ROSE Prayer

I kept receiving the words “ROSE Prayer” for days last week, waiting patiently in meditation as to how it desired to come through.

Sunday (03/14/2021) it started flowing in automatic writing. I was also reminded of specific gifts when waking from dream state, gifts I had received back in 2018, 2019, as well as last year.

The big question was “how”, how was I to bring these forth in an offering???

So not only through the words and energy of the “ROSE Prayer,” I was shown to allow them to be activated into embodiment through the flow of the spine. For now, I will post the “ROSE Prayer” today on the Spring Equinox from my heart to yours. I am deeply honored to be guided that this IS the time to bring forth these Christ/Magdalene Rose, and Lemurian Light Codes for YOU who feel called, as we step into higher Divine Service for ALL of humanity, as well as Mother Earth. Blessed Be XOXO

ROSE PRAYER” . . . From God to me . . . from me to you . . . to the HEART of Humanity. 🌹 🌹 🌹

“May we find Peace within our hearts as Brothers and Sisters.

May we harmonize together in our words, thoughts, and frequencies to bring forth greater Beauty within ALL of Creation.

May we let go what has been lost, grieving only for naivety and innocence taken unknowingly, and reclaiming our Sovereignty to walk in Truth, in Trust, in Faith, in Hope and BE UNITED IN LOVE . . . God’s LOVE that lives in each of our hearts and is the making of each Soul.

May we always stand for God’s Truth and Divine Justice to prevail for ALL people of this land that is Mother Earth.

May all hijacking of consciousness be renounced forever more. So all interference, all dark agendas, are released and returned all the way back to whence they were first created . . . to thus be taken to the LIGHT for the Creator Force to take back into the Womb and Heart of Creation where it can be transmuted and absolved back into the Holy Fires of Divine Eternal LOVE . . . AND our hearts too, can take all that is less than LOVE . . . especially that of judgment, self-judgment and shame . . . into the Holy Fire of the Divine within the Inner Holy Sanctuary of the sacred human heart.

Allow the transmutation energy to rise, to open your individual HEART to God/Goddess, the Divine Feminine/Divine Masculine of the CREATOR Force to invoke the ROSE to bloom, ground and anchor . . . pulling in the Christ Codes and Magdalene Rose Codes from ABOVE into the Crystalline Diamond, Golden Christ Grids, and the Rose Grid, of Mother Earth . . . the matrix from which we will co-create Heaven on Earth in Divine Accordance to God’s Holy Word and Divine Plan which will be activated in the HEARTS of those who hold the CODES OF REMEMBRANCE, and who have come to plant the seeds of Beauty of Co-Creation . . . as the Earth was meant to bear fruit, hold fruit and to multiply as LIGHT MANIFEST into Life itself.

BLESSED BE the Children upon the Earth, as they are born more and more of the Crystalline Diamond Heart Frequency.

BLESSED BE the Elders, who have held the knowledge and sacred heart encoding for passing the CODES through their DNA to give us knowledge AND awakening into Justice . . . into seeing ALL that is not PURE in God’s LIGHT, God’s LOVE or God’s WILL.

Not ALL will see.
Not ALL will choose.
Not ALL are ready to step into the vibration most HIGH.

It is not of sorrow to let each Soul go their path, for each is in an evolutionary process of BEcoming that can only emerge through the Soul’s Choice of Path, Soul Decree, and Soul commitment to the Creator.

There is no Divine Plan that we as humans can co-create alone. WE ARE THE “INSTRUMENTS” for this Divine Calling. GOD HAS CHOSEN and we follow the CREATOR’s lead in DIVINE SERVICE to the Greater Plan. Blessed Be.

May the ROSE and Garden of your Heart open, blossom and evolve so more Liquid LIGHT of your Soul Steam from Heaven waters the ROSE of your Heart.

May the SOLAR CODES of the SUN shine upon the ROSE.

May BOTH . . . the SUN and the ROSE . . . feed the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine CHRIST LIGHT into the ROSE of your Heart, grounding LOVE through the stem . . . through the solar plexus, creative center, legs and feet into the land . . . rooting into Mother Earth . . . anchoring into HER heart and into HER womb.

May you walk upon the planet, each day, sending greater LOVE from the emanation of your Heart, it’s highest vibration and frequency, simply from the greatest expression of BEing . . . as well as through the talk of your words, the energetic resonance of your voice, movement of hands, clarity of vision, and pure consciousness of crown. May all energy that flows through you and the CREATIONS YOU BIRTH BE HOLY, holding the energy of God’s WORD, the essence of Sound vibration through you as ONE. Blessed Be Beloved Sisters and Brothers of the ROSE and Keepers of the LIGHT. May you BE in accordance with your TRUE DIVINE ESSENCE and that of the Creator to bring now your BEing to Align with the Divine. And So It is.” 🌹 🌹 🌹

XOXO ~ Cheryl

© 2021 Cheryl Berry – Way of the Feminine Force, Kent, WA 

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