifts you have activated . . . or the number of light languages you are able to speak . . . YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH and WORTHY BEYOND MEASURE . . . TO BE YOU IN THIS TIME, SPACE & DIMENSION.

The ONE true connection to LOVE that comes from the Creator Force ABOVE . . . that YOU hold within and throughout . . . and is ALWAYS in the present moment . . . right here and right now . . . IS the divine catalyst to absolve ALL that is LESS THAN LOVE and RETURN ONCE AGAIN TO LOVE.

Your connection to GOD SOURCE through the PUREST WHITE DIAMOND CRYSTALLINE LIGHT, with the interweaving of the GOLDEN PARTICLES of CHRISTED LIGHT, is ALL that matters, Beautiful Souls.

All else will follow, and all else will flow divinely, as YOU are HERE as ONE with the CROWNING GLORY of GOD, embodied as the PRECIOUS DIVINE CHILD of GOD that YOU ARE.

This message is for YOU . . . Beloved Ones . . . this message is for YOU.

May YOU witness deeply and heal what needs to be healed . . . transmute what needs to be transmuted . . . ALL within the ABSOLUTION of LOVE . . . so you may reclaim your SOVEREIGNTY and embodied CREATIVE POWER as ONE with the Creator.

YOU hold ALL the divine keys, codes, gifts and soul wisdom of the Christed Light and “GOD CROWN” to walk as the BELOVED DIVINE CHILD of GOD you were born to BE.

Blessed Be

XOXO ~ Cheryl

© 2022 Cheryl Berry – Way of the Feminine Force, Kent, WA 



Rhythm of your Soul . . .

“When it feels like the world is on your shoulders And all the madness has got you going crazy . . .” ~ From the “Rhythm of the Night” Lyrics

I could hear the lyrics of this song coming in, and I knew the meaning all revolved around the one word . . .”Rhythm.”

Listening and following the “Rhythm of Your Soul” . . .

No matter where other souls may be in their journey and conscious awareness, ALL is in divine timing.

YOUR SOUL RHYTHM does not follow anyone else.

It only asks that you listen and follow from within.

It has it’s own timing and own RHYTHM to experience Life through divine orchestration in creation and manifestation.

The SOUL orchestrates from the zero point field of being connected to SPIRIT and MATTER.

SOUL is the “symphysis,” the connecting force, between the SPIRIT and BODY. (~ DD Palmer, The Chiropractor’s Adjuster).

Same meaning, in Philosophical language, LIFE FORCE connects INTELLIGENCE and MATTER. (i.e. Chiropractic – Triune of Life).

Or in the language of Physics . . . Water connects the slower moving particles of Ice with the faster ones of Vapor or Steam. (~ Gregg Braden, Awakening to Zero Point).

The message that came in 07/18/2022 . . . which is in an “earlier” rhythm than I expected . . . for I thought I was to receive and share this on Wednesday. Amazing how the process of unfolding holds the message in and of itself!

The message is to feel deeply into YOUR SOUL RHYTHM . . . and no other . . . where you can navigate ALL THAT YOU ARE through the field of ALL THAT IS.

It is not only about resonance, or frequency alignment, but also the RHYTHM . . . the ebb and flow . . . the soft and bold . . . the extremes and in-between of that which you move, walk, dance and simply navigate your SOUL and Human path.

You are not alone . . .

However, it IS for YOU to walk this journey to the beat of your own inner drummer, create your own kind of music, sing your own heart song, dance your own dance, write your own story, and be the channel for the Creator Force of the Universe to flow and express through you . . . in DIVINE TIMING & DIVINE ORCHESTRATION.

Your SOUL is the Artist and has a RHYTHM and TIMING all HER/HIS own.

S/HE is calling for YOU to listen and feel into the BEing with HER/HIM every step of the WAY, no matter what anyone else is doing, or what may appear to be happening in the experience of humanity’s collective field.

Whether YOU, family, friends, or the collective field of consciousness is in the process of healing, clearing, transformation, absolution, birth, death, re-birth, creation, re-creation and/or manifestation . . .

Show up and BE that which is YOURS and IN YOUR TIMING. . .

CLAIM THE BEING of where you are in this PRESENT MOMENT . . .

BE in the NOW . . .

Of DIVINE TIMING and . . .


Blessed Be.

❤️ You can listen to my initial sharing of this experience via the WHITE ROSE Transmission & Jasmine Tea #6A . . . https u.be/bdeWKQKiQ9k

❤️ Or to the expanded version, which holds a “softer” RHYTHM as I was guided: THE WHITE ROSE Transmission & Jasmine Tea # 6B . . . https://youtu.be/Zku8e -B_qIV

❤️ Thank you for taking the time to visit and read my blog, as well as listen to the WHITE ROSE Transmission & Jasmine Tea Time videos.

❤️ If these messages resonate and serve YOU on your soul path and human journey, please like, leave a comment here, and feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel at Cheryl Berry . . . Way of the Feminine Force Wisdom of the Divine Feminine Transmissions Meditations Messages Musings..

Much Love, Gratitude & Beautiful Blessings,

XOXO ~ Cheryl

© 2022 Cheryl Berry – Way of the Feminine Force, Kent, WA 

No One Can Take Away Your Crown . . .

Lift up your head, break down the walls

Don’t stop pushing till they fall

At first the sun might hurt your eyes

But soon you’ll see the beauty in the light.

~ Beauty in the Light (Lyrics by Hollow Coves)

See less

I talked about the healing of the Queen/Mother/Daughter wounding in my last WHITE ROSE & Jasmine Tea episode (https://youtu.be/9t9B_VB6Q2Q).

But what has been coming into my awareness in the last couple of days is a message I received the summer of 2019.

I was stressed over how to share and infuse my intuitive and energetic Soul gifts, with my education and chiropractic gifts.

With every turn of seeking guidance within the physical world, I was receiving that ALL needed to be separated and distinct.

I felt like I was navigating up stream in the world, although my Body, Heart and Soul wanted no separation and to be in the flow of JOY and the wholeness of my being . . .

“When you do things from your Soul, you feel a river moving in you, a JOY.” ~ Rumi 

I remember I was driving towards my studio along a back and winding road. It was lined with trees and just so happened to parallel the creek that runs through the property where my studio is located.

I was in tears and feeling all I was receiving from the external world was that it was not safe to show up in my most authentic self.

My heart and soul felt broken as I was simply trying to show up with offering ALL of my gifts in service.

A divine message dropped into my conscious awareness loud and clear. . .


Oh my goodness! 

It took me by complete surprise.

I was literally stunned.

And it obliterated all lower energies in an instant that I had been focusing on.

It was so crystal clear and resonating so deeply with TRUTH that I felt it run through every cell of my being.

I was taken immediately into the river of my Soul and my eyes flowed with joyful and truthful tears.

This “crown” my guidance was speaking of, had nothing to do with my education or license. It was also NOT the physical crown of the Queen.

It was and IS the “Crown of Divine Consciousness” that we each have the sacred honor to embody and wear unequivocally.

It IS your Soul’s ornate expansion and evolution into remembering you are higher frequencies of BEAUTY, LIGHT and LOVE incarnate, from multiple lifetimes and human lessons/experiences, that has brought YOU a multitude of gifts, gems, and pearls of wisdom.

It IS your connection to God Source.

It IS your Individualized Source Stream and flow of Consciousness.

NO ONE can take away YOUR Soul’s wisdom and experience.

NO ONE can take away your crown! 

YOUR Soul IS Eternal and One with the Creator.

Embrace your Divinity.

Embrace your Soul gifts.

Embrace and honor your Radiant Soul Essence.

I honor YOU and bow to your beautiful Crown of Consciousness . . . the BEAUTY of LIGHT and LOVE that YOU ARE anchoring and emanating now in this lifetime . . . for YOU are the Eternal, Living and Sacred Embodiment of God Source. 

If you find yourself meeting roadblock, after roadblock, there must be another WAY that the Divine is redirecting you.

It is not to give up on infusing your Soul’s Passion of Purpose with this Earth walk, but to allow the highest timeline and a New Path to be shown.

A Path that you have not envisioned or imagined . . .YET.

God’s timing and orchestration is always in perfection and co-creation with your higher Self.

TRUST . . . the Divine is always . . . ALWAYS . . . guiding you to fulfill and express your Soul’s Passion and Purpose with the greatest of Love and an overflowing river of Joy!

Blessed Be Beloved Ones.

Holding YOU in Divine Love, Gratitude & Praise . . .

XOXO ~ Cheryl

© 2022 Cheryl Berry – Way of the Feminine Force, Kent, WA 




White ROSE Transmission & Jasmine Tea . . .

Are you listening to the CALL of SOPHIA . . .

Your Divine Feminine Wisdom . . .

the inner VOICE of your Soul and Heart? ❤️




then CHOOSE . . .

CHOOSE to ALIGN with the Divine, with the God of your heart, infusing yourself with LOVE and restoring your cellular matrix with Abundance, Worth, Self-Worth . . . and go forward knowing you have always been LOVE, for your true Path is to seek the highest timeline with Passion, Purpose and the WISDOM your Soul has received from the depth and breadth of ALL your lifetimes and human experience. ❤️

I’ve been a Chiropractor for almost 23 years, but I have been an Intuitive all my life.

Sometimes more aware and tuned in than others.

I spoke to a Chiropractor over five years ago who had left practice and was doing only mediumship work.

This conversation came about as I was seeing and sensing people who had crossed over while adjusting someone whose mother was close to transitioning. I can only say the energy of the ancestors were quite strong and were staying close to my client and her mother during this time. It was very apparent the mother’s passing was getting closer.

What I learned from that conversion with my colleague was not to apologize or feel shame for my gifts. “You were psychic before you ever became a chiropractor. That part of you never went away and you can’t stop being YOU.”

It has been a long road of allowing me to accept me for ME, as I have felt not worthy and very much unlike my peers . . . a well as my family and most people.

Before the previous experience and conversation, I shared with a mentor many years ago when I was first stepping into practice . . . “I don’t feel like a Chiropractor.”

I was comparing myself to amazing chiropractors and watching how their art facilitates the connection to the body, heart and soul.

His response was . . . “Maybe you’re not.”

At first I took that as total rejection and lack of worth. “I simply was not good enough.” But it made no sense to me to have him say “that” as I never felt he saw me that way.

It was “my perception” and “my wounding” from this lifetime and many, for “that feeling” of less than, lacking worth and being different on an energetic basis.

It has been almost one year of awareness of “THE WOUND” as it was pointed out to me in meditation. It has been an unexpected process of stepping into a journey of reclaiming Love, Abundance, Worth and Self-Worth.

I was shown to return to the wound from a specific lifetime.

This happened on several occasions last July.

The more I journeyed, the more I became aware that it related to the Archetype of the Queen/Mother/Daughter and Wounding through a rite of passage . . . of BIRTH.

What I was shown in that lifetime was the failure to BIRTH, the loss of a child, and therefore the inability to Deliver Divine Human Creation.

What my guide revealed to me, before I really dove into looking deeply at the wounding, was the HEALING BALM . . . the energy of WHAT WAS TO BE RECLAIMED.


Radical TRUST and surrender . . . witnessing, observing and choosing LOVE, over and over again . . . to always RETURN TO MY DIVINE TRUTH in Body, Heart and Soul Alignment has been the PROCESS.

I did not have to relive any pain, sadness, or grief.

I was able to witness from a higher vantage point, as the observing Soul.

It has been a Process of Returning to my center, to my core of BEING . . . of KNOWING . . . that I AM the embodiment of God’s LOVE, Divine Truth, and ALLOWING all aspects of myself to receive the GLORY of Abundance, Worth and Self-Worth as I AM A DAUGHTER OF GOD.

I AM . . . just as each of YOU.

Whether embodied as a daughter or a son, WE ARE ALL THE DIVINE CHILDREN GOD, of the CREATOR, in this lifetime and all others.

WE each hold the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine of the Holy Christos-Sophia Light in our hearts and the Eternal Flame of Love, Power and Wisdom from God Source, the Creator Force, within our higher heart.




I will share more of this specific journey, as well as ALL HOLY DIVINE FEMININE WISDOM, Messages and Musings that I AM guided to bring forth, in the upcoming . . .“White ROSE Transmission . . . Jasmine Tea.”

A new creation I AM being called to BIRTH very, very soon!

This message of the “White Rose and Jasmine Tea” came with a specific vision that woke me from sleep state on 01/18/2022 . . . 5:19-5:20 am.

Within the last few months, it has been quickening, stirring and beginning to make it’s way back into my awareness that it has been seeded and is starting to germinate.

I AM looking forward to reconnecting and sharing MORE with YOU in perfect timing and divine orchestration!

Perhaps even connecting over the perfect cup of “White Rose and Jasmine Tea?” . . . ❤️

XOXO ~ Cheryl

© 2022 Cheryl Berry – Way of the Feminine Force, Kent, WA 



Calling the Midwives of Sophia . . .

You may have been called a mystic over hundreds of lifetimes, yet it has been your soul’s quest to always seek your true path.

The path that fulfills your divine purpose with truth, integrity, and eternal passion.

The path that is the reawakening of all the keys and codes that only YOU hold to be an authentic midwife of Sophia.

The path that brings into gestation the Birth of your own Soul.

For . . .

You are pure.

You are clear.

You are sovereign.

You are a humble Emissary of the Divine Feminine Ray of Christ, chosen to awaken now and be in sacred servitude to the Infinite Creator Force and Christos-Sophia.

You are here to Birth the Christ Consciousness with the return of the Feminine Face of God along side the Masculine.

For it is this UNION within the hearts of humanity that gives rise to co-creation from a Unified field of Divine Love for the SACRED Birthing of the Soul . . . and New Earth.

May be an image of 1 person, sky and ocean

XOXO ~ Cheryl

© 2022 Cheryl Berry – Way of the Feminine Force, Kent, WA

I AM the Christos-Sophia

I can’t believe it has been almost a year since I published my last blog!

I felt a calling to simply pause from my formal monthly posting and just go with the flow of what showed up . . . or didn’t show up . . . each day.

Today (03/14/2022), I AM feeling called to share this affirmation/invocation.

I have no words for how divinely timed and in divine orchestration this is, as I look back at my last blog titled, ROSE Prayer. With it, I too, was hearing specific words . . .”ROSE Prayer” . . . for days. It finally came through automatic writing a year ago, on 03/14/2021..

What I share today, was recently inspired and activated last week as I was in process of exploring some of Joshua David Stone’s work . . . “I AM the Soul” . . . along with my sacred sister, wise woman, and dear friend, Vicki Bates.

I kept hearing the first couple of lines . . . “I AM the Christos-Sophia. I AM the Eternal Flame” . . . over several days. It was like the words were on constant repeat, as they kept playing over and over in the background of my consciousness, even when going in/out of dream state.

It has taken all of last week, and then some, as I keep receiving energetic words of refinement, as well as feeling called to weave other affirmations/invocations I have received as downloads in the past.

What I most recently received, is aligned to the left of the page.

What I have received in prior guidance is centered.

I felt called to weave ALL together and re-birth a new creation from my heart and soul to yours.

Please take your time as you speak inwardly in silence, or out loud, feeling the energetic resonance within your own body, heart and soul.

May every cell within your body temple awaken and activate the remembrance of TRUTH as we each are the Beloved Son and Daughter of God, here to reclaim our most sacred crown of Christ Consciousness as the Divine Child . . . walking, talking and co-creating together . . . as the embodied breath of God. 🌹

I AM the Christos-Sophia,

I AM the Eternal Flame.

I AM the Light,

I AM the Love.

I AM the Truth,

I AM the Wisdom.

I AM the Power,

I AM the Peace.

I AM . . . . . God’s Holy Name. 🌹

I AM Pure
I AM Clear
I AM Sovereign
(repeat this stanza 3 times)

I AM the Golden Christos-Sophia.

I AM the Living Eternal Flame.

I AM Divine Source Embodied.

I AM . . . . . God’s Holy Name. 🌹

I AM ONE with the Creator . . .

and my energy is sovereign to the One.

(repeat this stanza 3 times)

AND the Creator is ONE with me.

The Creator is ONE with me.

The Creator is ONE with me.


Blessed Be. Blessed Be. Blessed Be.

And So It is . . . 🌹

XOXO ~ Cheryl

© 2022 Cheryl Berry – Way of the Feminine Force, Kent, WA 

ROSE Prayer

I kept receiving the words “ROSE Prayer” for days last week, waiting patiently in meditation as to how it desired to come through.

Sunday (03/14/2021) it started flowing in automatic writing. I was also reminded of specific gifts when waking from dream state, gifts I had received back in 2018, 2019, as well as last year.

The big question was “how”, how was I to bring these forth in an offering???

So not only through the words and energy of the “ROSE Prayer,” I was shown to allow them to be activated into embodiment through the flow of the spine. For now, I will post the “ROSE Prayer” today on the Spring Equinox from my heart to yours. I am deeply honored to be guided that this IS the time to bring forth these Christ/Magdalene Rose, and Lemurian Light Codes for YOU who feel called, as we step into higher Divine Service for ALL of humanity, as well as Mother Earth. Blessed Be XOXO

ROSE PRAYER” . . . From God to me . . . from me to you . . . to the HEART of Humanity. 🌹 🌹 🌹

“May we find Peace within our hearts as Brothers and Sisters.

May we harmonize together in our words, thoughts, and frequencies to bring forth greater Beauty within ALL of Creation.

May we let go what has been lost, grieving only for naivety and innocence taken unknowingly, and reclaiming our Sovereignty to walk in Truth, in Trust, in Faith, in Hope and BE UNITED IN LOVE . . . God’s LOVE that lives in each of our hearts and is the making of each Soul.

May we always stand for God’s Truth and Divine Justice to prevail for ALL people of this land that is Mother Earth.

May all hijacking of consciousness be renounced forever more. So all interference, all dark agendas, are released and returned all the way back to whence they were first created . . . to thus be taken to the LIGHT for the Creator Force to take back into the Womb and Heart of Creation where it can be transmuted and absolved back into the Holy Fires of Divine Eternal LOVE . . . AND our hearts too, can take all that is less than LOVE . . . especially that of judgment, self-judgment and shame . . . into the Holy Fire of the Divine within the Inner Holy Sanctuary of the sacred human heart.

Allow the transmutation energy to rise, to open your individual HEART to God/Goddess, the Divine Feminine/Divine Masculine of the CREATOR Force to invoke the ROSE to bloom, ground and anchor . . . pulling in the Christ Codes and Magdalene Rose Codes from ABOVE into the Crystalline Diamond, Golden Christ Grids, and the Rose Grid, of Mother Earth . . . the matrix from which we will co-create Heaven on Earth in Divine Accordance to God’s Holy Word and Divine Plan which will be activated in the HEARTS of those who hold the CODES OF REMEMBRANCE, and who have come to plant the seeds of Beauty of Co-Creation . . . as the Earth was meant to bear fruit, hold fruit and to multiply as LIGHT MANIFEST into Life itself.

BLESSED BE the Children upon the Earth, as they are born more and more of the Crystalline Diamond Heart Frequency.

BLESSED BE the Elders, who have held the knowledge and sacred heart encoding for passing the CODES through their DNA to give us knowledge AND awakening into Justice . . . into seeing ALL that is not PURE in God’s LIGHT, God’s LOVE or God’s WILL.

Not ALL will see.
Not ALL will choose.
Not ALL are ready to step into the vibration most HIGH.

It is not of sorrow to let each Soul go their path, for each is in an evolutionary process of BEcoming that can only emerge through the Soul’s Choice of Path, Soul Decree, and Soul commitment to the Creator.

There is no Divine Plan that we as humans can co-create alone. WE ARE THE “INSTRUMENTS” for this Divine Calling. GOD HAS CHOSEN and we follow the CREATOR’s lead in DIVINE SERVICE to the Greater Plan. Blessed Be.

May the ROSE and Garden of your Heart open, blossom and evolve so more Liquid LIGHT of your Soul Steam from Heaven waters the ROSE of your Heart.

May the SOLAR CODES of the SUN shine upon the ROSE.

May BOTH . . . the SUN and the ROSE . . . feed the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine CHRIST LIGHT into the ROSE of your Heart, grounding LOVE through the stem . . . through the solar plexus, creative center, legs and feet into the land . . . rooting into Mother Earth . . . anchoring into HER heart and into HER womb.

May you walk upon the planet, each day, sending greater LOVE from the emanation of your Heart, it’s highest vibration and frequency, simply from the greatest expression of BEing . . . as well as through the talk of your words, the energetic resonance of your voice, movement of hands, clarity of vision, and pure consciousness of crown. May all energy that flows through you and the CREATIONS YOU BIRTH BE HOLY, holding the energy of God’s WORD, the essence of Sound vibration through you as ONE. Blessed Be Beloved Sisters and Brothers of the ROSE and Keepers of the LIGHT. May you BE in accordance with your TRUE DIVINE ESSENCE and that of the Creator to bring now your BEing to Align with the Divine. And So It is.” 🌹 🌹 🌹

XOXO ~ Cheryl

© 2021 Cheryl Berry – Way of the Feminine Force, Kent, WA