Christos- Sophia DIAMOND Light . . .

06/02/2020 . . . I have been seeing and communing with the most Beautiful Crystalline DIAMOND LIGHT pouring in for the last couple of months, being called to share in several meditations, to be activated within each Sister who felt called and ready to receive . . . as well as in Circle, grounding together, to anchor into the CHRIST and ROSE Grids of Mother Earth.

I have even felt called to hold and ground this Crystalline DIAMOND LIGHT through me, and into Mother Earth every time I take a walk. I have also seen, weeks ago in dream state, the same of Crystalline DIAMOND LIGHT pouring in as a huge column into the White House, while an electrical storm, raged outside around it. This column of LIGHT reminds me of a Lemurian Crystal . . . powerful, radiant and beyond description.

I feel called to share this today, as it is a time to heal deeply and throughout ALL of the Collective, through many life times so the HEART of Humanity as a whole on this planet, can be restored to it’s Purity of DIVINE LOVE and return to expressing PEACE, HARMONY, and UNITY throughout.

With that being said, Sunday I had to lay down as I could feel something was “in the air” energetically. All I can remember was seeing the Crystalline DIAMOND LIGHT as particles suspended in the field ( versus a column or in waves), almost as if the LIGHT “wanted to be seen” as very tiny diamond snow crystals, yet not falling like snow.

Knowing LIGHT will indeed respond and change, based on “how you observe it,” I felt I was being asked to see the DIAMOND LIGHT as crystalline particles. PARTICLES of LIGHT so it could permeate more, spread farther and wider . . . just like air moving across the planet and into us/through us as we breathe . . . the air we ALL share . . . every man, woman child, every creature (great and small), and all LIFE on this beautiful planet.

Yesterday, as I walked and talked with God/dess and Mother Earth, I was once again shown this Crystalline DIAMOND LIGHT. This time I was asked to not just see it in the air and field around me as I walked, but I was called to consciously BREATHE it in . . . to breathe IT in with pure intention, with each and every breath . . . allowing it and seeing it circulate, to be delivered to every cell and interstitial space . . . no less than the oxygen we each take in to sustain and give us Life.

I felt my witnessing, feeling and seeing this, not to wait for the next meditation. Humanity needs to see, sense and feel this Crystalline DIAMOND LIGHT now. Should this resonate with YOU, then YOU can access the Crystalline DIAMOND LIGHT just by coming into your heart . . . by feeling your breath and inspiring . . . Breathing In-Spirit . . . breathing in Crystalline DIAMOND LIGHT particles.

May the Crystalline DIAMOND LIGHT of the Sophia Christ permeate your BEing with every breath to purify, to heal and to sanctify your BEing. May your Sophia-Christ LIGHT shine and support others to heal and find peace.

Know that every Soul who stands next to you breathes in the same Crystalline DIAMOND LIGHT of the Sophia Christ. May we each honor the DIVINITY that every SOUL holds within their sacred body temple . . . Always . . . and in ALL Ways with our thoughts, emotions and actions. Blessed Be and may we co-create with the Divine . . . and ALL of our Brothers and Sisters of this Earth . . . something more beautiful, and beyond our imagination, for ALL of Humanity and ALL Life on our planet.


XOXO Cheryl

© 2020 Cheryl Berry – Way of the Feminine Force, Kent, WA


The WORD . . . Is GOD

Our WORDS are energetically powerful in creating, transmuting, and recreating.

Even prior to this download, which first came in as Light Language, I was receiving the word “Gospel” several times Sunday evening. No passage. Nothing for me to look up.

In my Heart, I felt it related to one specific passage, the Gospel of John 1:1, “In the beginning was the WORD, and the WORD was with GOD, and the WORD was GOD.”

“In the beginning was the WORD, and the WORD was with GOD, and the WORD was GOD.” John 1:1

06/09/2020 . . .”We are the GOLDEN Ones. The Tribe of Five. Five Luminous Beings (Emissaries) who are your Elders of the Dragon Light, the Dragon Flame. We are ONE, and one of many, who guide and lead you in your growth and ascension individually and collectively for Humanity, and the planet.

Do not be guised (i.e. tricked or rused) or discouraged. We are upholding and holding you in Divine conscious awareness and shielding from that which is not of the GOLDEN Age Matrix Belongings. We see you and honor you, and your journey (ALL of Humanity). YOU are being (mis)guided, coerced unraveling, by not that which is seen, (an) undermined premise to engage in that which is of Sole D-illusion (One Delusion, Delusion of ONE) and thwarting, to mislead those undiscerning, those easily hijacked into nonthinking for themselves. It is of Mind, not of Heart. For the Heart can not be hijacked.

More and more are being called to go within the Heart, their Heart, and listen to their own accord and frequency, not that which is suspended in the ethers (energetic field) for so much mixed signals, as if the dissonance creates an outer desire to find a thread (frequency) to hang onto, one word or words impaired, or imparted together (however) can be misconstrued when a BEing is lost and without Hope.

FIND the HOPE that is THE WORD which is GOD.

In your Heart, Beloveds, only there will and can TRUTH prevail and shine forth forever more. Never underestimate your Heart’s Power to override this false matrix agenda. Hold onto that which is TRUE, God/dess in the making. We are your Council and your Compass through this turbulent time. Be not afraid for Guidance Divine is Yours. Ask and you shall receive. Remember the GOSPEL, the WORD of God, for Guidance prevails in your WORDS.

WORDS are energy, use them well. Send in the LIGHT. Allow us to speak through you, your WORDS. Let the words (energy/frequency) ride on the wavelengths of the air and around to spread with the winds throughout the globe. May the WORDS that come forth with intent and curiosity spread with WONDER to those who hear and pick it up, who perceive its message through the Division and Divided Matrix agenda being created (formulated) in the field (their field).

May the energy be a spark of curiosity to those who are unknowing and unawake to that which is TRUE, who are unable to feel or believe the undercurrent matrix that is longing to take over and reach, grab, control their legs (roots). You are not bound to these that hunger or linger in the dark.

Your skin is BEAUTY of (Divine) LIGHT embodied (embodiment).

Your Privilege IS BEing Human . . . each Soul that YOU are to come here in form.

Do not be dis-illusioned by ‘the program’ instilled to Divide. See it for what it is and stand beside your many colored Sisters/Brothers, for GOD/DESS does not see you any different. Why do you?

Children Behave’ (hearing these words in song) . . . stop fighting, hurting in the name to justify . . . it is NOT justice to the Injustice of Deception before you and has been lurking in the Shadow.

STOP . . . GO forth in LOVE . . . UNITY.

Come to ZERO Point where all is ABSOLVED . . . NOW and Forever more.

And so it is Beloved ONES of Wonder(ment).

Shalome Sha-KI-Ta

Shalome = Peace, Harmony . . .

Sha = If God Wills (God Willing) . . .

Ki = Spirit, Energy or Intention . . .

Ta = Life or Birth of Form

Shalome Shakita . . . Peace/Harmony, GOD who is able


Stop playing out Discord.

Play into HARMONY . . .

HARMONIOUS Song of Yore (Your = You Are).”

houcine-ncib-tRhdgJXOS_c-unsplash (2)
Your skin is BEAUTY of DIVINE LIGHT in Embodiment.

~ The GOLDEN Ones via Light Language and automatic writing as through Cheryl Berry (11:22 am completed)

Note:  Shakita can be found as a female name meaning “God who is able.”

XOXO Cheryl

© 2020 Cheryl Berry – Way of the Feminine Force, Kent, WA