Return to Divine Innocence…

SHE Speaks . . . SHE . . the Divine Feminine . . . speaks to the inner journey of the Soul.

The Soul’s journey inward is to it’s knowingness of ONENESS.

It is the knowingness that YOU are a RAY of God . . . no less than the purity of liquid crystalline flowing LIGHT and LOVE.

The journey inward is the Soul’s journey Home.  It is the “Return to Divine Innocence.”

In your Divine Innocence, you are the Purity of  LIGHT and LOVE expressed, holding from within your human form the universal life force energy of both the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine.

The Feminine Christos . . . SHE is about the remembering the WAY of Christ and that there is a calling within for the Return of the Divine Feminine . . . for the Birth of the Divine Daughter of God . . . the earthly expression of the FEMININE RAY of Light and Love that is ONE with the Creator.

SHE is part of the wholeness which we ALL hold within our sacred hearts and entire Being . . . feminine/masculine . . . mother/father . . . daughter/son . . . sister/brother . . . bride/bridegroom . . . wife/husband.

You are living life on earth as a Human vessel of pure Divine Light and Love.

Your expression in this human form, may be as a woman . . . or a man . . . however, you hold both energies within of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine.

You ARE within the Divine Essence of your being the the pureness of God’s LIGHT and LOVE.

You are ONE with the Creator.  Your energy is sovereign with the ONE. 

You are pure Divine Innocence in living form.

It is time to reclaim your sovereignty . . . return to Purity . . . and remember your Truth.

It is time for each One, and for Humanity as a whole, to Birth Your Divine Innocence from the sacred union of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine Christ within your Sacred Heart.

May the RETURN of Your DIVINE INNOCENCE as a Child of God . . . as You ALL are beautiful RAYS of Light from God . . . Divine Daughters and Sons . . . be the beautiful gift that your Soul BIRTHS to the world and to the Universe this Holiday Season!




“Return to Innocence” . . . Song by Enigma
As I have been hearing this song for the last 3 days, I had a huge awareness of parts of my Soul that had been forgotten due to being buried quite deeply, and for longer than I can consciously comprehend.
As the waves of loss . . . losing trust in myself, others, and life . . . due to experiences that created feelings of abandonment, isolation, injustice, shame, fear, having to play small, anger, grief . . . have been uncovered, it is allowing for healing, transformation and integration into Truth.  I pray for ALL of Humanity . . . for each individual . . . to find the pathWAY that allows their own Return to Divine Innocence.
May you return to the gateway of your Heart to find the Soul’s Return . . . such that your Being soars within the wings of Truth and Integrity of your Soul coming home . . . to fully expand and live from this moment forward into the wholeness of your SOUL’S ESSENCE.
My deepest love and gratitude . . . beyond words . . . to ALL the assistance from SPIRIT and the beings of light that came in human form, as well as the Sacred Ones, for the retrieval, healing and strengthening that I AM experiencing.
I pray with love and gratitude for this Holiday Season to bring the gift for each person on the planet to open and evolve on a deeper level from within . . . discovering the Return to Divine Innocence within the energetic field of Truth & Integrity . . . as you allow SPIRIT to lead you home!
In Love & Service . . .
XOXO Cheryl



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