Where everything is music…

“When I am silent, I fall into that place where everything is music.” ~ Rumi

We have had snow in the Northwest beyond anything I have ever experienced.

Yes, we have had the rare foot of snow dumped every ten years or so, but this has been waves, upon waves of snow fall.

Today was the third wave and there is another wave expected in a few days, with potentially more next week.

Even though it has created a disruption in many lives and many schedules, there is beauty and elegance, along with a sense of wonder and magic, that snow brings to adults and children.

Snow also brings a stillness to the air.

I feel there is a hush that allows the extraneous noise, chatter and frivolous to fall away.

I feel the snow nudges us to dive into the sacred, as well as remembrance of joy.  It also creates more harmony among people . . . at least it has the potential to do so . . .  because we are all in this together, especially when it comes relentlessly.

I, personally, feel it is an invitation from the Divine for us to connect inwards, to go inside, go within our own heart, and hold the space for each other’s heart.

It is a time to really hold compassion for the self and for everyone.

We each are doing the best we can as we ALL are out of our usual routine and sometimes quite out of our comfort zone.  Sometimes for days or even weeks.

Snow tells me there is a unique sound in the silence, in the quiet that goes beyond words and resonates in the heart.  There is frequency and music that can be felt.

So much I have been receiving lately in meditation and what has been coming through in my writing, has been on the heart . . . connecting to it’s sound, frequency, vibration, notes, chords, chimes, resonance, octaves . . . all words that relate to music.

It surprises me, as this has not been my world, except for listening to music and artists on Pandora or YouTube, or attending the rare concert.  However, I did play the clarinet when I was in 4th to 6th grade, but I could not read a sheet of music if I wanted to at this time in my life.

In that sense, I identify myself as being the receiver, and appreciator, of music . . . versus the initiator.

However, the Divine messages I am receiving tells me otherwise, and the books I have read over the years tell me otherwise.  Some of the chiropractic techniques I have studied, also, tell me otherwise.

We are frequency.

We are vibration.

We are sound.

We are music.

When I take the time to tone the notes of the chakras, or pause to drop my awareness into my heart to speak (versus from my head), I also feel otherwise.  It begins with initiating the stillness and quieting of the extraneous, the internal and external, chatter.

When I do find the stillness and silence within, I feel a more unique quality of sound that comes from within my Being.  THAT . . . I will . . . and do . . . claim I AM the initiator of.

It does not matter whether you play the guitar, the piano, the clarinet, the violin or the harp . . . YOUR instrument is your Beingness . . . the Human Body and Divine Soul embodied.

We each are creators of music via the frequencies and vibrations we each put forth from our heart, emotions, thoughts, beliefs, perceptions, as well as body and soul.

If you limit your perspective to only musical instruments, you have lost sight of who YOU truly are and how powerful your ability is to create, to create in chorus with another and with many others, as well as to create within the harmonics of the universe (and multi-verse).

I know what I feel when music speaks to my heart . . . to my body . . . and to my soul.

I know how I feel when I am in resonance with another Divine Human Being.

I know how it feels when I am in alignment with Truth, whether within myself and/or with another.

IT all goes beyond the actual words spoken.

IT is the energetic presence that each person expresses from the core of their Being and is felt within the field.

IT is the space between.

IT is where we are not separate, but where we are energetically connected.

When you let go of the words, only the resonance, or lack of resonance, is left.

THIS is the music.

The music is what we feel with our hearts and goes beyond the words.

Snow or no snow . . .take the time to listen beyond the words . . . to the silence . . . and to what falls in the spaces between the words.

Listen . . .  to your heart . . . and . . . with your heart.

Listen . . . to another Divine Human Being’s heart.

Listen . . . for here . . . within the silence . . . is the place where you will discover that . . . everything . . everything IS music!


In Love & Service…From my Heart to Yours,

XOXO Cheryl


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