Stay in the center of the unfolding . . .

Message 01/05/2019 . . .
“Allow yourself to walk in glory of what is ahead and around you of the light, be in the center of the unfolding. Be the center of the rose to unfold in accord (accordance) with Divine timing. It is so. Let them lead so you can come forth, ripen at the Divine (right) time for your work is to come later, but in perfect announcement. Let it be so, so it is.”
I see myself surrounded by light, sheets of light all around me and energy of people before me, as if paving the way. So it does not have to be so hard.
“Allow it to expand with Truth and Knowingness of God’s Love for you, for HIS love (Yeshua’s love) for you, as he upholds & uplifts you into the higher realms of expansion such that it is easy, attainable, knowing what it is like to move through the dimensions as a human once more, gain experience, wisdom as you are HER and of creation; it is no less miraculous this journey for which you have come, you have been chosen. Yes, you volunteered, saying “Yes,” you would, you will go.”
I give thanks for this honor, for being chosen and for choosing. May it glorify God/Goddess, HER rising from the dead, if you will (the barrenness of recognition on Earth) to her rightful place in the Universe along side of HER Beloved, My Beloved. May the children also be proclaimed in this ONENESS for they, without them, we are nothing. It is they that are the fruits, the creation of Mother/Father, Bride/Husband, that are the Holy redeemed ones. They are our glory, our love, our (honorable).
“Hold them in your heart, all of them, not just those you have given birth to in this lifetime, or as Mary Magdalene and Yeshua. All the children are to be held in love, even the unborn. Thank you and so it is. Blessed Be my child, my daughter. (Goddess)
Yaweh, Shekinah, Supreme on High
Mary Magdalene Rose – Stay in the center of the unfolding, in your heart of heart of the ROSE.”
~ Mary Magdalene Rose as channeled through Cheryl Berry
XOXO Cheryl

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