Unity & Freedom of Spirit . . .

The HORSE teaches us . . . Power, Presence, Elegance, Strength, Journey, Free in Spirit 

05/19/20200 . . .

Even more than ever, I feel we are being CALLED to use critical thinking and discernment as to the TRUTH for each individual mind, heart, body and soul.

For several days in meditation/prayer I have been feeling and “seeing” a CALL of UNITY . . . a bridging of our individual and collective consciousness on many levels . . . between Spirit, Science, Divine Birthright and the Rights of being Human.

It appears as a DIAMOND with 4 points.

The vertical axis (as I see it), is the connection points between Spirit and Science . . . the Laws of the Divine and of the Universe from Above . . . with the Laws of Nature, of the Earth Below.

The horizontal is the Soul’s Divine Birthright and the fundamental Rights as a Human Being.

AND within both axis, man has created Laws, and granted or denied Rights, to govern society.

So how do we traverse what is DIVINE, what is HUMAN, and what IS TRUE in any point of the Diamond?

It is the expansion of one’s AWARENESS in ALL 4 points of CONSCIOUSNESS that allows for this seeking, BRIDGING and remembrance of UNITY to express itself from the center of the HEART.

This CALL is the REMEMBRANCE that ALL points are all ONE and of UNITY . . . of BEing Divine AND Human . . . an individual AND part of the collective.

This CALL allows each to seek and know the TRUTHS and VALUES that s/he truly desire to ALIGN with and BE CONGRUENT with . . . versus being AND living in a state of unconscious contradiction.

It takes deep introspection and exploration to go within . . . as well as to seek and research without . . . to see, sense, feel and to discern with questioning as to the KNOWINGNESS of TRUTH . . . to KNOW YOUR VALUES . . . and to KNOW YOUR BELIEFS.

May WE, individually and collectively, uphold the FREEDOM of Choice and to CHOOSE our experiences as we traverse this journey called LIFE as a Divine Human BEing.

May WE look at the symbol of the DIAMOND and see that it holds the MANY . . . MANY Facets . . . in the ONE.

Facets that allow DIAMOND LIGHT to refract and express it’s multiple layers of BRILLIANCE.

Facets that also represent the many qualities of DIVINE LOVE that emanate from within EACH Divine Human Heart.

Our Hearts hold the DIAMOND LIGHT of UNITY consciousness, and that IS the KEY to ALL that we EMANATE . . . ALIGN with . . . and CREATE . . .first in Vision and then in Form.

May WE each REMEMBER we are indeed the Dreamer and the Dream.

WE each are the Creator and that which we Create.

May WE each CHOOSE with deep, steadfast,  conscious awareness . . . in every thought, word spoken and action taken . . . to align CONGRUENTLY and PURELY with that which we SEEK . . . in the Dreaming AND in the Creating of our journey and our world.

May YOUR Divine Human frequency resonate to ALLOW the FREEDOM of your Divine Soul and Spirit to grow and evolve in this most beautiful Human experience . . . called LIFE.

May YOU always have the unbridled FREEDOM to RIDE in whatever DIRECTION and Experience that which your SOUL and Human Form desires and has DIVINELY chosen to come here for.

May WE pause to reflect and learn from LIFE, Mother Nature, the Earth and the Animals around us.

May WE learn from the Horse . . . as HER true nature symbolizes the SACRED embodiment of PURITY and FREEDOM of Spirit.

SHE may even hold the DIAMOND UNITY marking upon her forehead, symbolizing clarity of VISION in the path that she chooses to take and run freely.

SHE teaches us to TRUST our heart, our gut, and our intuition . . . especially as we venture into new directions and new lands . . . bringing the stamina and endurance to create a New World that aligns with our inner most TRUTH and KNOWING.

HER true spirit is FREE and unbridled . . . while still seeking Peace and Harmony within the community and safety of the herd.

And so it is.  Blessed Be. . .


“No single animal has contributed more to the spread of civilization than the Horse.  Horse brings with it New Journeys. It will teach you to ride into New Directions to AWAKEN and Discover your own FREEDOM and Power”. ~ Ted Andrews



XOXO Cheryl

© 2020 Cheryl Berry – Way of the Feminine Force, Kent, WA