As the Rose, so the Heart too unfolds . . .

03/08/2019 . . .
Abundance is ALL of our Hearts Awakening!

I woke up at 1:59 am this morning, seeing a wise woman wearing a crown and as the words below streamed through my head, I feel this comes timely as the GIFT OF ABUNDANCE is the gift of the Divine Feminine returning in the fullness of Love on the planet. This is especially timely as we honor all women on this International Woman’s Day and for us ALL (women and men) to bring forth our Soul Gifts.

“See HER with a crown . . . . . Blessed Be for the days have arrived and are to remain. Come forward each soul in your knowing, as today, as you know, is the Blessed Gift of Abundance the world seeks for ALL time forever more.”

“Blessed Be for the world is changing, the earth as a planet, and we as Humanity, the Heart and Soul of our Being is shifting to a higher, the highest ‘Octave Remembrance’ (from the 02/05/2019 Blog).  It is our allowing the Soul’s embedded memory to come forth for the expression and sharing with the world a new song…the song of Love, of Joy, of Remembrance to a time of Union, the Uni-song or ONE song. Love is the universal thread (frequency), the language from our hearts.”

I am seeing people standing as if the awakening of this remembering is now activating each heart on a grander scale.

I see golden waves in circumferential rippling outward, spreading and connecting . . . then spherical . . . then a spiral emanation from the hearts as we continue to connect within, with each other and as we evolve…as we come into higher harmonic accordance, as if the language (or song) of the heart now is evolving, holding more than a single note, carrying music just like that of the orchestra playing within harmony, within unity as one Being.

Each musician, each Soul or Heart, contributing to the song.

Each is necessary . . . necessary for each heart to remember the Octaves within and to seek the center to begin the unfolding.  Just as the Rose unfolds her petals, blooming, releasing her fragrance, our hearts release the frequency (fragrance) of Love to be carried.  Just as fragrance carries a note . . . the notes of Love are the purest, truest, the most pristine.

Today go deep within your heart and take the time to heal that which may feel less than Love, bringing to the Glory of God/Goddess for transmutation within the eternal Love of the Creator/Creatress.

As our beating hearts unite, may the proliferation of the Rose and HER note of Love be a Feminine Force of Nature that is a fragrance beyond the air we breathe, for Love PERMEATES our Being as we speak, think, walk and carry . . . forever more . . . within our energetic field.

As our fields unite, there is no separation.  It IS as if all Human hearts of women, of men, and of children are the actual united heart cells, pulsating and creating the coherent field around Mother Earth, for SHE is the true Heart.  Love is the frequency, the heartbeat and pulse upon our planet, that leads the Way . . . . .

I see once again the wise feminine being wearing HER crown, hearing “a portal.”

It feels as if a portal has been fully opened, and the gates are fully allowing the energy of the DIVINE FEMININE to be flooding through the planet, to flood our hearts and for HER ancient wisdom to return to reign here on Earth.

Abundance is ALL OF OUR HEARTS awakening to HER Love Song.

Just as the Rose blossoms and unfolds, releasing her fragrance . . . our hearts unite and release the frequency of Love . . . the greatest force of nature . . . forever more.

And So It Is….❤️🌹❤️🌹❤️🌹❤️🌹❤️🌹❤️

P.S. The middle notes of a fragrance are considered the HEART of the fragrance. A common fragrance middle note is the ROSE.


In Love & Service…

XOXO Cheryl