I was guided to use this photo and the blue/white one in a previous social media post. It took me awhile to realize I was to use them in upcoming writings. Receiving messages and guidance, whether through messages or visions, has been going on ALL my life.

It was challenging when I was little, as I don’t recall too much other than being afraid to walk alone into parts of the house, or fear around meeting some people. It seems there was a lapse of them in grade school. I sense that was multi-fold. I have written a bit more about this on my podcast page.

Visions then became more intermittent in my later teen years and early twenties. I didn’t think too much of them unless imprinted in memory from dream state, or relating to my future. I did KNOW what I received was Truth. Running was also a time of active meditation when LOTS flowed in. I remember thinking how that would have been an amazing philosophical talk if I could have captured it in a recording!

None the less, these “light-streams” as I had received started coming in much more consistently in my late thirties, forties, and fifties. I discovered even more so in menopause that I needed to keep a journal and pen by my bed. Every night I would wake up, multiple times, with a vision or a phrase. I should have listened when receiving the message “to write” many years earlier.

My sense is that once the nest was empty, Spirit said you can’t put this off any more. Like Rafiki . . . “It is time!” 😉

So, dream state has been an active time, sometimes more than others. Although my waking state, can be quite active too! haha

So . . . random writing in my journal turned into a blog, into group meditations, and now a podcast. It is a commitment I started based on a vision, as I have mentioned earlier. It is about trusting my soul’s voice to share what is coming through, and it is MY personal soul journey and human process of exploration.

Not only did I receive the name “WHITE ROSE Transmission & Jasmine Tea,” I was given the vision of writing and sensing the energy of a podcast.

This has been a “SOUL TRAINING” of sorts. I actually received that I was “IN TRAINING” and it has been confirmed I AM to continue.

After nine months, I AM still in process of seeing what this “SOUL TRAINING” is fully about and where it is leading me. I feel there is some deeper awakening of remembrance and reconnection to aspects of myself. Parts that I need to heal from past lives, as well as this one, around my voice and visibility. So many times, I feel “WHY AM I DOING THIS?” I would rather go back into “my cave” and not be seen or heard.

It is a vulnerable process to open your heart and share soul gifts, whether in private or publicly. It takes TRUST in a higher power and to give lead to your Soul, no matter what THE CALL maybe.

Something I feel our western society does not teach, but what I feel is called for if we are to create and flourish in a higher state of consciousness of the New Earth.

The heart’s frequency is not only our navigation system it IS our communication system.

It does not rely on external validation, but the INNER KNOWING OF DIVINE TRUTH.

Please take what resonates, what aligns and what “inspires” YOU, for your journey and process of unfolding!

I sense we are ALL “In Training” of the highest kind to open our hearts, reconnect to our soul gifts, and live authentically from there.

If you would like to have a listen, my newest podcast “The Shattering of Glass & Illusion” is up and the link can be accessed via

My prayer is that you discover your soul’s voice and follow His/Her lead to plant your own footsteps in the sand, creating your own path, not just following the footsteps that were laid before you.

We are here to be of divine service to the Creator, Humanity, Mother Earth, while learning, growing, expanding and evolving our own soul.

I pray we do so more beautifully and genuinely . . . with the PUREST of Divine Truth, Love, Wisdom, Respect, Integrity . . . so ALL that we co-create manifests beyond our human imagination.

Blessed Be

XOXO ~ Cheryl

© 2023 Cheryl Berry – Way of the Feminine Force, Kent, WA 

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