The Dove…

“As I sit upon the floor, the base of the pyramid, I hear the chanting of my heart, my heart singing the chords of which it is remembering, a sound, a refrain I’ve never heard before…sweet, low. I see myself, returning, walking into the pyramid, dressed in a white gown as if the Dove herself, seeing me as the Initiate. I’ve returned, yet I am the Dove in Human form, almost waltzing, gliding over the floor of the great pyramid.

The song of the Heart is like the sound of the Dove, deep within the throat. As I sound, I see the actual dove make sounds of hers, seeing her throat move. She and I are one.

Blessed Be for we have come here today in unison for this (uni-son), one song, song of the heart.

Know SHE (Dove) presents herself here in form (Human) as a gift to our remembrance of knowing the throat (Truth) of which we speak and share with the world. As we do, this is the activation like a melody heard from one bird to another, one heart of souls to another.

Take your hand(s) over your heart and allow yourself to feel the beat, see the rhythm as ripples emanate. See the Dove in your heart as starting to flap her wings as she starts to sing with your heart, and as the frequency builds she is able to take flight, not through her own accord, but to fly on the waves of frequencies, the vibration, on the sonic pulses, the waves of the beat from your heart.

Beating of wings are not necessary, as the beating heart gives the lift to the wings to soar into the heavens and beyond. SHE, the dove, flys into the night sky, into the stars, into the realm of the night sky, into the Solar vast Milky Way and Beyond, to where your heart beat is anchored within the Universal Field.

It’s as if we all have a heart node (like the SA node and AV node of the physical heart), which looks like a “pod” or pearl out within the field – as the universe which lends itself to the deeper layers of dimension – into the multiverse.

Each heart node of the multiverse is able to propagate it’s wave to the next, collectively, creating the field of coherence and multi-dimensional unfolding –> orchestra in harmonious synchrony with all different notes/chords, yet bringing forth the greatest of percussion (sound) that the hearts uplift into One Heart create. Note of Heart is key to the Heart Node within the Night Sky. Your heart sings to it.  Just as the Dove sings and calls to her mate to unite, we sing to unite with our Heart within the Stars.

The awakening – the quickening – “quiver effect” – is the beating, the pulsation of these Universal Heart Nodes, like the propagation of the sinus wave from the SA node through the heart cells of the physical hear).  You connect to your Universal Heart Node just like the Central Nerve System connects to the SA node.

Those in your soul family will feel the Heart here on Earth. Then they too can sing their Hearts’ accord, connecting universally.  As the 144,000 souls awaken to find their Heart node in the sky, each will connect in the Universe, creating a new grid, a Universal Heart Grid for others to join in collectively, as if WE create the pathways, matrix, for this Universal Heart Grid.

Your Heart(s) hold the key, the Note to sing back to the Night Sky like the Dove sings in unison her song to be sung to her Beloved. We each sing from our hearts the note that accords, and invokes through vibration, UNIVERSAL LOVE, to awaken the Heart Node(s) within the field of consciousness beyond the Earth plane and is awakened to reconnect, and reconvene, and reconfigure the pathways within the universe, creating a grid or matrix that holds the Universe together. As if we create something beyond words, beyond the imagination.

It’s as if layers upon layers of “structure” and infrastructure arevmanifesting to anchor the Holy of Holys, like the Heart (i.e. the physical sac, chambers, valves, arteries, veins, smaller vessels and tributaries) cannot exist, cannot propagate the wave form, without the electrical pathway, without the intercalated cells, or without the SA node receiving from the Brain/CNS/Nerve Fibers. Electrical propagation relies on the SA node of the heart and it’s intercalated cells.

The Universal Heart, however, is based on sound, Inner Harmonics that propagate in frequency, vibration within the field. “Heart to Heart” is via frequency, the note of your heart to the universal field, through the Universal Note.

As we connect to “this” note and connect to your Heart Pod (like a pearl or node within the universal field), see it quiver (like the throat of the Dove). Notes are being sung to activate the spiraling within the Pod and energies start to emerge like the tributaries of the human heart, seeking to find resonance back to your human heart for manifestation, to connect Earth to the Pod universally and to anchor Earth into the Universal Heart Grid.  Universally, we are to hold this Universe Heart Grid for Earth, HERself.

Connect your heart to your Heart Node. Collectively our Heart Nodes create the Universal Heart Grid. Each Node connects back into the human heart to create here upon Earth.

The key is Purity and Truth of your Heart that creates coherence, cohesiveness, connection, re-connection, creation for this New Matrix.

There will be two grids . . . 1) connecting the hearts upon the Earth, 2) Heart Nodes connected within the Universe . . . such that the universal nodes are pulling soul energies into the Earth.

Is this HER ascension, HER becoming a Star as her energy is elevated , as WE lift her up by anchoring to our hearts within the Collective of Humanity’s Heart, as well as being anchored to the Heart Nodes of the Universe?

As we create the grid there (within the universe) and pull in our soul energy (to Earth), by Soul’s Decree of what we came here for, WE lift HER and ALL of Humanity to the next level.

Bow to the DOVE, her throat, her Breast, her beating heart . . . As I bow to the others within the pyramid and give thanks for we are all activating within this accord and in accordance to the Divine Dance that is to Begin the calling of the Heart, this Call of the Dove of LOVE back home within relationship to the Universe for all shall be revealed (all Nodes quickening and awakened). ALL will connect to their True North, their True Node, to unify the Oneness that we seek and accord via Divine Decree. And So it Is.  And So it Is” . . . . . . Amen. ❤️

Blessed Be.

XOXO Cheryl


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