Embrace the Sun . . .

“Embrace life and all that God/dess gives you – but never let it contain you.  This world is too small to contain you.”  ~ Yasmin Mogahed

I find myself looking back today and wondering how I got here . . . feeling gratitude . . . a sense of celebration of the journey . . . of the process of growing/evolving . . . and wondering what else is to come AND go in the creation of my life???

It is a moment of embracing what was . . . what is now . . . and what is to come . . . even in the mystery of the unknown.

Today completes my 60th turn around the sun.  So . . .  HOW did that happen???

I feel some tears swelling up, but I am not sure the why?

Perhaps for all that was not created in what sounds like a long time, but feels so short.

Perhaps what was created, yet full of challenge.

Perhaps what was lost and released to what was only for a moment, yet not forever.

Perhaps . . . ???

The known IS that there is a completion with another turn of the wheel . . . or passing of my journey . . . around the Sun.

Oh, the glorious Sun!

How I feel my connection to God/dess through your brilliance and warmth.  Ever since I was a little girl feeling your Golden rays upon me, entrenched in my own little world of creation as I colored . . . probably outside-of-the-lines . . . although I know I learned somewhere along the way it was easier to create under the guidance of others if I did so from “inside-the-lines.”  Then trying to find my way “out-of-the-lines” once again to re-discover my true authentic self, my soul’s way of expressing and creating in the world.  Yes, from these beautiful Golden rays of the Sun . . . I could feel God/dess within myself.

As I felt the warmth of the Sun, I also could see the power of creation as I admired the beautiful flowers that lined the side of our home.  I KNEW I was a part of His/Her creation and this brought great joy to my heart!

Oh yes . . . I must speak of my love and gratitude to the flowers, just as I do the Sun!

For no matter how many turns around the Sun, I embrace the flowers too, for they bring me back to the power of creation, it’s beauty, and the joy of knowing that  “home” is always in my heart.

I share with you this recent writing from my journal and the vision that came with it simply as a reminder to EMBRACE life!  To embrace every turn around the Sun . . . embracing the beauty of the journey . . . it’s twists and turns . . . for often we may be lead in a direction that is unknown, yet far richer and greater in experience than we could ever imagine.  Remember you ALWAYS have the power to create and re-create from your heart . . .  from LOVE . . .  and for the highest and best.  When we do this together, who knows what we may create and re-create within the world???

Allow the power of the Sun’s Golden rays through this Summer Solstice to bring ALL of YOU back home into your heart, where creation on this planet begins.

KNOW that all possibilities and potentiality exist for you to create . . . as you remember that you have the power . . . just as God/dess . . . for ALL resides within your heart.

Your heart has the ability to unfold, bloom, grow and evolve through the power of Divine Love and Joy . . . just like the blossoming flower as she feels the rays of the Sun . . . just like the Rose opens and allows the unfolding of her petals.

06/10/2019 . . . “As I sit here with the morning sun I AM once again bathed in the glory of light as the Christ Codes fill my being of late.  I wish nothing to hinder these rays of the brilliant sun from streaming into, coursing through, into my eyes.  I AM seeing dark Red like I have never seen before…Orange…Yellow.  I sit longer and open my eyes briefly…questioning if this is simply blood vessels within my physical eyes that I see…or true vision?  I go back, closing my eyes…Orange, Pinkish color…as if a faint image of a Rose on the right emerges…fades…seeing now in my entire field…ALL of it filled with a geometric image of the Rose….another Rose emerges from the field, on the left.  Rainbow colors on the left merge with the Red….into barely Green in the top right within my field of vision.  The Greenish turns to Gold…spiral Roses in the field.  I draw three distinct spiraling Roses in the formation of a triangle on one page.  The Gold feels Galactic.  Another image I draw of a Diamond within a circle and light streaming outward…as if seeing individual codes.  Fiery GOLD all around, as if multiple layers of codes from the sun rays, beaming…..3 circles, one right next to the other in sequence, cascading downwards to the left from this Diamond that sits within the center of a sun.  As I look closer, the image appears as if this center Diamond is shining light codes from the Central Sun, beaming it’s rays into us . . . . suggesting that ALL the energy of Creation is beaming down to us, though us, and into a multitude of Roses . . . activating the ROSE . . . activating the spiraling energy of Love . . . of Joy . . . and ALL the energies of Creation that reside within each of our Human Hearts . . . Blessed Be.”  ~ Cheryl Berry alive-3824656_1920May you see within your imagination a four pointed Diamond holding the potential of DIVINE UNITY, surrounded by the Sun shining it’s GOLDEN rays.  The 4 points are only four of the MANY facets within a Diamond that represent the qualities of Divine LOVE that extend down, through, and from the Creator/Creatrix. 

The most northern point, straight up, pointing towards Heaven, is that of PURITY from Source . . . Mother/Father God/dess.

The lateral points on the horizontal plane represent the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine.  They are parallel and equal . . . holding the energy of Unconditional LOVE and TRUTH.  They are the Divine Son/Daughter and Twin Souls (Brother/Sister.)  They unite in Sacred Union as the Bride/Husband, and become Mother/Father themselves in creating and birthing the Divine Child.

The lowest point, points towards Mother Earth, representing the birth of the Divine Child of God/Goddess and the Child birthed through the Sacred Marriage/Divine Union of the Feminine/Masculine.  The Divine Life Force Energy that is the Soul within each Human Vessel, walking upon earth, holding ALL the LOVE from the Creator Force within each Human Heart.  YOU are the focal point of the Diamond in which the potential for HARMONY is to be created within AND within the collective among ALL of God’s Children.

diamond-635332_1920See these 4 facets, and imagine so many more facets, JOINING into a new Diamond template for creating DIVINE UNITY . . . which is ALL of Humanity creating a new world together, starting from within each Human Heart . . . the Heart which holds the power of Love and the beauty of creation that will unfold just like the ROSE . . . and beyond what we can imagine.

May you embrace the Sun each day, taking the Golden rays into your Heart.

Just like the Sun’s rays invite the blossoming of the Rose to unfold and bloom, invite the receiving and activating of the Diamond Light Codes within your heart. . . . starting with the facets of PURITY, LOVE, TRUTH, and HARMONY.

Imagine these energies to be like the first petals of the Rose unfolding.

These are the first petals that lay the foundation to creating Heaven on Earth in DIVINE UNITY . . . as we journey together . . .  creating heart to heart . . . from this day forward . . . once again . . . another time around the Sun.

In Love & Service,

XOXO Cheryl