The TRUTH . . .

Message 12/6/2018 . . .

“I AM protected.

I AM clear in my vision.

I see without obstacles.

I see the TRUTH within my mind’s eye and within my heart.

My Being aligns to the TRUTH.

The TRUTH is attracted to me.

I AM Love.

I AM Light.

And, I stand clearly as who I AM, seeing my purpose & what I AM to do, and where I AM to go…for the highest and best for my BEing.

As I allow this, I also allow everyone else to follow the clarity of their individual path and to align to their individual TRUTH.

Blessed Be…”



May this be an affirmation for each of us to reclaim our Soul Essence and Sovereignty, as we align our Divine/Human vessel with the Creator, holding our beautiful cosmic energetic stream…or RAY…of LIGHT, LOVE & TRUTH!


In Love & Service to the Divine Feminine . . .

XOXO Cheryl

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