Waves are coming in . . .

09/26/2020 . . . “Waves are coming in”

What a morning! The most beautiful energetic spheres and waves of the softest PINK Light coming in. As I was witnessing this DIVINE LOVE . . . like the softest pink blanket you would swaddle your baby daughter in . . . I sensed the energy of the Divine Mother holding the Divine Daughter. Also, deeply timely with Daughter’s Day being honored yesterday. 🌸💕🌸

As I continued to witness even more while in the shower, I could feel in my heart my part on a soul level as the daughter AND as the mother, where healing AND more profoundly GRATITUDE and REVERENCE was being called, shared, and emanated.

From one view in my inner vision, a precious soul stood, as my daughter from a previous lifetime, who I was to offer this LOVE for HEALING and GRATITUDE as I was her mother long, long ago who miscarried and was unable to birth her soul into life at that time. It felt as if the energetic perception of being unloved or unwanted remained between us and was ready for the TRUTH of only LOVE to prevail.

I also stood as the daughter, facing another beautiful soul, who has been my mother in many previous lifetimes, and I looked upward to HER, offering my heart full of Gratitude, Love, Honor and Reverence for her gifts of Divine WISDOM and consult . . . even if I did not always understand the beauty of her offering in the moment.

AMAZING . . . because I could feel as I stood on both sides of the Mother/Daughter relationship, how as the daughter . . .throughout lifetimes and dimensions . . . sometimes we simply do not appreciate the wisdom and EXPERIENCE our mothers impart to us . . . as SHE tried to impart the Highest and Best and to bring more EASE and GRACE to our soul and human journey . . . until we truly walk down the exact same path. As the mother, sometimes feeling heartbroken that we were misunderstood for our choices and what we tried to offer in the highest and best for ALL.

If THAT was not enough beauty of offering from the DIVINE . . . I was a bit late to my adjustment this morning. However, my chiropractor said it was “perfect timing” based on the schedule . . . AND IT WAS!

I immediately went into deeper and greater connecting with my breath and movements from my sacrum to the cervicals and thoracic. My heart was opening more and tears were flowing, as once again I was seeing this baby pink energy flood into my field of consciousness , followed by the purity of white, and a slight thread of gold. As if in perfect orchestration, music came on and I was hearing the words . . . “Waves are coming in . . . Waves are coming!”

The ray of a pale aquamarine followed and folded in, ever so slightly, along with a scooping of violet-magenta off to the side. I felt myself deeply held in this “emersion” of ALL these colorful and glorious waves of white, pink, gold, aquamarine in the PURITY and DIVINE LOVE cascading from the Holy Mother/Divine Goddess/ Sophia and especially Mother Mary . . . and supported by the energy of the violet-magenta ray of the Father.

Waves of Light Language were also coming in (which I kept to myself in this group adjusting) and through my hands which I allowed to freely express while on the table. Finally all came to rest on my heart and a beautiful violet-magenta rose . . . which appeared differently than I have received before . . . yet coming to rest in the center of my BEing. A rose that has come before in different ways. . . especially through the Sisterhood of the Rose. . . yet always carrying the germination seed of transformation and transmutation. Today I felt it came also from the HOLY Father Arc as Divine Masculine witnessing of the RETURN of the DIVINE MOTHER/DAUGHTER to our hearts, as well as inviting the sacred honoring of the DIVINE FATHER/DAUGHTER back into our hearts.

May the AWARENESS of the DIVINE MOTHER/DAUGHTER (and SISTER) RETURN to our hearts and consciousness, as well as the DIVINE FATHER/DAUGHTER. . . no less than the glorification of the DIVINE MOTHER/SON and DIVINE FATHER/SON/BROTHER. . . which has been upheld in our field of consciousness for centuries.

May the HEART of Humanity RETURN to HONOR ALL EXPRESSIONS of the Soul as MOTHER/FATHER GOD/DESS expresses in individual form and in relationship with each other upon Mother Earth. For this UNION WITHIN . . . IS the UNITY of which we seek . . . for ALL that IS. Blessed Be XOXO ~ Cheryl 💜🕊🌸💕🌸🕊💜

Music . . . https://youtu.be/jgOPClLbNYQ

XOXO Cheryl

© 2020 Cheryl Berry – Way of the Feminine Force, Kent, WA

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