GOD Crown . . .

“GOD CROWN” . . . (10.20.2022)

Did I receive that correctly?

It was a vision, and in my mind I was getting ready to write Gold Crown.

Hmmmm. . . not what I wrote. I wrote GOD Crown.

So the questioning began?

“GOD CROWN . . . ???

Crown of Gold

Christ Light

More than that . . .



Reverence to the Creator

Gift we all have, embedded within the DNA.

Can’t go looking for it like a prize or buried treasure.

It is bestowed, or revealed, in Divine Timing and Orchestration.

It takes Diligence to Humility to getting closer to God Source.

Desire like no other to be ONE, not carried on wings of another.

This is a Solidarity Journey into ONENESS that you do alone.

One step at a time.

One leg at a time.

Not to be rushed or cajoled.

Not a race.

Place of Solitude ‘like no other.’

God’s Crown . . . ”

THE GOD CROWN . . . It is not something you wear externally.

It isn’t anything you can even put on yourself.


It held the impression of a clear, sparkling Diamond band upon the crown with emanating Gold particles, almost leaf like.

“GOD CROWN” . . .

YOUR connection to God Source and Christ, is here to be awakened, within your crown of consciousness and within the body temple.

It comes into awareness unexpectedly, having traversed layers of shadow, clearing dense muck, and choosing to connect more fully and deeply to the Higher Self.

It comes without bells or whistles, or any sort of fanfare.

It comes silently and through your own process, of the inner soul and outer human journey, with the return of deep remembrance and desire to BE fully, one-hundred-percent committed to, and in communion with, the LIGHT and LOVE of the Creator . . . ONE with the Creator Force . . . over and over again.

An ebb and flow of diligent ALIGNMENT, and DEVOTION, every day, to seek and return to be ONE with the Highest and Purest frequency of GOD SOURCE and CHRIST.

Choosing to forsake anything less than DIVINE LOVE and anything other than the embodiment of YOUR HOLY DIVINE LIGHT.

Reclaiming LOVE for yourself and ALL of Creation.

Walking in WORTHINESS on the earth plane as BEING YOUR EMBODIED I AM PRESENCE that only YOU CAN BE.

It comes without pride or prejudice.

It comes only with humility, reverence and respect for ALL.

It comes with seeing wounding . . . especially the wounds of the inner child . . . through many lifetimes and dimensions. . . observing, healing, transmuting, loving and reclaiming her (him) within your heart . . . and the many faces you have been other than the child (even as mother and father) . . . to absolve ALL back into LOVE, keeping the wisdom and gifts so the soul can learn, grow and evolve.

It does not matter how many lifetimes, soul aspects, or levels of dimensions you may be able to traverse and connect into . . . or how many soul gifts you have activated . . . or the number of light languages you are able to speak . . . YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH and WORTHY BEYOND MEASURE . . . TO BE YOU IN THIS TIME, SPACE & DIMENSION.

The ONE true connection to LOVE that comes from the Creator Force ABOVE . . . that YOU hold within and throughout . . . and is ALWAYS in the present moment . . . right here and right now . . . IS the divine catalyst to absolve ALL that is LESS THAN LOVE and RETURN ONCE AGAIN TO LOVE.

Your connection to GOD SOURCE through the PUREST WHITE DIAMOND CRYSTALLINE LIGHT, with the interweaving of the GOLDEN PARTICLES of CHRISTED LIGHT, is ALL that matters, Beautiful Souls.

All else will follow, and all else will flow divinely, as YOU are HERE as ONE with the CROWNING GLORY of GOD, embodied as the PRECIOUS DIVINE CHILD of GOD that YOU ARE.

This message is for YOU . . . Beloved Ones . . . this message is for YOU.

May YOU witness deeply and heal what needs to be healed . . . transmute what needs to be transmuted . . . ALL within the ABSOLUTION of LOVE . . . so you may reclaim your SOVEREIGNTY and embodied CREATIVE POWER as ONE with the Creator.

YOU hold ALL the divine keys, codes, gifts and soul wisdom of the Christed Light and “GOD CROWN” to walk as the BELOVED DIVINE CHILD of GOD you were born to BE.

Blessed Be

XOXO ~ Cheryl

© 2022 Cheryl Berry – Way of the Feminine Force, Kent, WA