Magdalene Rose …

01/03/2019 . . . “The time has come when we all shall seek the glory for which we came to be in ONENESS to be with the Divine in Union with God.  It is our birthright to choose, to be whole, to be of fruition from Source.  We are the fruit which life has born and it is our glory to continue to bear Truth, Hope . . .  not ideology . . . but true awareness of Beingness.  We are the ONENESS from which all else grows, evolving into that which was given to us by Birth of each Soul.  It is time to return to that knowingness (consciousness) of Purity of wholeness of Integrity such that God walks upon the earth, no more, no less than HE/SHE had intended with that of creation.  We are the co-creators that we seek and so it is time to realize our true nature and be the purest channel (vessel) for which Source flows heavenly into Being and the Human rises to meet the Divinity within the heart . . . the marriage of the Divine/Human, the Feminine/Masculine Christ . . . it is here in the bridal chamber (the garden of your heart), that allows for union (marriage) of the Divine Feminine/Masculine Christ to be Birthed once more, through the voice (throat chakra, i.e. expression), so the Soul is birthed back to God/Goddess and the Star is Born as the Merkaba is activated . . . and the Rose unfolds to show the Way of Love.”

Magdalene Rose Codes as channeled through Cheryl Berry

In Love & Service,

XOXO Cheryl

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