Integrity…HER True North

Integrity is what keeps you on track … especially as a leader … especially as a DIVINE FEMININE Leader.

Integrity is HER True North for SHE is about quality of BEing versus quantity.

SHE is about up-leveling and bringing a higher vibration for the greater good than just specific self-serving goals.

SHE is about the journey, the process, and intention versus the mere objective to be obtained.

Integrity encompasses ALL of HER inner values and speaks of HER commitment to uphold LOVE in ALL ways.

Integrity is what SHE uses to evaluate HER actions, words, and thoughts to ensure LOVE.

Integrity is what the Divine Feminine asks of the Divine Masculine when taking action.

This is the UNION of the Divine Feminine AND Divine Masculine WITHIN Yourself AND within service to the Divine.

This is the relationship YOU hold in BEing … encompassing ALL the energies of intuition/receptivity/perceiving AND with the energies of action/doing … along with the Universal Intelligence and Power of Creation.

Integrity weaves the energy of creativity from the Womb, the will of the Soul, the passion of the Heart and power of Expression, ALL melded into YOUR “voice” birthing YOUR creative brilliance.  A brilliance that is every woman and man’s birthright!

It is YOUR birthright to birth YOUR Soul’s “creative genius” into a masterpiece that expresses YOU, allowing it to sparkle and shine your uniqueness into the world.

Integrity is being fully aligned with YOUR path and soulful expression into form.

Never … Ever … forget that You hold ALL the CREATIVE POWER of the UNIVERSE within, and for you NOT to shine your BRILLIANCE, your VOICE, your CREATIVE GENIUS is to be out of Integrity with Mother/Father/God/Goddess.  Remember WHY You are here and that NO ONE else can birth YOU into the world … only the creative expression of your Soul can birth YOU and YOUR GIFTS … YOUR BEAUTIFUL … BRILLIANT … CREATIVE INNER GENIUS.

Why is this about Integrity and not about LOVE?


Integrity IS one of LOVE’S forms.

Integrity is your heart’s inner compass to ask … “Is this LOVE?”

OR …”Is this less than LOVE?”

“Will taking this Path keep my intention and actions purely and pristinely aligned to LOVE?”  Pristine, for it is like the chime of a crystal chalice.

“Wisdom is knowing what Path to take.  Integrity is taking it.”  ~ M.H. McKee

Wisdom is letting go of what no longer serves and stepping onto the Path of Integrity, taking the action … or not … where ALL of you is aligned to your Truth … in LOVE.

Integrity is walking the Path of your “True North” and it speaks louder that words ever will.

Integrity is an “emanation” all in and of itself, as it sources ALL that we come to value.

Integrity can be applied to everything in your life and to ask is there LOVE?  Does this align fully to LOVE?  Is this congruent with LOVE?  Is there coherence to LOVE? Is there a resonance and harmonization with LOVE?

When YOU emit Integrity from within your BEing, it is like a shining gemstone.  Integrity is the jewel that shines with such clarity that it’s beauty and brilliance needs no words or explanation.  Integrity speaks and resonates for itself.

Like a diamond, where the clarity, cut, color and carat define the quality of the gem.  Integrity is one of the greatest qualities in defining who you are, through all levels of BEing, from within your very core.

The clarity of your heart, all the way to your very core, will shine with such brilliance through your depth of BEing, such that the layers of contradiction have been dissolved and absolved.  ALL that is left is knowing who you are and have chosen to be.

Integrity is choice of BEing and choice in Doing.

Integrity is a choice, from the smallest to the largest decision, such that your character can not be denied or questioned.   It is not a quality you reserve for just BIG events.  Small decisions are without question valuable character builders.  Their value can not be denied in creating Integrity in order to know you have solidified and strengthened your ability to read between the lines and energies that do not match your inner compass.  Integrity is not to be reserved for just large decisions, it is there for every small decision … for each and every moment.

Integrity is YOUR defining compass to ask … “Where is my True North in this moment, in THIS situation, in expressing my Soul’s Truth???”

Integrity is for YOU to remember who you are, what you are here to add to this world of creation.  Integrity includes your values, your principles, what you stand for and what you will NOT stand for, in those defining moments where life begets a decision.

When you reach a fork in the road and must decide which Path to take, do you allow your experience, wisdom, core values … and LOVE … to guide you???

Do you take the Path of Integrity, fully, completely, without reservation, and with full illumination?  Integrity asks us to be ALL in, to commit completely.  It may mean letting go of something highly prized … or even relationships … for the value of your Integrity is at stake.

Integrity is not something to wager or gamble with.  It is not something to take chances with.  Illumination is not necessarily being in the limelight, front and center stage.  Illumination is bringing the Light of Integrity front and center, to see yourself within the mirror and within the frequency of LOVE to ALL that you be, do and touch whether in private … when not seen … or in full view of the public and collective eye.

Integrity,  however, is not about perfection.  A gymnast on the balance beam may wish to remove all wobbles and seek the perfect “10.”  However, Integrity is knowing that “the wobble” is you own inner guidance allowing for inner self-correcting.  It is re-centering, re-aligning, and teaching you what you may not have realized and brings you into greater illumination, greater understanding and greater wisdom to re-calibrate to LOVE.  It is the opportunity to re-align to your own commitment of self-mastery, to practice the art of LOVE in living life each day and each moment … in Integrity.

AND … Life will show you when you have deviated from your True North.

It may not come immediately … but it will come.

Integrity summons up ALL your courage to say Yes … or No … giving way to the attachment of a specific outcome and allowing for the highest and best.

For the Path, the WAY, the process is far more important than the actual outcome.

It is not the destination of arrival.  It IS the destination of being on “the Path” for the highest and best.  It is less about self-serving and more about serving the whole … the wholeness of your BEing and the wholeness of the collective.

When we are in Integrity it honors oneself and it honors the one next to you.

Integrity is the Path of learning and remembering what is important in your heart … in living your life … and living for ALL Life.

Integrity is leading from the center … YOUR center.

As a Divine Feminine Leader of LOVE and Mentor to LOVE … when YOU lead by example, INTEGRITY is your guidance compass.  You know that your determined destination is to always guide from the center … to uphold … and uplift … the highest and best for YOUR self and for ALL.

Integrity is not about self-sacrifice, or any form of sacrifice.

Integrity upholds the sacredness of honoring and humility.  Honor for oneself and for another.  Humility in realizing You are sacred and the soul gifts within your creative genius come from a higher frequency of YOU.  A frequency of YOU that has chosen to express here in form, in this time, space, realm, and dimension.

Integrity asks for a WIN WIN WIN … for yourself, for another, and for ALL.

Integrity inspires … breathes in spirit (in-spire) … brings LOVE to the forefront in asking how can I bring the greatest vibration of LOVE to the table, to the Path, to this situation, to walk this Path with the greatest wisdom within my Body, Heart and Soul … fully illuminating ALL that is within and around me … while honoring and uplifting ALL who walk beside me.

Integrity … may it be the Path that YOU, honorably, humbly, and with full knowingness, take … take in LOVE and always choose … choosing to follow your True North in ALL ways!

alessio-sciarrone-1392954-unsplash (1)

BE the Divine Feminine Leader and Mentor, YOU were born to be in this time, space and dimension.  Be HER within the fullness of your Being and upholding HER as you have gained the knowledge and wisdom of re-discovering your True North through the refinement of Impeccable Integrity.

The Divine Feminine is calling you to take the Path of Integrity.  SHE is calling you to always follow your True North and know that the diamond shining within your heart will illuminate the WAY of LOVE in everything you are called to Be, Do, Create, Speak, and Share in the world through the power of YOUR creative genius.  The power that NO ONE else can express as creatively, magically and beautifully as YOU!

In Loving Service,

XOXO Cheryl