Streams of the Divine: As a River Runs Through Us

“When you do things from your Soul, you feel a River moving in you, freshness and a deep Joy are the signs.” ~ Rumi

Many years ago, I received a clear image and message that we are all simply Streams of Light.  I could see a beautiful wave of Divine Life Force Energy flowing through our human vessel of body & form.  Even as a little girl, looking at the flowers that grew along the side of the house and feeling the warmth of the sun permeating my being, I was filled with the awe and gratitude for the Beauty of Creation and thanked God for being a part of this creation.  It wasn’t just a thank you.  From deep within my core, I felt humbled and in reverence for this Divine Creative Force, as well as knowing I stood in the Ocean of the Divine as a Stream (or River) as my own container.



So, thank you for visiting and stepping into this Journey with me in whatever WAY, or depth, you choose to participate.  This entire process and what comes forth in what I write, share, or offer in working together is truly guided by the Divine and from my Soul to Yours.
With Love, Dr. Cheryl

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