I AM the Christos-Sophia

I can’t believe it has been almost a year since I published my last blog!

I felt a calling to simply pause from my formal monthly posting and just go with the flow of what showed up . . . or didn’t show up . . . each day.

Today (03/14/2022), I AM feeling called to share this affirmation/invocation.

I have no words for how divinely timed and in divine orchestration this is, as I look back at my last blog titled, ROSE Prayer. With it, I too, was hearing specific words . . .”ROSE Prayer” . . . for days. It finally came through automatic writing a year ago, on 03/14/2021..

What I share today, was recently inspired and activated last week as I was in process of exploring some of Joshua David Stone’s work . . . “I AM the Soul” . . . along with my sacred sister, wise woman, and dear friend, Vicki Bates.

I kept hearing the first couple of lines . . . “I AM the Christos-Sophia. I AM the Eternal Flame” . . . over several days. It was like the words were on constant repeat, as they kept playing over and over in the background of my consciousness, even when going in/out of dream state.

It has taken all of last week, and then some, as I keep receiving energetic words of refinement, as well as feeling called to weave other affirmations/invocations I have received as downloads in the past.

What I most recently received, is aligned to the left of the page.

What I have received in prior guidance is centered.

I felt called to weave ALL together and re-birth a new creation from my heart and soul to yours.

Please take your time as you speak inwardly in silence, or out loud, feeling the energetic resonance within your own body, heart and soul.

May every cell within your body temple awaken and activate the remembrance of TRUTH as we each are the Beloved Son and Daughter of God, here to reclaim our most sacred crown of Christ Consciousness as the Divine Child . . . walking, talking and co-creating together . . . as the embodied breath of God. 🌹

I AM the Christos-Sophia,

I AM the Eternal Flame.

I AM the Light,

I AM the Love.

I AM the Truth,

I AM the Wisdom.

I AM the Power,

I AM the Peace.

I AM . . . . . God’s Holy Name. 🌹

I AM Pure
I AM Clear
I AM Sovereign
(repeat this stanza 3 times)

I AM the Golden Christos-Sophia.

I AM the Living Eternal Flame.

I AM Divine Source Embodied.

I AM . . . . . God’s Holy Name. 🌹

I AM ONE with the Creator . . .

and my energy is sovereign to the One.

(repeat this stanza 3 times)

AND the Creator is ONE with me.

The Creator is ONE with me.

The Creator is ONE with me.


Blessed Be. Blessed Be. Blessed Be.

And So It is . . . 🌹

XOXO ~ Cheryl

© 2022 Cheryl Berry – Way of the Feminine Force, Kent, WA 

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