Rhythm of your Soul . . .

“When it feels like the world is on your shoulders And all the madness has got you going crazy . . .” ~ From the “Rhythm of the Night” Lyrics

I could hear the lyrics of this song coming in, and I knew the meaning all revolved around the one word . . .”Rhythm.”

Listening and following the “Rhythm of Your Soul” . . .

No matter where other souls may be in their journey and conscious awareness, ALL is in divine timing.

YOUR SOUL RHYTHM does not follow anyone else.

It only asks that you listen and follow from within.

It has it’s own timing and own RHYTHM to experience Life through divine orchestration in creation and manifestation.

The SOUL orchestrates from the zero point field of being connected to SPIRIT and MATTER.

SOUL is the “symphysis,” the connecting force, between the SPIRIT and BODY. (~ DD Palmer, The Chiropractor’s Adjuster).

Same meaning, in Philosophical language, LIFE FORCE connects INTELLIGENCE and MATTER. (i.e. Chiropractic – Triune of Life).

Or in the language of Physics . . . Water connects the slower moving particles of Ice with the faster ones of Vapor or Steam. (~ Gregg Braden, Awakening to Zero Point).

The message that came in 07/18/2022 . . . which is in an “earlier” rhythm than I expected . . . for I thought I was to receive and share this on Wednesday. Amazing how the process of unfolding holds the message in and of itself!

The message is to feel deeply into YOUR SOUL RHYTHM . . . and no other . . . where you can navigate ALL THAT YOU ARE through the field of ALL THAT IS.

It is not only about resonance, or frequency alignment, but also the RHYTHM . . . the ebb and flow . . . the soft and bold . . . the extremes and in-between of that which you move, walk, dance and simply navigate your SOUL and Human path.

You are not alone . . .

However, it IS for YOU to walk this journey to the beat of your own inner drummer, create your own kind of music, sing your own heart song, dance your own dance, write your own story, and be the channel for the Creator Force of the Universe to flow and express through you . . . in DIVINE TIMING & DIVINE ORCHESTRATION.

Your SOUL is the Artist and has a RHYTHM and TIMING all HER/HIS own.

S/HE is calling for YOU to listen and feel into the BEing with HER/HIM every step of the WAY, no matter what anyone else is doing, or what may appear to be happening in the experience of humanity’s collective field.

Whether YOU, family, friends, or the collective field of consciousness is in the process of healing, clearing, transformation, absolution, birth, death, re-birth, creation, re-creation and/or manifestation . . .

Show up and BE that which is YOURS and IN YOUR TIMING. . .

CLAIM THE BEING of where you are in this PRESENT MOMENT . . .

BE in the NOW . . .

Of DIVINE TIMING and . . .


Blessed Be.

❤️ You can listen to my initial sharing of this experience via the WHITE ROSE Transmission & Jasmine Tea #6A . . . https u.be/bdeWKQKiQ9k

❤️ Or to the expanded version, which holds a “softer” RHYTHM as I was guided: THE WHITE ROSE Transmission & Jasmine Tea # 6B . . . https://youtu.be/Zku8e -B_qIV

❤️ Thank you for taking the time to visit and read my blog, as well as listen to the WHITE ROSE Transmission & Jasmine Tea Time videos.

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Much Love, Gratitude & Beautiful Blessings,

XOXO ~ Cheryl

© 2022 Cheryl Berry – Way of the Feminine Force, Kent, WA 

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