No One Can Take Away Your Crown . . .

Lift up your head, break down the walls

Don’t stop pushing till they fall

At first the sun might hurt your eyes

But soon you’ll see the beauty in the light.

~ Beauty in the Light (Lyrics by Hollow Coves)

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I talked about the healing of the Queen/Mother/Daughter wounding in my last WHITE ROSE & Jasmine Tea episode (

But what has been coming into my awareness in the last couple of days is a message I received the summer of 2019.

I was stressed over how to share and infuse my intuitive and energetic Soul gifts, with my education and chiropractic gifts.

With every turn of seeking guidance within the physical world, I was receiving that ALL needed to be separated and distinct.

I felt like I was navigating up stream in the world, although my Body, Heart and Soul wanted no separation and to be in the flow of JOY and the wholeness of my being . . .

“When you do things from your Soul, you feel a river moving in you, a JOY.” ~ Rumi 

I remember I was driving towards my studio along a back and winding road. It was lined with trees and just so happened to parallel the creek that runs through the property where my studio is located.

I was in tears and feeling all I was receiving from the external world was that it was not safe to show up in my most authentic self.

My heart and soul felt broken as I was simply trying to show up with offering ALL of my gifts in service.

A divine message dropped into my conscious awareness loud and clear. . .


Oh my goodness! 

It took me by complete surprise.

I was literally stunned.

And it obliterated all lower energies in an instant that I had been focusing on.

It was so crystal clear and resonating so deeply with TRUTH that I felt it run through every cell of my being.

I was taken immediately into the river of my Soul and my eyes flowed with joyful and truthful tears.

This “crown” my guidance was speaking of, had nothing to do with my education or license. It was also NOT the physical crown of the Queen.

It was and IS the “Crown of Divine Consciousness” that we each have the sacred honor to embody and wear unequivocally.

It IS your Soul’s ornate expansion and evolution into remembering you are higher frequencies of BEAUTY, LIGHT and LOVE incarnate, from multiple lifetimes and human lessons/experiences, that has brought YOU a multitude of gifts, gems, and pearls of wisdom.

It IS your connection to God Source.

It IS your Individualized Source Stream and flow of Consciousness.

NO ONE can take away YOUR Soul’s wisdom and experience.

NO ONE can take away your crown! 

YOUR Soul IS Eternal and One with the Creator.

Embrace your Divinity.

Embrace your Soul gifts.

Embrace and honor your Radiant Soul Essence.

I honor YOU and bow to your beautiful Crown of Consciousness . . . the BEAUTY of LIGHT and LOVE that YOU ARE anchoring and emanating now in this lifetime . . . for YOU are the Eternal, Living and Sacred Embodiment of God Source. 

If you find yourself meeting roadblock, after roadblock, there must be another WAY that the Divine is redirecting you.

It is not to give up on infusing your Soul’s Passion of Purpose with this Earth walk, but to allow the highest timeline and a New Path to be shown.

A Path that you have not envisioned or imagined . . .YET.

God’s timing and orchestration is always in perfection and co-creation with your higher Self.

TRUST . . . the Divine is always . . . ALWAYS . . . guiding you to fulfill and express your Soul’s Passion and Purpose with the greatest of Love and an overflowing river of Joy!

Blessed Be Beloved Ones.

Holding YOU in Divine Love, Gratitude & Praise . . .

XOXO ~ Cheryl

© 2022 Cheryl Berry – Way of the Feminine Force, Kent, WA 




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