mary magdalene ROSE ministry . . . TO Love

Since last December, I have been called to diligently tune into my guidance and follow Spirit’s lead.  I have been receiving messages and visions far beyond I ever imagined AND guided to not only write in my journals, but within this blog, and to compile a book . . . trusting it will be birthed in divine timing.

I was told to write many years ago . . . decades now.  However, I never felt I could share with anyone.  So there was this question of Why?  For What purpose?  For Whom?  How do I distribute what seems to be stirring inside?

So I simply kept my visions/messages/writing to myself.  Some, I have to sadly say, I threw out.  There was fear that someone reading what I wrote would think I was nuts, and it would not be of any value, or make any sense.  The regret in throwing some of my writings away, however, has taught me a powerful lesson.

Acts of faith, to follow through with one’s Divine Guidance, or Spiritual Calling, is not intended for outside approval.

So this theme of looking for the affirmation from the outside world came up AGAIN last week following my most recent meditation.  I chalk it up to the Lunar Eclipse and the Divine truly pressing ALL of us forward to clean and clear what no longer serves us.  I started questioning if what I was offering was truly “good enough?”  No one is sharing their experience.  Maybe one or two might tell me personally, afterwards in private, that it was “perfect.”  What started to play out in my mind, whether there is any one benefiting from the meditations, from the writings, from the messages???

As I prayed for guidance, Spirit and the Divine Feminine in ALL HER many facets, made it crystal clear I was being too hard on myself.  I was guided to stop and step away from the visible, the concrete in terms of feedback; to let go of the need to feel love or appreciation, or receive affirmation by others for what comes through.  ALL those who are to receive will receive as they are ready.

It is not mine to decide how, when, where or what they actually receive . . . NOT my job.

My job is to transmit . . . plane . . . simply.

Period.  No attachment . . . nil, zip, zero . . . to the outcome.

I KNOW this truth as a chiropractor, but as I AM feeling this call to expand more fully and be more visible with ALL of who I AM, the looking for approval and validation resurfaced.  This is the precipice of being, standing here at the edge of surrendering to Spirit and deciding “do I soar with the golden wings of my Soul, or do I look to others to give me permission to fly . . . to be seen . . . to be heard?”

Each person has their journey and the catalytic process of healing/transmutation can be sparked at any point in time as it comes from within.  As a facilitator of healing or a conduit for the healing process, no matter the modality of which one uses, our part may not, be the spark.  We may set the stage for a domino effect to play out, or we may simply hold the space and be the safe haven for the individual to trust what they already know for themselves, allowing the rest, which truly resides from within their own being, to unfold.

It is in the practice for mastery that we are guided by our own heart’s discernment and our Soul’s guidance.  With this I was being shown the gymnast as an example of someone engaged in a skill that requires a level of “mastery.”  SHE practices on her own accord.  SHE practices each day to perform to the level for which SHE SEEKS, and not for the applause of the audience in the stands, but for her for own Heart’s calling . . . for HER soul’s decree . . . or pledge of service to the Divine.  I was told to just keep practicing for the sake of pure soul mastery to service in that which I AM being called AND have committed prior to this coming into form.

Although my writing has been going on for years, what has been coming through for the last year and a half, has been very specific to Mary Magdalene and the Source stream that flows from and through HER . . . the Divine Feminine . . . and into me.

Below, I share what came through in December, as I feel it was a catalytic spark from the Divine that has been leading to “Mary Magdalene Ministry . . . TO Love” which came through just days before HER “feast day” of honoring and celebration for today, July 22.

I had to lay down as the visions and information started coming.  At some point I drifted off, whether sleep or a suspended level of altered consciousness???  I just know I was out.  Only when I came back to the awareness of the room and got up, was I able to recapture the words and understanding as I began writing, hoping I could bring what I received into greater conscious awareness.  12/16/2018  . . . “Light Codes activated, downloaded – Magdalene Rose Codes of Light – Double Christos, conjoined, Stargate Portal, openingheavenly stars, mirror image co-joining of energy, ultimate marriage of the Christ –> Feminine Return Home.  Yeshua called me to this place as HE and I are ONE in this light coding, to not be forsaken, not forged (forced).  Remember who you are in relationship from where you come, I Love.  Remembering of downloads through Portal Gate.  Watch for signs, growth.  I AM an ‘Emissary’ (representative) conjunction of energy, together woven, marrying (immersed) of ONEness focus in Ancient Text . . . Emissary of the Christ Light, Feminine, of the North Star gaze.   You will find a trajectory of Hope within the sky, astrologically.  Your true Path.  I hold the ONE.  You are holding the (key, keyhole, code) in, is you, me (my) love.”

I am deeply honored that SHE . . . Mary Magdalene and the Divine Feminine . . . continue to bring forth sometimes directly as if in dictation, sometimes in vision, sometimes in conversation, sometimes in feeling, colors, light, sound, and symbols for me to transmit.

What I have learned, especially in these last few months AND days, is that it is NOT for me to hold onto.  What I receive IS to be offered to the Heart of Humanity.

With this influx of information, intelligence, decoding (I keep hearing this word “decoding” as I type right now), there is a transformational process just to transpose and translate if it is not dictated directly in words that I can understand and simply write or speak.

I share this, as more and more, it feels SHE is asking me to step up in receiving more “light language” which is of the heart, pure understanding, and from there to speak that which is felt versus repeating the written/spoken words verbatim. 

My sense is, this language of pure understanding is what we ALL are being asked to do  . . .  to feel and speak the language of the Heart . . . TO Love.

The words that sometimes do come individually, or “pop” in with greater resonance in the field, are a focal point of energy, as if a theme in which to feel into, and then to expand, dispersing the understanding and energy from which they each carry.  It is as if the words themselves are symbols of energy and speak a message all within themselves.

What came on Saturday, July 20th, 2019 was a compilation of themes that have been going on for a few days, specifically the words popping up in frequency were conviction, ministry and authenticity.

07/20/19 . . . 2:00 am.  I woke seeing Blue/Pink colors of energy, feeling it’s the energy of the Divine Masculine/Divine Feminine spinning together.  I wrote “Birth to _________.”

2:02 am.  I am seeing Yeshua and Magdalene on camels, looking towards each other.

3:54 am.  I am seeing Bagpipes.

3:55 am.  I write “Scotland?”

5:28 am.  “Negative . . .  Neutral . . .  Positive.”  The understanding is of seeing things from one of these perceptions or perspectives.  We each have choice what we choose.

Upon waking and getting out of bed I feel the word “conviction.”  Interestingly this word had a strong currency (flow) of vibration in a Somato Sonic Light Energy Session on Friday, the day before.  These are the words given to describe The ROSE CODE Infusion (again words given to me) which are the energies coming forth through me . . .  via hand, sound, light, vision, messages, symbols . . . as I AM being called to be a conduit for transmitting on behalf of the Magdalene Rose Codes of Light as it began back in December.

So this word “conviction” was here again, reverberating so strongly, that when I saw the dictionary on the floor (which just happened to be at the end of the coffee table in plain view and not tucked away on my book shelf), I HAD to look it up.

CONVICTION = the state or appearance of being convinced of the Truth of a belief.  A strong belief, or certainty, as in to speak with conviction; to speak the Truth you believe.  ~ From the New World Dictionary.

07/20/2019 . . . I immediately started writing in my journal.

“The Ministry of Love
Mary Magdalene’s Ministry . . . OF Love . . . TO Love
Is it a Noun (OF Love)?  Or a Verb (TO Love)?
Noun = OF Love = Blissful state . . . Divine Love.
Verb = to Love = exchange, offer, expression of being in action, love is dynamic
Ministry = is to serve, to offer
MMM = Mary Magdalene Ministry TO Love
(similar to the Inner Quest Church – as I am being reminded of when I lived in Georgia)  

An Inner Journey to deepen the Inner Quest to seek Love in ALL things, ALL matters, ALL circumstances, ALL people, ALL ways, ALL relationships, ALL institutions, ALL circumstances.  The Inner Quest is TO Seek Love.

This theme of “Conviction,” feels to be of service, serving, offering, ministering.  Is OF Love . . . and TO Love . . . are they both not a conviction?

To Speak the Truth you believe, not just to speak, but to stand by, for you to uphold it, to live it, to indoctrinate within the fiber of your being, as in to be infused with such Truth that it becomes a Rock or Foundation of your values/principles that guide.

I have Love in my heart and every fiber of Being.

Hold it there . . . Love in your heart.

Do you use it to see with, to speak with, to filter all that comes in and goes out?

It is my Rock (if you will), my foundation on which all stands, to be built as it aligns, or if not aligns, dissolves without consequence or judgment, positive or negative . . . without the polarity of duality.

It is my “conviction to serve Love,” to be of service to LOVE, Divine Love, God/dess, the Creator/Creatress.

Ministry TO Love = Love as a verb.
Ministry OF Love = Love as a noun. 

What is your perception?  Negative . . . Neutral . . . Positive?

Extend Love TO ALL that is.  Align with ALL that ignites the Spark of Joy within your heart to recycle back into the field with an up leveling of vibration/frequency. 

Oneness . . . ALL becomes LOVE = perception, conscious awareness
I am sensing Marianne Williamson Quote . . . “All is either an act OF love or a call TO love.”

Begets or Request => Already in Action
Act of Love = noun
Call to Love = verb


07/21/2019 . . . I AM still feeling into the understanding of what I AM being asked to bring forth in this emanation?  For Love is both . . .  a noun and a verb.

However, the CALL, if you will, as I feel into the words MARY MAGDALENE’S MINISTRY,”  is for ALL of Humanity TO Love.

TO Love, being a dynamic, fundamental exchange of energy as we live, breath, seek and act from our Hearts.

I feel the imagery of Saturday’ sleep state with the swirling Blue and Pink is the Birthing of this Ministry that holds Divine LOVE at it’s foundation within the Union of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine . . . just as Yeshua and Magdalene ministered and shared in the Middle East, and later brought to various parts of the world, such as Scotland.  I feel they spoke OF Love and seeded it into our consciousness.  However, NOW . . .  NOW is the time for the seeding to blossom forth and for Love TO bloom.

“Mary Magdalene’s Ministry TO Love” is for ALL of our hearts to blossom just as the ROSE and for us TO quest and seek LOVE in ALL things from the place of neutrality.  It is pure . . . it is simple . . . it is simply TO Love.

And as I feel the calling to bring forth The ROSE Code Infusion more and more into the Heart of Humanity, as a conduit via my energy healing services, I AM honoring my conviction to my Soul’s purpose, AND showing up as my most authentic self.

I feel, HER ministry speaks to each and every one of us, to truly uphold the conviction of our own authenticity, honoring our own heart and extending Love TO oneself, embodying our full Soul expression within the human vessel.

The ROSE Code Infusion has been coming into being over the last few months with a few individual clients.  With it, I feel there is a melding, or infusion, within myself of new energy services in union with the Divine Feminine/Magdalene Rose messages.  It’s as if something is being birthed in my own personal call to serve, or perhaps a new chapter to the book???

Mary Magdalene ROSE Ministry TO Love . . . this in and of itself is my offering today in Divine Service.  With the greatest of humility and in the deepest honoring, of HER sacred ministry TO LOVE being birthed into the world and within every human heart.  May today on July 22, 2019 . . . Mary Magdalene’s Feast Day . . . and everyday forward . . . our hearts blossom, unfold and open TO Love.  Blessed Be.

In Loving Service . . .

More is to come and be shared in regards to The ROSE Code Infusion services.  If you are curious and would like more information, please contact me via a private message through my FB page at Cheryl Berry – Way of the Feminine Force.

Beautiful Blessings!

XOXO Cheryl

© 2019 Cheryl Berry – Way of the Feminine Force, Kent, WA

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