Return of Autumn Woman…

WELCOME Autumn Woman as you return to this Colorful Season of Life … a season that does not fade!

Welcome … as YOU are being honored and celebrated for your gratitude, your wisdom, your readiness to create the next half of your life with the Divine as your lead with Spirit … with Heart and Soul … with Wisdom gained … with Courage … with Faith … with Trust … with Boldness … with Commitment to your Truth … to Authenticity .. .to Freedom …. to Joy … to embracing the Wonderment of Life … to walking and dancing to the Beat of Your own Drum and to acknowledge the Beat of another.

For we each are just as beautiful and glorious even if we sing and dance to different notes, yet are able to blend in a harmonious union of ONE heart song … like the many instruments of the orchestra playing together.

Embrace the next leaf that falls … it’s changing colors of green to red to gold … the alchemy of Life … the cycles of birth, growth, release, death and re-birth .. the cycle that allows Life to continue within the Universal laws of Creation and of Nature … to honor the Feminine Force of Love and renewal of Nature, of Creation, and of Beauty in ALL that is LIFE.

Autumn brings the season of honoring ALL that comes from the Creator Force and abounds within our physical planet and within our physical bodies … as the fruits of summer are being harvested.  We are the sacred temple for Spirit to experience Life, for God/dess to live inside us and to dance with the Universal Divine in ALL.  We create and experience … breathing, walking, playing, singing and being here on Mother Earth … something to be praised for and blessed with gratitude and thanksgiving, each and every day.

Blessed Be to the Fall … to the Equinox … to the Balance of Energetic Forces … of Night and Day … of Light and Dark … to Human and Divine … to Masculine and Feminine … and finding the UNITY within ALL … as our Heart is the center of ALL that is Above, Below, Left, Right, Inside, Out, and Within.

Welcome Autumn Woman as SHE returns to the Center … from here SHE leads … leading HERself in the way of continual learning, expanding, growing, and evolving from the Center … from the Center of HER heart … the Union within HER Being … this Union and Remembrance begets the Return to equality and balance from within Body and Soul.

Return of Autumn Woman … Welcome once again to this Beautiful Colorful, Changing Season that Balances the Universal Forces of Life within your Being!

XOXO Cheryl




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