Return to the garden . . .

02/23/2019 . . .

As I go into meditation for healing the shadow of the Divine Feminine, I call upon the energies of Lilith, to reveal herself.

I am greeted by the many faces she has shown up . . . either in feminine human form or male human form . . . from early years as a child to the most recent as an adult.

She reveals herself in many ways, in the giving and in the receiving.  In the silencing of voice, squelching of spirit, in judgment, in ridicule, in shame, in questioning self-worth, in doubt, in rejection, in betrayal, in gossip . . .

And as I speak with each one to bring forth the resonance of Truth, Love, Forgiveness, and Healing . . . I also ask for how I have been blessed by this shadow of the Divine Feminine?  How can this serve me, so I can bring forth the Purity of my heart.

THIS, I give my greatest gratitude for finding the path to return to Divine Love and the remembrance I have choice . . . and I choose LOVE . . . always . . . and in ALL Ways.  My choice is to choose LOVE and to align with Truth from within AND to align with LOVE and Truth from without.

After exploring all the many faces and experiences that Lilith has presented herself, I look at Lilith across from me, face to face.

I do not see a bitter, negative, dark shadow feminine energy.  She is actually clothed in white.  I see one who is ready to step fully into the light, owning her truth and ready to uphold her heart.   I see her in fullness, ready to step into the flame that is sitting between us, between our hearts.  She stands, as if she has been waiting for me to recognize her, and for me to bring her home fully as I can truly see her many faces turn into one.

I invite her to step into the eternal flame of divine love within my heart, to transmute all lower vibration that she represents that may have been received . . . or originated from . . .  within me.

I ask her to reunite with me, for ALL to be transmuted in love, light and love even more fully . . . and divinely . . . for the restoration of my original divine blueprint.

As she steps into the flame, I see a full circle of Lilith’s, a collective of faces and her energy stepping into the eternal flame of my heart.  It is as if ALL the energies within the circle are saying we are ready as well.  We are ready to return to LOVE, to Divine Purity and Grace.  It is from here, within the purity of the heart, where LOVE is chosen for creation forward.

As I see the many Lilith’s within the eternal flame, I sense the “Rising of the Phoenix,” and a new Lilith going through a metamorphosis.

Within the flames, an eye of the Peacock feather emerges.

From the ashes and flames I see something more white unfolding, unsure if these are petal or wings.

They are the beating of wings . . . four in total . . . white, pearlescent, translucent.

Are these the wings of an angel?

A butterfly?

Perhaps a dragonfly?

Or even a fairy?

I am taken below, for my vision to see the body that sits beneath the wings.

She is simply a tiny Bee with beautiful, delicate wings.

She flies into the garden.

She has returned to the garden of creation where she originally left.

She flies from flower to flower, from rose to rose.

Her feet take the pollen, the substrate of the nectar and sweetness of life (i.e. the honey), sharing between all the flowers, and all the roses, of the garden.

Her flight, and the dance of her feet, have the potential to reconnect the roses, to bring back the feminine circle of sisterhood.

She is offering by her new presence to return the garden of creation into a place where the Divine Feminine is honored and uplifted in community and collaboration.

She, too, has returned to BEE part of community within the Divine Feminine.

She teaches us that the circle sits comfortably within the shape of the hexagonal honeycomb.

The Divine Feminine Circle of Sisterhood sits with ease and beauty within this structure.

The honeycomb houses the womb where the nectar of life is created . . . the sweetness and JOY . . that fills and nourishes our hearts.  ALL is birthed forth from us working together as a collective.

She also teaches us that she still has a stinger.  THIS is her reminder that we have choice.

LOVE and uniting as ONE is a conscious choice that our heart chooses.  And when we choose LOVE . . . Life in all of it’s co-creative energy with the Divine can bring forth and birth the greatest of sweetness . . . the beautiful nectar . . . the honey.

It is a collective process in creating honey . .  this sweet nectar that flows, nourishes, sustains, and heals.  It is the food of the garden, the sweetness of life.

It is the pureness of  JOY that is birthed from within the divine union of your whole being, residing within your heart.

It is the JOY birthed from within the sacred collective, for we have healed and returned to the garden of creation.  All the flowers, and all the roses, are now BEEing connected within the Divine Feminine Circle of Sisterhood that the garden has been waiting for.

NOW is the time . . .

My deepest gratitude to the many soul sisters and teachers whoso love and messages brought forth this weaving and understanding through vision.  May this resonate, not only within my heart and for myself, but also for the collective healing for the Divine Feminine, along with the Divine Masculine, as we continue to come into harmonious union together.

~ Cheryl Berry

XOXO Cheryl



2 thoughts on “Return to the garden . . .

  1. Omg you are writing about my deepest most personal visions and dreams the Goddess has brought me in recent years. Did you see my post on Twitter about “ the Sweetness of Life” that I was given to drink and looks like honey on my Home Mothership? I posted it the other day. Or my intense haunting dream of the Divine Feminine come back to Earth raining stars that anointed my face and the sky had the constellation with a graphic of the Rising Phoenix? Or the fact that I live and breathe ROSES for the past 13 years and even named my business DIvyne Rose Healing. And that I am CALLING OUT to bring my ROSE SISTARS home as Sophia has asked me to do. And that LILITH came to me the other day to remind me to LOVE her as I was born under the Black Moon of Lilith. A mist hard place to be born for one’s Goddess Journey Home. You wrote my Soul’s Story. I am stunned as a bee who has been stung. 🌹 🐝


  2. WOW…Thank You for all that you have shared! ❤️ I am so honored to be here on this parallel path, and I look forward to reading your blogs. I am touched and feel a bit stunned myself to hear ALL the many similarities. ❤️🙏🌹 🐝 I too have had the calling to reach out to connect via sister circles. I recently facilitated a workshop called SHE Speaks: Awakening Your Divine Feminine Wisdom, which is continuing as a meditation circle. I have had the vision of circles of light reconnecting all over the world within sisterhood. I also felt the calling to simply start connecting to other women, and men, via social media from around the globe within the consciousness of the Divine Feminine/Divine Masculine. Roses are a HUGE theme in my life, especially with my mother and sister are both named Rosa, but also receiving images of the rose, as well as guidance/messages from Mary Magdalene and Sophia. I discovered recently that Lilith is also in my astological chart. I feel it is all about LOVE, loving our light and the shadow. Healing the wounding of the Human and Divine Feminine so she can fully return from hiding and be restored to full visibility in the Light and in Love from our heart. We seem to hold quite a similar bouquet of feminine energies together and I am so grateful as we also share a similar SOUL purpose. Beautiful Blessings from MY heart to YOURS! ❤️🙏🌹🌎🐝😘


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