Unshackling HER Voice…

3/6/2019…I wrote in my journal that I was seeing Lisa (Bardell)…friend, sister priestess of Isis, Shamanic practitioner, healer.  I had a big question mark as to WHY?  It felt as if there was to be some collaboration, working in harmony together, supporting each other’s journey, as a catalyst/witness, “support.”  I got a sense I was to learn from her and how she was using Facebook.  It would be a way to do similar activations and spread the healing/word/symbol/energy of my soul’s gifts.

3/7/2019…I did a meditation, looking into my KA Body and saw a big hole to the right.  I asked for healing and saw the pearlescent pod that was anchored in the universe holding my hearts desires…a cosmic “Birthing Chamber.”  It flew with wings to fill in this gapping hole within my KA body and soul.  A vision appeared from a past lifetime.  I was in shackles, my neck and hands.  I was constrained in a wooded block, as if in the town square.  I felt the healing was about replacing this wound with courage, trust and walking with love and in Divine light, my Divine light.  I could see the transformation as a young woman, graceful, elegant, simple, spiritual and received the word…”legacy.”

I had to lay down.  There was a lot of energy around this.  I saw brilliant hues of light that felt “yummy.”  I asked for healing of the public shaming, ridicule, betrayal, humiliation that come from the shackling and restraint.  I saw the wooden shackle, posts and all, appear as mint green.  It felt as if the color represented the “powers that be trying to paint a pretty picture” of this ridicule, to glorify it in their own way.  My sense was this healing would give freedom to my voice and hands:  speaking, singing (using voice/sound in healing), writing, writing the book, and healing through my hands.

A new image was given to me of walking a white path, adorned in a gown of diamond iridescent light, shimmering, as if colors emerged with movement.  I wore a Ruby/Diamond necklace, holding “The Rose Code” (the book I was shown to write), handing roses to the children, to the people, spreading love through my words, my being, my song, voice, book, hands, feeling the union of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine within me, as I walked with my Beloved.  He wearing a wreath of branches and green leaves circling his forehead, also his garments of white diamond light.  The DF/DM pouring into me, as it was pouring into HE.  Both of us unified with the DF/DM within each of our vessels.  No polarization, only synchronization or a catapult…of being elevated together in union, max potential.

More was shown relative to the rose, the heart, the central nerve system and spine.  More to be revealed within divine timing….

love-2986133_1280 (1)

“Journey of the Rose, Journey of the Oracle, Awakening the Oracle.” 

Awakening our Voice from being publicly shackled.  

“Healing:  TRUST my vision, channel voice and healing ability as a conduit, who/when/what/where to share with visibility.”


As I took all that I was seeing, my sense on one side was the wound of separation, betrayal, abandonment, public shaming, ridicule, humiliation, casting out, ostracized, labeled, false accusation within the tribal community.  On the other side was the healing to come into trust, visibility (no longer playing small, being secretive or privately sharing my gifts), trusting my gifts, using my gifts and being visible with my gifts and when to go public.

As I reflected upon the image of me and my Beloved walking down this white road, I had to walk through an energetic golden door with the double co-joined Christos energy spiraling together and the Rose energy of spirals upon the earth, to witness once again how this golden image would manifest in this dimension through the symbolic act of handing out of roses to activate LOVE in the people’s hearts, feeling Oneness within each of our being, Oneness (union) together and Oneness on this one path, Oneness with the Earth/Humanity, and with the stars (universe), seeing the golden light shine/shower down upon ALL that is…us and the path, Earth, people, animals, the different weaves (kingdoms).  And so it is.

Although I had felt complete, I checked in later to see that “the hole” with my KA body was truly whole.  To my surprise and dismay, there was a remnant, a a fragment remaining to be healed.

Off to the right was a double bar cross…a patriarch cross.  The message was that the “patriarch” was my crucifixion.  The eon’s of patriarch domination over the Feminine… the fear of HER Creative Power, Wisdom, Magick and Healing…that led to HER silencing due to persecution, hanging, witch hunts, torture, shackling, burning……healing of  this wound will be yours, your sisters, and the collective Divine Feminine.  Healing this wound will be HER resurrection.

This “shackling” and silencing is a deep wound of the collective in all women and specifically the Voice and Healing Gifts of the Divine Feminine.

It is a call to heal the pathways of HER heart to express the Truth of HER Soul!

I share ALL of this to not only to liberate my own voice and soul gifts, but to pay honor in the POWER of WITNESSING other women and the sharing of  their soul gifts in the world.  It is the collaboration of the Divine Feminine as I was shown with my vision with Lisa.

There is a greater sense of freedom from your shackles (whether from past trauma or self-imposed in this lifetime), an inspiration to rise from the silence that brings courage and boldness for your own visibility, as you witness another soul sister sharing her gifts…AND especially when her gifts were given for the healing of your heart. In this case, it was for MY heart! ❤


My Testimonial 04/11/2019….I knew there was more to heal around my throat Chakra and speaking my truth. I had seen past lives of various traumas, but this vision of being shackled, this felt like the deepest to heal.

I could still feel shame, being ridiculed and ostracized by my community. I could still feel the fear of being truly visible and publicly seen for all of who I am.  Symbolically I could see this was binding the healing gifts of my voice, hands, and ultimately heart…for the voice and hands are pathways for my heart to express.

I also knew, as I was shown a cross with two horizontal bars, that this “silencing” (i.e. shackling) had been my crucifixion by “the patriarch.”

Healing this was huge, for this moment in time and space, it would be MY resurrection. ❤️

The healing session with Lisa Bardell was beyond my expectation. She created a safe and loving space to connect first and really dive into what was true for me to address.

The healing work was beautiful, as I could hear her voice while seeing in my mind’s eye images of her weaving in and out as the shaman and priestess.

I felt only love and peace, even though I sensed more traumas were being healed than I was ever aware of.

The only vision of violation was seeing a knife being pulled out of my neck.

However, there was no triggering of pain, emotion, or having to relive that lifetime, or any other.

I was free to bear witness to myself without any emotional attachment of fear or pain.

The sacred space she created allowed me to simply stay in Love.

Viewing the video afterwards, actually, brought up some emotion, as I could see the magnitude, power and depth that Lisa was connecting to in this process of clearing and transmuting.

Thank you, Lisa, for your ability to go the depth and the distance!

I could feel greater clarity rising from within.  There was a simplicity to my being as how I was dressed, as if no need except to show up with less, unencumbered, almost naked, but not, as it allowed more of me to be shown in my truth for I no longer was carrying the shackles and all its lower frequencies that came with it.

I also could sense an illumination from within my being, as if I “glowing” from the inside out.  As if the pearls that come through acquired wisdom through the pain, suffering and trauma within the human journey were free to be released from their own shell and bondage, to rise and radiate their frequency of light, love and truth from my heart center and beyond

I look forward to how this will integrate and evolve into my own healing work and writing … through my voice, hands and heart … sharing my truth in the world. ❤

This is the first step to becoming more visible, with revealing the wounds that create vulnerability.  It is also the first step in paying homage to witnessing my sister and her soul gifts.  Much Love, Gratitude and Beautiful Blessings for your continued service, Lisa Bardell, in healing humanity’s heart!

It is also our way within the Priestess Linage of Isis of stepping into collaboration, leading by example to support each other.  For the Divine Feminine voice and expression in the world is about returning to walk in Union with the Divine Masculine within Herself, along with her Beloved partner by her side, and WITH her Beloved Sisters….and Beloved Brothers.  It is for us to bring voice and harmony to our songs.  It is for us to each sing and bring the many melodies within our hearts into a beautiful Octave of Remembrance of ONE.


P.S.  If you would like to see some of the voice healing and photos from my session with Lisa Bardell,  go to Facebook:  Lisa Bardell OR Lisa Bardell – Shamanic Practitioner, Trauma Therapist & Soul Coach.  Post is from April 12, 2019 {Voice Activation & Past Life Trauma Healing}.  I am very honored to witness Lisa’s work for “my process” and to share this with you all, as it offers us BOTH the catalyst to step into our hearts and find the courage to be bold in reclaiming our visibility and HER Voice…the VOICE of the Divine Feminine.  THANK YOU!

In Loving Service . . .

XOXO Cheryl


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