Worlds Beyond . . .

I have had the desire to be in a place of Silence for many weeks, pulling inward to focus on me on ALL levels (physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually).  The Silence has been a place to find clarity, without distraction, and to find the inner and outer energy to do so.   I have spent a lot of time clearing and meditating, as well as aligning to my Truth . . . as well as just trying to keep up with the day-to-day, along with conducting a workshop, year’s end, new year business planning, and all the preparation for going on a Holiday vacation.

Message 12/10/2018

Today, I woke up seeing the face of a lion . . .


These words started streaming through my head . . .

“In these days of Silence may more come through that serves the universal pathways of love and service such that I can be a portal for the Divine messages from my family of origin (the galactic realm and beyond) such that ALL that I hear is transcribed for the knowingness of many who seek to understand the word, the energy of God, the Lord, in His/Her Beauty.”

I was shown the image of LIGHT in a field . . .


“I find Peace and Harmony as I align with Truth and the Truth aligns with me.”

“When you realize the Universe resides within you, you have the ability to change the course/direction of your life, whether it be healing or creating.  Not only will YOU be healthier and happier, but the field of Consciousness will arise to a higher vibration, such that pathways unknownst will emerge far greater than ever seen or imagined.  Such that your experience of life and being a co-creator with God, the Lord/the Divine Goddess, you will awaken from a slumber that never in your wildest dreams existed.  The fabrication of a new world unknown is about to emerge and manifest through the thoughts, beliefs, and frequencies you hold.  So hold TRUE to your vibrational core, for here in lies the greatness from which you will create and will fly to worlds beyond what has limited you in the past millennia.  Life is about to start anew my Dear Ones.  So be it . . .”



In Love & Service to the Divine Feminine  . . .

XOXO Cheryl

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