The Power of YOUR Presence …

“Your soul is your inner most being. The PRESENCE that you are beyond form. The consciousness that you are beyond form, that is your Soul. That is who you are in essence.” ~ Eckhart Tolle

When I started writing this blog, it was from the perspective of a talk I gave for a business networking group back in December. And when you think about what is important to your overall development whether it’s expanding your career, running your business, or simply growing as a human being, a lot of “P” words tend to show up to guide the “Process”…..Philosophy, Purpose, Passion, Play, Personal, Profession, Plans, Practices, Protocols, Procedures, People, Prosperity, Possibilities, etc.

At any point in time, you may contemplate these different areas to give you new direction in your life, to figure out your next step, or how to re-create your self, your personal life, or your professional career.

Ultimately, these “P’s” are points of reference for all areas of living to help you define who you are and define your direction.

What they have in common, as the “common denominator,” is what you value. They are what you value enough to cultivate. They are what you truly desire to experience and express.

So…when and where do you consider your PRESENCE???

Or have you ever thought about PRESENCE???

Your PRESENCE…what value does it bring to your personal or professional life, your relationships, your daily practices or routines, your business, your success, or simply just living?

Is there any real value or POWER in YOUR PRESENCE???

“My PRESENCE speaks volumes before I even say a word.” ~ Mos Def

First of all, you need to ask the question and define “What is PRESENCE?”

Beyond words, it’s your energy field, your consciousness, your essence. It is what you emit from your CORE. It is the totality of the energetic life force that surrounds you and includes everything else that you value from your core foundational Philosophy and beyond. It’s your Soul.

“I sometimes ask people, ‘Can you be aware of your own Presence? Not the thoughts that you’re having, not the emotions that you’re having, but the very PRESENCE of your very being?’ You become aware of your own Presence by sensing the entire energy field in your body that is alive. And that is the totality of your Presence.” ~ Eckhart Tolle

If your PRESENCE is a totality of yourself beyond form, and if your energy field surrounds you and precedes your physical being, then it makes sense to cultivate your PRESENCE by connecting to your Soul and being your Soul.

If PRESENCE is what is constantly being emitted by your energy field, should you not grow IT just as you do any “field” of endeavor that you wish to grow?

So, what I realized when I was first started writing this blog, was that I writing from a business perspective and not from my Soul. I had shifted the conversation of Presence from Soul to “energy” out of fear…out of fear of stepping on some toes in the business world. Maybe that was appropriate language for my audience in that time and space, but it was not exciting for me here!

In truth…in My Truth…can you ever get away from your very Soul??? I guess you can if you choose to stay in the ego, or what others want for you. But why would you ultimately want to??? I don’t want to.

So, let’s reframe the entire conversation to…

“What do you wish to emit from your Soul…your PRESENCE…and grow in this New Year of 2018?

What do you wish others to sense from your Soul…the very essence of your being…without words… from just walking into a room? Whether there is one person in the room, or it’s a room full of people? Whether it is for a New Year’s party, or to stand up and speak in front of a board room, or on stage? What do you want the world to take away from you showing up, being YOU?

“People also leave PRESENCE in a place even when they are no longer there.” ~ Andy Goldsworthy

What about healing through simply your PRESENCE alone? Or to teach or inspire by being a walking example from the energy you emit from your Soul?


“I teach people that no matter what the situation is, no matter how chaotic, no matter how much drama is around you, you can heal by your PRESENCE if you just stay within your center.” ~ Deepak Chopra

What does it take to develop and Practice PRESENCE?


Being in your CORE…

Simply the power of your breath…breathing into your CORE, your belly…allows you to stay centered and clear. There is an unwavering strength and conviction when you live and show up from within the CORE of your being.



By staying CENTERED…as if staying in the eye of the storm where it is peaceful…any distractions, drama, and negative energies can swirl around you without disruption of your energy. The outside world does not waver what is going on, on the inside. Being CENTERED is strength; it is your central pillar from which all else unfolds.


Seeing with CLARITY…

CLARITY of vision…knowing exactly what you wish to grow…defines where you are going. Once you are clear from within, then cultivating your energy, directing your energy, and living from the energy of your Soul becomes easier…if not absolute.


What is it you emit from PRESENCE?



You exude an energy beyond your body that is palpable.

Your Presence exudes an energy that ultimately emits CONFIDENCE and CERTAINTY.

You own it. It’s yours. It’s authentic. It’s the real and most authentic YOU!!!


What is created with PRESENCE?



What first stirs is a knowing from within, or a CALLING from your heart as your Soul speaks to you. This CALLING is your greatest Purpose, such that your PRESENCE holds its vibration without doubt, and without confusion. When you know…YOU KNOW…your greatest Purpose, the energy of your heart and Soul emits a magnetic attraction within your field. The beauty of such a magnetic force is that it has an affinity, or potential to draw others in.

The Power of YOUR Presence is that is can create COLLABORATION and an alliance for more of the same with others.

YOUR Presence also has the POWER to light the way for others to find their PRESENCE, their greatest Purpose, and all the other parts of their life such that there is alignment and that may simply fall into place.

YOUR Presence and the Power of Presence in any ONE human being has the ability to re-ignite the spark of POSSIBILITY within another…and another…

“As we let our light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our PRESENCE actually liberates others.” ~ Marianne Williamson

The Power of Your Presence starts with with the light of your Soul. As you align with your Soul, your Presence grows. It is vibration of greater authenticity…of Purity…of Truth…and of Love…that is placed into the field of human consciousness.

When humanity’s heart can reach the tipping point of 51% of greater Truth and Love from our SOUL, then together we can emit a magnetic force that shifts our collective vibration to grow and expand into a greater global energetic field.

Together, we all shift. Our individual hearts shift. Collectively, as human beings, the whole of humanity shifts. As WE shift and reconnect to Soul and Presence, it allows our hearts to align in Truth and Love with the heart of our planet.

“In the stillness of your PRESENCE, you can feel your own formless and timeless reality of unmanifested life that animates your physical form. You can then feel the same life deep within every other human and every other creature. You look beyond the veil of form and separation. This is the realization of oneness. This is LOVE.” ~ Eckhart Tolle

TRUTH and LOVE…that is the Power of YOUR Presence!

XOXO Cheryl

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