What ONE step . . . ?

07/16/2019…7+7+3= 17=8
Today is a number 8 day for this Partial Lunar Eclipse.

I woke up at 4:44 am this morning … not with words as I usually receive … but immersed in the middle of my own personal/sacred ceremony of releasing, clearing, transmuting and reconnecting to Source.

I was barely out of dream state, with the bubbling up of conscious awareness that I was already deep in “my process” of reconnecting and prayer.

Wow…what’s up with this?

I usually do this sacred ritual from a very conscious state of intention at the beginning/end of the day, various times in between, preparing to work with clients or going into meditation … especially in order to be a clear channel and conduit.

This was quite a bit different, as if my higher Self was preparing me well ahead of awakening to the day, for the re-entry to my physical body and earthly experience.

I felt such a deep honoring of gratitude to my higher Self, and I AM presence, for this immersion of releasing, cleansing, and blessing of my vessel, for it truly felt I was being called into ritual, before stepping out into the world.

I felt as if more was being released on a deeper, more expansive, multi-dimensional level, not just for this day, but for this awakening of transformation that begins today with this Partial Lunar Eclipse … and is being anchored over the next 6 months.
I, personally, have felt a sense of overwhelm with “this call of transformation,” as I know MANY of you are feeling.

“There is so much to do” … and as I write I am hearing the lyrics of a song I have been hearing all morning… “so much to do and so many miles away.” However, I can not find the name of the song or the artist, although I can hear it replaying over and over in my head. If any one recognizes it, please let me know!

It ‘s as if these words are simply playing out my feeling of entering this gateway with “so much to do and so many miles away” in order to complete the process of transformation in order to arrive to THIS NEW BEGINNING that my Soul is calling for.

“Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love.  It will not lead you astray.”  ~ Rumi

So, what I feel comes with today as an offering, is the message that You AND I … we ALL … are being prepared multi-dimensionally. Know that we each are being guided by our higher selves. It takes TRUSTING “the process”…the process of releasing, clearing, purging, and transmuting through Love itself, in order to re-align to the greatest expression of ourselves … to express in our purest form of BEing … as TRUTH, LOVE, JOY, and BEAUTY in this earthly vessel, creating and experiencing Life as a Divine Human.

My prayer is that we are each guided, in each moment, as well as knowing what is the highest offering of BEing and DOing for today? What can we each BE or DO for our own, and collective, process today? “With so much to do,” what is the one thing, or one step, You or I, can take today to shorten these miles of transformation that stretch out before us in our journey?

May we EACH be lead to a sacred ritual, or way of reconnecting ALL parts of our BEing, in order to begin each day for the transformational journey ahead. May we EACH find the guidance we seek from the DIVINE to REALIGN to our greatest expression of Self. May we EACH receive the clarity in knowing what “one step” we EACH can take today for our individual, and collective, journey of Soul for the transformation into TRUTH and LOVE!

XOXO ~ Cheryl


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