SHE knows the WAY…

I was following this horse whose left eye was closed.

It looked as if she had been injured.  Or, perhaps she only had one eye?

I was trying to bring her back home.

She had gotten loose and was running . . . running fast!

I was afraid that she was frightened and scared.  I was afraid that she would ultimately get lost . . . especially since she only had one good eye to see with.

She traveled to the right . . . turned right again . . . running along the backside of the house.

She was now running down the middle of the road.

I was in a truck with two male friends following her . . . trying to catch her.

She made another right . . . and another.

She basically made a full square back around . . . always to the right . . . returning along side of the house.

Or, you could say she was “circling back around” to the front door of the log cabin.

The log cabin house was very familiar with a sunflower wreath on the front door.

There were lots of big, open windows.  As we drove by, I could even see the long wooden rectangular dining room table with more sunflowers in a vase.

Just as I thought, the horse was home . . . she bolted.

She took off running  . . . “like crazy” . . . to the left.

How could I get her back?

Why was she running so fiercely?

The two men where quite confident that . . . they” . . . could get her back.

As I finished telling the dream to my friend, she said . . .

“Now, you KNOW who that horse represents, don’t you?”

“No.  I guess I really don’t.”

“SHE is your Spirit.  And SHE knows EXACTLY where SHE is going!!!”


Trust your Spirit . . .

Trust your Soul . . .

Trust your Feminine Wisdom . . .

SHE will guide you . . . even when you don’t know where you are going.

TRUST . . .

SHE knows the WAY home!


XOXO Cheryl



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