New Moon . . . Starlight on Water

04/17/2020 . . . Cycles, MOON stone.

“SEEDED = Every woman IS the seed of the Golden SOPHIA.  SHE is the seed of HOLY Divine Light within.

CLEARING = CLARITY = Conscious awareness helps us understand the WHY we ARE . . .  the WHY we have BEEN . . .  and allows letting go of what no longer serves.

UNDERSTAND = WISDOM (GIFT) of the experience within the journey.

LEARN = EXPERIENCE (can be through ease or by contrast).

TRANSFORMATION = Journey of Evolving, like climbing the mountain with various experiences along the way that help you choose, and to create, more enJOYable experiences.  Do you reach the top of the mountain in 3 days versus 1 day?  Does not matter, for you may face fear and found strength, talked to GOD, cried, laughed, prayed, discovered communion with the Divine . . .  ALL changed you.  The Journey of Transformation creates a NEW Person . . . YOU.  ALL is Beautiful and Divine.

MOON Time = Seeing Particles of LIGHT.

Sophia –> Mary Magdalene –> Me/You  . . . Priestesses/Sisterhood.

Silence of the Trees . . . CommUNION within the Grove of Trees.

NEW MOON = Death/Re-Birth.  Relieved of what was, in order to Rejuvenate.  A New Beginning to re-fill.  A Second Chance to be given over and over again.

FULL MOON = Ripest, Goodness, Strength, Ideas, Power, Courage.”


A PRAYER for each of us . . . from my guidance, through me.  This prayer was shared with the Hearts of the Sisters who gathered recently for the SHE Speaks MEDITATION.  I feel called to share this NOW, through everyONE that was on that call.  WE, collectively, offer the purity of our hearts and presence.  We INVITE the same for YOU, and ALL of Humanity, as we walk and re-create Heaven on Earth! 💙💙💙

“I am continuously shedding what no longer serves me in thought, ideas, constructs, ways of being, actions or stories.

I am rebuilding my life in UNITY from the inside, to the outside, with LOVE, PEACE, JOY, and HARMONIOUS Relationships.

My cells, tissues, organs and systems vibrate to the highest level of the DIVINE.  I see them SPARKLE . . . like particles of DIAMOND.

My Magdalene Temple is up-leveled to the highest vibration, to align with my SOUL, to pervade deep into my cellular structure and DNA.

I see my DNA as GOLDEN Double Helix Strands.

My LIGHT Body emits the most beautiful light of Crystalline DIAMOND.

I glow in the ESSENCE of my BEing, as I walk with deep presence and purity of my conscious awareness upon Mother Earth.

I radiate My LIGHT . . . My LOVE . . . My JOY . . . far/wide as a BEACON of LIGHT, shining Day and Night . . . Night and Day . . . Sunlight and in Shadow.

My cells DANCE in the harmonious UNION with my Spirit, as ONENESS pervades my BEing . . . dancing . . . sparkling . . . like Starlight on Water.

My Divinity, the Holy SHE, of the Feminine Christ lives within.

ME and my Human Body Temple is the SACRED SANCTUARY for my SOUL to dwell.

ALL particles of DIAMOND LIGHT serve this DIVINE UNION within ALL Human Expression . . . HOW I meditate/pray . . . exercise/move my body . . . the food I feed my body . . . the thoughts I feed my mind . . . to my hearts expression that come through all acts of BEing and expression of my hands/voice.

ALL relationships are unified in DIVINE Harmony and Joy.  The Family Unit of where I weave and connect, I do so with GOLDEN Heart Strands of unified LOVE.

Where I engage in the world, outside my home, I also weave the threads of LOVE to co-create and ALIGN with those of the same frequency to uplift our community and world.

Whether through Play, Work, or CommUNION, I see the luminous LIGHT of my BEing expand as I have emptied what no longer serves from my Magdalene temple and womb, unto the watery womb of Mother Earth for recycling and rebirth.

This LUMINOSITY has grown, just as it will grow over the next few weeks into the Full Moon.

My Prayer of Gratitude to ALL my Sisters (and Brothers), for we ALL are conduits for the HOLY Divine Sophia to express through our vessels for HER Return and for HER Re-connection to Gaia through us . . .

May this serve each and everyONE in the Highest and Best.

May ALL Seeds of (Divine) LOVE come to fruition.

May we remember that LIFE is renewed again . . . and again . . . and again.

The BEAUTY and POWER of your CONSCIOUSNESS is to hold Vision and to Create.

It IS the Gift of your BIRTH . . . from GOD/DESS, the Creator Force . . . especially the FEMININE FORCE.

The FEMININE FACE of GOD/DESS has given you the CREATIVE Power to BIRTH a New Reality for yourSELF . . . and for a New Glorious World.

Blessed Be . . . ”

XOXO Cheryl

© 2020 Cheryl Berry – Way of the Feminine Force, Kent, WA

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