Call of the Mother . . . Step into the FOREST🌿

Call of the Mother . . . The FEMININE FORCE of Creation 🌹🌿

May your human earth walk give rise to a deeper connection to the FEMININE FORCE of Creation, especially when stepping into the Forest.

I was guided to connect deeply with the heart of Mother Earth, as well as the Divine energies of the Mother Sophia in meditation yesterday morning.

A Call also came to reconnect my consciousness to the FOREST, especially with the trees around my studio.

It is a GIFT, an opportunity of potentiality, FOR every heart to FEEL the Energy of the Mother and ALL of Creation, as we each awaken from our spiritual slumber.

A process that can not be rushed, and will take on many different levels of re-connection as we each grow and expand at our own pace.

No different than our relationship with our human mother that takes many different FORMS as we grow and expand from newborn to child, to teenager, to adult.

It has been several days of remembrance and deeper initiation of being within the FIRE and FLAME of seeing how our human embodiment gifts us the process of Wounding to be FORGED into Wisdom for Soul growth and EVOLution . . . which is a state of LOVE . . . only spelled backwards.

Your Soul’s EVOLution may not feel like LOVE within the present moment of the human walk, it may FEEL less than LOVE, but it is there FULLY when able to be experienced through the heart and a higher perspective. Especially as our FIRST wounding is the separation of Soul FROM the Creator, God/dess, as well as FROM our human birth mother.

There has been a greater awareness of respecting the process of “what is” within the journey more deeply, as well as moving into greater discernment and appreciation of gratitude FOR WHAT DIVINELY IS in the melding process of the human experience and Soul path as it is the opportunity to discover how we are both active co-creators of our life with the Divine, as well as receivers.

For the journey of the Divine Human is a REBIRTH and an unfoldment of deeper learning, growth, evolution and wisdom that can only be initiated via the burn of FIRE and yet overcome by transcendence and melding within the FLAME of the higher heart.

A process that brings one seeking alliance with the Divine in sacred silence, surrender and allowing to receive and bring FORTH . . . FORGIVENESS . . . FOR the completion and alchemic transformation into AbSOULution

Energies of Gold, Diamond, Ruby Rose Petals and Aquamarine were FILLING my heart space and activating deeper inner-standings and connection with these FEMININE FORCES of Creation, as streams of messages . . . one inter-connecting to the next . . . especially with words beginning with the letter F.

Interesting as the letter F is the 6th letter of the alphabet. 6 is “Mastery” in Lemurian Numerology.

These F-words have been incoming for over several weeks, and even more so with a FLOODING yesterday, as I have been meditating and writing.

Just when I sense all has been received and to be shared, more is added on, in a beautiful FLOW of ease, grace, eloquence and FINESSE.

I sense a deeper sharing of these messages to come in my next podcast, although some messages will only be shared in a small group of sisters that will be FORTHCOMING in May after Mother’s Day.

I do feel called to say here, that I initially FELT the primary message was to be what we receive via walking through the FIRE and the transcendence into the FLAME . . . the experience of Human Wounds to Soul Wisdom . . . which expands our consciousness into higher “Octaves of Remembrance.”

However, none of this is possible without the energy of the Mother . . . HERSELF . . . as the FEMININE Principle of the Creator FORCE.

For SHE seeks only for her Divine Sons and Daughters to BIRTH and know how to wield their own Divine Creative Power, sword of Truth, and wear the Armor of God as they grow and expand in Light, Love, and Wisdom.

The Divine Wisdom and Teachings that have been coming through, has been a New Calling for several months. I FEEL I AM FINALLY receiving clarity as to the WAY in which to Birth their New Beginnings.

I FELT a huge surge of energy, and a shaking of my body as I was typing on my phone trying to capture the incoming FLOW. The degree of which I have only experienced a FEW times and also when going into delivery via a C-section for my daughter’s birth. Layers of validation that confirmed ALL is being held, activated and is being LABORED and BIRTHED in divine orchestration and timing.

May we each take time to be still, silent and ground each and everyday. . . to be with the heart of the Eternal Mother . . . the FEMININE FORCE of Creation . . .perhaps even walk or simply take a step with our consciousness and imagination into the FOREST . . or wherever Nature calls.

For SHE who is of the Earth and SHE who is Eternal, Divine, and Holy . . . the FEMININE FORCE of Creation . . . is CALLING us home to our hearts and to HER Infinite Heart.

HER energy is not limited to Above or Below, but is limitless, existing throughout the multi-verse, within our own human mother, and within each of us.

Allow that which you are to receive to FLOW effortless into your being . . . anchoring . . . FIRST and FOREMOST . . . within your heart center and expanding FROM there.

Today I am reminded of the beauty and connection I deeply FEEL with the FOREST, the creek, the birds, and the animals that come to visit here on the property where my studio is located.

Even as I AM typing from my desk, I can look at the trees and easily take my awareness outside, to FEEL the ground beneath me, to re-connect to the evergreens and EMERALD frequencies surrounding me . . . the first emanation of the Creator as primal sound.

I feel the sun, and I breathe the air that is shared by all of us.

I allow my energy to move through my FEET and into the ground to connect to the roots of the trees. I ask the roots to take the energy I AM FEELING and seeing within my heart through their deep, F A R-reaching communication system, sharing and transmitting within the land . . . and going deeper into ALL weaves of consciousness within Mother Earth . . . into HER ley lines, song lines, grids and water ways.

I ask and allow the wind to take my breath and my voice, moving the FREQUENCIES, tones and messages of Love, Wisdom, Truth and Remembrance through the branches and leaves as they rustle, communicating and spreading the emanation of sacred sound . . . the Word of God/dess . . . of which has been FLOWING into my heart AND we all have the potential to be receiving at this moment.

For “the Word of God/dess” is Divine Wisdom and Teachings of the most High. Through the EMERALD Order, as the FIRST emanation of God Source as Sound, we receive the transmission beyond what our human language can convey, or our human ears can hear.

Y E T . . . our hearts can attune, FEELING the resonance of Truth, and deeply hearing within the FIELD of consciousness and higher octaves that which resound of purity and clarity . . . a Harmonic Alignment with the Divine.

It is here . . .that the Soul telepathically connects into and simply knows, remembers, and re-ignites its spark and inner FLAME beyond the spoken or written word.

FOR it is the music . . . that which is beyond the human form of physiological sensory perception . . . that the Soul seeks and spans its eternal reconnection to ALL THAT IS . . . throughout ALL time, space, and dimensions.

It is here . . . Mother Earth A N D Mother Sophia . . . speak, sing and rejoice.

FOR the FIRE of the human experience and the FLAME of ALL that is Holy, has served the Soul to learn, grow and evolve, to meld into greater expansion and living embodiment of Divine Love, Truth, Power, and Wisdom within a FIELD of consciousness that holds bountiFUL beauty and eternal grace.

May your heart be activated with a deeper remembrance of perfection that the FORGING of the FIRE and the FLAME . . . the human journey and the soul’s evolution . . . is a melding for growth and expansion of Divine Wisdom.

It comes with every step you take . . .

A N D may you rediscover and FIND the beauty of it ALL . . .with every step . . . even if it FEELS like a FIRE walk in the moment.

May you may FIND your reconnection to ALL that is . . . the ONENESS that you FEEL and know within the FLAME of your higher heart. Allow it to be confirmed as you step .. . .walking deeper and deeper into the energies and witnessing the Wisdom within Mother Nature . . . and especially the sacredness of the emerald FOREST.

And So It Is . . . Blessed Be

XOXO ~ Cheryl 🌹🌿

© 2023 Cheryl Berry – Way of the Feminine Force, Kent, WA 

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