The GARDEN GATE . . . your Heart is the threshold

I was led back here today, to this journal writing that was written exactly a year ago.  These journal writings of “Tuesdays with Sophia” began 07/24/2018 and went through 9/25/2018.  I wrote an earlier blog, “For Sophia,” but never shared it beyond the website out of fear of being too visible and not knowing how it would be received??? However, when divine synchronicity occurs soooo many times, you just have to say maybe . . . just MAYBE . . . you are being nudged to take a leap of faith.

I share this today, as I feel I am being called to the GARDEN GATE, to trust further opening my heart . . . as I believe we are ALL being asked to do.  For the Heart opens to the frequency of LOVE and offers TO Love in return.  Your Heart is the Gate, the threshold, in which beyond it’s entrance lies the magic and wonder of Divine Love for transmutation, transformation and re-birth.

“Sophia’s Garden GATE is every Heart . . . the gate that once opens, allows Love TO flow, to transform . . . re-birthing your Life, as well as your Soul.” ~ Cheryl 

Over the last couple of weeks I have had two garden snakes cross my path at the front door of the studio . . . not one . . . but TWO!  One small and black, curled up sitting on the door mat. The other almost white, larger, fully elongated, slithering across the walkway below the door.  Since I could have stepped on either of them . . . I believe TRANSFORMATION is afoot for myself, and for ALL of us.

Over the course of yesterday and today, I also saw two FB posts regarding snakes.  One referenced embracing the polarity of the Divine Feminine written eloquently by Keith Overstreet . . . which my garden snakes were definitely two polar opposites.  The other FB post was about grief and acceptance written by Gwen Flowers, posted by Cosmic Dancer with the image of a woman, snake and flowers.  I had written the word grief on a post-it note on Monday, not sure why???  However, feeling that I was grieving on some level letting go of parts of my life, in order to allow new changes and transformation to come in.  It is a time for us of each to fulfill our soul’s calling.

Usually two of something really gets my attention to take notice.  Even when my friend, Julie, asked . . . “what do you think the snakes mean?”  I just brushed it off as the transformational process, and I would look deeper to its meaning and meditate on it later.  Apparently, my “later” was not in accordance with the Divine’s timing.  I needed not 2 . . . not even 3 . . . but 4 snakes to show up in my world to have me stop, start paying attention, and really take notice to the message trying to get through.

AND if that wasn’t enough, all this came up in conversation with not one, but TWO of my clients today.  With my first client this afternoon, I felt this unexpected calling to share about the snakes that had shown up at the studio door.  As I was speaking, I started to see a “garden gate.”  I could also see an image of a person standing at the opening of the gate and hearing “transformation.”  Interestingly enough, there is such an event called “The Transformational Gate,” by chiropractor Donny Epstein.  However, this felt all symbolic to the studio and the garden room.

“As you come to the GATE, which is the opening of your Heart, you come because you have let go of fear regarding what is ahead, for even if you can not see how the path will unfold, what currently is, or has been, no longer serves you.  You come to this place surrendering, accepting, and ready for what is next even if you have no idea what is the next step, or what ALL is truly on the other side.   It is the threshold to say I have had enough, and I AM ready to step in Love, be Love, and TO Love, following the lead of my Heart and Soul.” ~ Cheryl 

At the Garden GATE to your Heart is the Divine Sophia, creatress of all that is.  SHE is there to guide you from the will of the Ego, to the will of Spirit, and deep into your Heart.  May you honor, Dear Sisters and Brothers, the sacred aspects of the Divine Feminine within the Universe and the many roles SHE takes on in human form.  May we each bring forth ALL that is flowing through our physical vessel, not only to transform our own lives, but to transform and rebirth the world.

dominik-bednarz-hxcqzqpeziw-unsplash-e1564016580108.jpgJournal Writing 07/24/2018 . . .”Tuesdays with Sophia . . .
Tuesdays with Mary (as Mary Magdalene giggles) . . .
Tuesdays with Green Tara . . .
It started out over the weekend, seeing myself sitting and chatting with Sophia. It was a lovely idea that came into my mind and vision. It felt like the perfect way for us to just sit and have coffee on Tuesdays. “Tuesdays with Sophia” would be my devotional time to my spiritual practice, meditating, writing, creating my intuitive energy practice and scheduling clients for my new endeavor of hand on energy work. Any divine wisdom that SHE wished to share and for me to be in communion with HER was a coveted time to do so. I loved it and felt it was the next creation to step into!
Then I heard “Tuesdays with Mary.” Mary Magdalene was to be part of the conversation. She has been my channel to connect easier to Sophia, the link between us. Almost as if translator for our vibrations to communicate with greater ease. So I was anticipating sitting having coffee with Sophia and Mary M. Every time I mentioned the idea of “Tuesdays with Mary,” I could see her giggle. It made me happy too. Maybe it sounded too much like “Tuesdays with Morrie” . . . the book.  She seemed to find it quite humorous and it felt joyful all around.
Then I saw this beautiful absolutely green goddess the night before (07/23/2018) we were to gather for this sacred time. As I was lying in bed, she appeared in my vision. She was totally green from head to toe, with a green grapevine crowning her head with a green little bird perched on top. Wow, I thought how she makes me think of Mother Nature. She was personified elegance in form. Then I realized she must be appearing this way for me to think of “Green Tara” from the book, The Sophia Code, by Kaia Ra.
As Tuesday morning arrived, I spent quite some time reading about Green Tara from the Sophia Code, and reciting the mantra from that chapter. I wanted some insight as to why she showed up in my consciousness. After connected with her message, I felt complete and ready to see what would happen when opening this sacred space for “Tuesdays with Sophia.”
Needless to say, I invited all 3 Divine Feminine Forces to sit with me on this day. I enjoyed my coffee, and they joked about the idea that they preferred some other form of “elixir.” But they were still willing to participate in the time for Divine Wisdom and sharing of questions and answers.
Mary M. sat directly across from me. I felt she and I were linked heart to heart. Sophia was to my left, and what I considered the head of the table. Green Tara sat to my right, directly in line with Sophia. They felt as if they linked the pathway between Heaven and Earth. It felt like a 4 pointed star, or Divine quartet, engaged in spiritual conversation.
I asked Mary M. if I could speak to Sophia directly since she is my direct link. I turned my attention to my left, asking “What would you like the world to know about you, and what would you like “me” to know about you?
Sophia…What is the first question?
About me.
Sophia…You are a wonderment.
I take that as amusement as well.
Sophia…Yes. You amuse me and create a wave of “What?” How you get stalled?
Do you know why I do?
Sophia…Yes. It is apparent. I am here to help free your mind, body, heart, soul in going forward in following.
Is it following?
Sophia…It’s more like dreaming, creating what you dream. You are no different than the rest. You all stop, start, stall.
What about the laws of man?
Sophia…I wish to hand that to Mary.
Explain to me, how to maneuver through this mired of dense vibration, of limitation, and staying in our true nature of limitless possibility? Is there a way when you hear “no” from laws that govern our society?
I sense a response of “find a new society?” (laugh) Yes?
Mary…No. Find a New Way
I get that. I am at a loss.
Mary…I know. Look to God, to Faith, to “US” to help and to find it for you.
Is that free will?
Mary…As long as you ask for help, support.
Mary…How what? To ask?
You know my predicament?
Mary…Yes. I know whole heartedly. WE ALL know, that is why we’ve come to support you. Asking is your birthright. “Seek and ye shall find.”
Gr. Tara, you came to me last night. So beautiful. So I could recognize you, or was it to recognize myself? What has prompted you being here, please don’t be insulted, or what are you offering me?…to dispel the 8 fears?…to activate another transmission?…to reconnect to my “roots”? (ha)…ground me, if you will? Help me find calm, centeredness? Show me how you have always been with me?
Gr. Tara…Does it matter?
Not really. I really like the bird in your hair (laugh), knowing I can’t stand the flapping of wings by my head. What else can you tell me today?
Gr. Tara…I am your Earth Mother (strokes my head/hair). I am here to teach you sovereignty and wholesomeness (being whole in your Divinity). I am the creator (vehicle) of the plants and life itself. I wish you no harm, nor anyone, nor anything. “I am the bridge” upon which you (the collective) stand to discover your Divinity once again, where Heaven and Earth meet is in your heart. I am the Bridge.
As I finished with a few more personal questions regarding going forward.
We closed the sacred space by pulling energy from all 4 sides of the table up into the center, about 2 feet off the table top. It was pearl of omniscient light that became a seeding, becoming smaller pearls that broke forth like a star burst.
Sophia…Allow the Light to lead you home.
Mary M…Allow the Light, your Divinity, to be re-discovered in your heart (translating for Sophia).
Gr. Tara…Home is right here, on Earth, you don’t have to leave, just be present with ALL of who you are! Blessed be my love.
Gr. Tara below me.
Mary M. in my heart.
Sophia above me.
Portal (above) — Well (center) — Bridge (below).
Thank You…3 Divine Feminine Forces of the Christ Light.
Yes, I will finish the room.
Then what?” . . . blake-cheek-eactp2jpli-unsplash-2.jpgAs I was called to reread this passage tonight, and bring it to the surface, I feel part of the message is that we never know what will transpire one year, two, three, five, ten, or twenty years later. Sometimes we just have to take the first step, trusting it, and then trusting we will be shown the next, and then the next.

It has been a full year since that writing.  Yes, the Garden Room For Sophia has been finished, although I, personally, have had more transformation to occur within me so that it can now be fully be birthed for it’s Divine purpose.  I, too, stand at the threshold of what is the next step, asking for guidance and clarity each day, and feeling blessed to also assist my clients in coming into their own Heart and TO Love.

I feel the ultimate message Sophia is asking us, is that when we each come to the GATE of our Heart, surrendering TO Love; our acceptance allows the Heart to open more fully.  Once at the threshold of the Heart’s open Gate, we feel the pull of Spirit, which is undeniable.  It is a remembrance and invitation to trust again and to step in further TO Love.  May you allow your Heart to always lead you from this day forward, may you continue to embrace your transformation and evolution within your being and along your Soul’s path . . . no matter where the journey leads or what lies ahead . . TO Love ALL . . . and All that IS.

In Loving Service . . .

XOXO Cheryl












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