Temple Dance…the Art in HER Womb Song

“Do not feel lonely, the entire Universe is inside you. Stop acting small. You ARE the Universe in ecstatic motion. Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames.” ~ Rumi

About 4 years ago I did some mentoring with a colleague and she introduced me to her Womb Meditation.  It was a different kind of meditation as it required movement.  I tried to practice a little bit.  However, when I attended a weekend workshop with her, where we learned to move from our womb and initiate all movements of dance from our womb … it was life changing … and more so as I reflect upon it today!

At the end of the weekend, I realized how this experience was more powerful than I imagined … not only for myself … but to witness the other women and how they were moved by the Divine.  Most of us had tears streaming down our face as we danced, tapping into, not only the energy of our womb, but the energy of the UNIVERSE and to be “Dancing with the Divine.”  For me, I also knew my hands were an intricate part of my dance.  I could feel the energy moving from my womb out into my fingers and also feeling as if I was touching the Universal energetic field through them.  The feedback I received also confirmed, for it was as if my “hands were doing some form of Tai Chi” and my mentor expressed that I was “a master weaver.”

Over the years, I practiced sporadically if I heard music that move me.  However, about two years ago, I KNEW a higher part of me could transmit and send out energy through my body, and especially my hands, as I moved and danced … calling it my “Temple Dance.”  I became not only intrigued with hearing women speak, or more often sing, Light Language.  At times I could feel myself being pulled into moving my own hands in accord, if resonating with what was being transmitted … kind of like having to sing along with your favorite song when it comes on the radio.  This has been, and continues to be, a very sacred journey of discovery … connecting with the Goddess Divine … allowing HER energy to flow through me … especially with the movement of my hands as I allow HER to come in, more and more, when serving my clients energetically.

With this prelude having been shared … I offer this blog and writing with you, as I feel called to surrender to the whole process of what came through this week.  It was the FIRST time I was pulled out of dream state and awakened such that I could NOT take in simply a vision or phrase … here and there … make a note in my journal and return to sleep.  This was like a constant drumming of the Goddess and an awakening, as if SHE was saying … “Now is the time … I AM here to be heard AND I AM here to be felt.”  I woke initially and wrote a message, only to return to bed, hearing HER voice streaming forth with what felt like a rhythm and melody within the words.  It was like a poem, or chant, which I was hearing and feeling throughout my being.  I simply surrendered, allowing HER to be truly felt and heard.  I share this as I feel it is SHE who will no longer be silenced in any form.  SHE speaks to be heard, to be felt in our bodies, and to unlock the Wisdom, Beauty, and Creative Power of the Universe that we, as women, hold within our sacred Magdalene Temple and Goddess Womb.

I also share as I recently had the honor of a private Womb ceremony with my priestess sister, Lisa Bardell.  I have no doubt that it was an collaborative offering, that for me, served as deeper honoring, opening and appreciation of the magic that resides within my womb, as well as serving as a catalyst for my willingness and allowing for this Divine emanation to pour forth.  Should you be curious, Lisa Bardell is offering a Global Online Womb Healing Ceremony, on Aug. 28th … https://www.facebook.com/events/440274220150682/.

08/20/2019 . . .  ~12:00 am

“Feel…the Art in HER Womb Song”

“Ours is the Art … the Art that moves so well.
Ours is the Art … the Art women know so well.
Ours is the Art … the movement is actually the Sound.
Ours is the Art … where Divinity meets the ground.
Ours is the Art … where lust is NOT the game.
Ours is the Art … where mutual heart is gained.
Ours is the Art … we offer from within the temple walls.
Ours is the Art … where each woman is a magnetic call.
Ours is the Art … that man will pay to absorb.
Ours is a luxury … for men desire to feel the Goddess in their midst … NOT the way of lust … but the way of knowing  HER divine presence as a Gift.
Ours is a way … to understand the Art of Divine LOVE is NOT through the gateway of the throne … but resounding notes of body, heart and soul.
Ours is the Art … for man to remember what flows through his veins … yet forgotten along the way.”

“As SHE is drawn in from Above … cascading down within HER crown … within HER central channel … within the spine … unlocking codes … rocking … Her womb moves to the Universal notes and vibration of the Goddess’ song … enlivening …widening … encircling the throng of its accord … HER Womb Song … Body/Heart … Heart/Soul … Soul/Womb … ALL moving as ONE … returning and expanding back out into the etheric realm.”

“A symphony within every cellular fiber of Being, ignited in the Dance. The Dance onto the Goddess … bringing HER forth within the Magdalene Temple … the Artistry from within the Womb.  Embrace HER … embrace HER Dance … embrace HER Temple Dance as SHE echoes the LOVE song of long ago … of the Goddess through HER womb … HER creative space … pristine … crystal, clean, clear … pure … strong … emanating notes of remembering HER.”

“HER song that vibrates from within the essence of Joy … for once was lost … yet HER memory remains in the back of man’s mind for which he seeks … HER Divine LOVE.  To feel the presence of the Divine from within the Temple Dance of HER moving Womb … having heard HER … and felt HER … not of physical or sexual touch … but through the frequency of the Universe SHE puts forth from inside the cavern of HER womb  … where all the secrets of creation and the Universe reside … to be forever awakened from within every cellular memory that once was closed and walled … as HER frequency is echoed back to the Universe and Creator Force.” (finished at 12:33 pm).


“Art of the Womb is the Magic in the Temple Dance … to awaken the breath of Life from within every woman who walks and breathes HER Goddess Divine … into HER Magdalene Temple … body, bones and breasts … and from within the womb, into the world … and upon the Earth … beneath HER feet.”

12:40 am…
“It starts with opening the channel … to spiral down through the crown … down within the spine. Pulling HER source stream deep into the womb … anchoring HER and beaming HER out from within … gentle movements … flowing … expanding … contracting.  Your whole being is an energetic womb … pulling in all the energetic rays of the Central Sun … converging and igniting into the sacred womb space… and emerging throughout the pillars of your Magdalene Temple … as if the Living Waters of the Divine have flowed into your being and are now being released … the gates can no longer hold back the flood. Allow this Divine over-flowing river … the current of HER … to take over … to take you … consume all your energetic bodies … merging … your earth presence from within your Magdalene Temple uniting WITH the Divine … moving as ONE.”

“You step aside to allow HER entry and grant HER access to your physical temple … body … pelvis… womb … hips … solar plexus … heart … limbs … and hands … to sing HER song through the Artistry of the Dance of ONE … from within every cell and particle of being.  Through your body, SHE flows outward from deep within your womb … the Temple for Divine LOVE prevails … the Goddess Temple of emanating LOVE prevails … persists … pours forth in time with the magic … the majestic beauty … of the ONE song.  Allow yourself to be the Divine Instrument for HER song to be sung.”

alireza-dolati-kdTyRzoiM-k-unsplash (3)“Breathe HER into your body that which creates and beams of Goddess Divine from within your depths … breathe in the awakened state … out of the longing and INTO the knowing you are LOVE … just as the blooming Desert Rose thirsts for the Light of the Sun … we each sing the Goddess Song within our Temple Dance … giving Life to HER song of Love through our womb … through our movement … through our Dance …. through our form … and through our Life.”

2:20 am … “Passion Wanes of the Goddess”… seeing lots of purple color

4:00 am … Lots of Spheres … Cauldrons … of Ember Fire Burning … “SHE has come Home.”

5:00 am … Seeing Purple Desserts … Desserts??? … “The DESSERT of Transformation . . . . . Enjoy!”

drew-tilk-rQ5dDFQS3r8-unsplash (1)

“Passion wanes of the Goddess … as the spheres of ember fires burn within the collective womb … for SHE has come Home.  This is the Sweet Reward of Transformation … the DESSERT of Transformation .  Enjoy … for the GODDESS has truly awakened within us and is Home!”

Channeled and written by Cheryl Berry … 08/20/2019.

In Loving Service to the Divine…

XOXO Cheryl

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