Return to Divine Innocence…

SHE Speaks . . . SHE . . the Divine Feminine . . . speaks to the inner journey of the Soul.

The Soul’s journey inward is to it’s knowingness of ONENESS.

It is the knowingness that YOU are a RAY of God . . . no less than the purity of liquid crystalline flowing LIGHT and LOVE.

The journey inward is the Soul’s journey Home.  It is the “Return to Divine Innocence.”

In your Divine Innocence, you are the Purity of  LIGHT and LOVE expressed, holding from within your human form the universal life force energy of both the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine.

The Feminine Christos . . . SHE is about the remembering the WAY of Christ and that there is a calling within for the Return of the Divine Feminine . . . for the Birth of the Divine Daughter of God . . . the earthly expression of the FEMININE RAY of Light and Love that is ONE with the Creator.

SHE is part of the wholeness which we ALL hold within our sacred hearts and entire Being . . . feminine/masculine . . . mother/father . . . daughter/son . . . sister/brother . . . bride/bridegroom . . . wife/husband.

You are living life on earth as a Human vessel of pure Divine Light and Love.

Your expression in this human form, may be as a woman . . . or a man . . . however, you hold both energies within of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine.

You ARE within the Divine Essence of your being the the pureness of God’s LIGHT and LOVE.

You are ONE with the Creator.  Your energy is sovereign with the ONE. 

You are pure Divine Innocence in living form.

It is time to reclaim your sovereignty . . . return to Purity . . . and remember your Truth.

It is time for each One, and for Humanity as a whole, to Birth Your Divine Innocence from the sacred union of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine Christ within your Sacred Heart.

May the RETURN of Your DIVINE INNOCENCE as a Child of God . . . as You ALL are beautiful RAYS of Light from God . . . Divine Daughters and Sons . . . be the beautiful gift that your Soul BIRTHS to the world and to the Universe this Holiday Season!




“Return to Innocence” . . . Song by Enigma
As I have been hearing this song for the last 3 days, I had a huge awareness of parts of my Soul that had been forgotten due to being buried quite deeply, and for longer than I can consciously comprehend.
As the waves of loss . . . losing trust in myself, others, and life . . . due to experiences that created feelings of abandonment, isolation, injustice, shame, fear, having to play small, anger, grief . . . have been uncovered, it is allowing for healing, transformation and integration into Truth.  I pray for ALL of Humanity . . . for each individual . . . to find the pathWAY that allows their own Return to Divine Innocence.
May you return to the gateway of your Heart to find the Soul’s Return . . . such that your Being soars within the wings of Truth and Integrity of your Soul coming home . . . to fully expand and live from this moment forward into the wholeness of your SOUL’S ESSENCE.
My deepest love and gratitude . . . beyond words . . . to ALL the assistance from SPIRIT and the beings of light that came in human form, as well as the Sacred Ones, for the retrieval, healing and strengthening that I AM experiencing.
I pray with love and gratitude for this Holiday Season to bring the gift for each person on the planet to open and evolve on a deeper level from within . . . discovering the Return to Divine Innocence within the energetic field of Truth & Integrity . . . as you allow SPIRIT to lead you home!
In Love & Service . . .
XOXO Cheryl



I AM ONE . . .

Channeled Message 12/11/2018 . . .

“I wish (burning desire) to speak for myself, for HER, for ALL, the whole channel.  As SHE is God’s portal.  I speak for ALL, the Gateway of the Feminine Christ, the Sophia, the eminence of God/Goddess HERSelf and the Holy to the Creator/Creatress Force of Love Beyond Measure.  (Hear the words of the song…SHE’s like the wind).

I speak for ALL . . . SHE . . . ‘Magdalene Rose’ of the Central Sun Channeling.

These are just channels of vibration/frequencies (one stream).  Connecting point between Heaven/Earth Star Gateway for the Feminine Christ to explore within a direct energy stream from God/Goddess HERself.

‘I AM ONE with the Creator and My Energy is Sovereign with the ONE.’

Write, Speak, Publish.  What may be unheard to others, speaks loudly to your Heart Dear One.  Don’t Forget.

“False Prophets.”  Isn’t there truth in what is said?  Proclaimed.

Proclamation is not the WAY.  It’s not about shouting from rooftops or media exposure.  Remember . . . Humble, Sacred . . . let it spread like an undercurrent, not the overcurrent or wave on top.  Let come from underneath to rise untold, unprecedented and unannounced.  It is not the golden trumpets or chariots a blazing, as some make it appear.  It comes softer, more Earthy, like a seed sprouting through the ground.  It is not what is seen on the surface, but felt and heard from within the heart.  From under the soil, let the seed take root and grow versus reaching for a star and pulling it down from the sky.  It has to be born from your very core.

What I hear today is from a stream of consciousness that is lined by multiple gateways of vibrational frequencies.  It is not one voice, but several voices of the Feminine Christ.  SHE is one with Source, not as separate, but a RAY that has converged into a gradual smaller stream to enter the earth plane and into Mother Earth herself, union of Heaven/Earth as one through this connection.

SHE speaks and has spoken for years of…She has shown me, HER, through vision, the Feminine Christ.  SHE has spoken of the lioness, as to HER birth, for the last three years.  SHE has spoken of Sovereignty within the last month.  These are not new themes for HER, simply an awakening for “us” who walk the planet.  As the codes are being lighted from within, as if sparks to a flame, each is being ignited.

But the key is not to a blazing, that which is not the way of LOVE.  LOVE is gentle, it is a powerful universal force, but one that needs no announcement.  Yeshua (Sananda) was not born within a castle, but of a manger.  Kingdom and Queendom is not about what is on the outside, but WITHIN.  The “roar” of the lioness is to know when to use right voice, right action.  The lioness speaks to Sovereignty, as she bows to No One, and is owned by None.

The roar of the lion is typically from the masculine, not the feminine, unless threatened.  The feminine is not to become masculine.  Now is not to feel the need to take the throne, but to simply step up to knowing you are ONE with God/Goddess, Creator/Creatress.  That is all!

It is about awakening consciousness, about your Truth.  No one has ownership over you, as you are ONE with Source, the ALL, the Almighty.  The “roar” is simply the vibration of TRUTH, the arrival that opening has occurred, like “rumble of thunder.”  As God is the word, the roar is Energy.

There it starts with awakening.  The fabrication is woven as new energy strands are woven into the matrix of creation. You are awakened into a community consciousness of ONE, becoming a weaver of God’s LOVE.  No more.  No less.

Take back your power is to reclaim LOVE and bring LOVE into ALL you do, and to weave the frequency of the Almighty into life, into living, and that the fabric is ONE of the Matriarch/Patriarch in Union.  There is no separation.

We are part of their Dance together, not as watchful bystanders, but by dancing with them (…as I hear the words being sung, “cheek to cheek”) in our Sacred Hearts.  Within your Sacred Heart is the marriage from which birth of yourself as the universe gives Birth to the Soul.  We originated as ONE with God/Goddess, Masculine/Feminine.

You ARE One of the Holy Ones, the Dear Ones, Sacred One.  You ARE Son/Daughter of God/Goddess.  The Trinity is now the (Father/Mother)/(Son/Daughter)/(Holy Spirit).

I AM awakening from the slumber from which I have slept, silencing my voice for not wishing to disturb that which was planted.  Now awakened, I have sprouted through the dark soil of Mother Earth where I buried myself to rejuvenate and heal from wounds unknown, except to my soul, to come into the Light, into the Sun (…as I type I hear again the music and various words from the song, “SHE’s like the wind”…), to hold HER (the Central Sun) as well in my Being – as I AM of the ALL, Light/Dark, Heaven/Earth, Human/Divine.  I AM Sovereign to the ONE.  I AM ONE with the Creator/Creatress.  My Energy is Sovereign to the ONE.  I stand in the Light as SHE who is the ONE.  I AM Mary.  I AM Sophia.  I AM Yahweh.  I AM . . . . I AM Who I AM.




In Love & Sacred Service to the Feminine Christ . . .

XOXO Cheryl

Worlds Beyond . . .

I have had the desire to be in a place of Silence for many weeks, pulling inward to focus on me on ALL levels (physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually).  The Silence has been a place to find clarity, without distraction, and to find the inner and outer energy to do so.   I have spent a lot of time clearing and meditating, as well as aligning to my Truth . . . as well as just trying to keep up with the day-to-day, along with conducting a workshop, year’s end, new year business planning, and all the preparation for going on a Holiday vacation.

Message 12/10/2018

Today, I woke up seeing the face of a lion . . .


These words started streaming through my head . . .

“In these days of Silence may more come through that serves the universal pathways of love and service such that I can be a portal for the Divine messages from my family of origin (the galactic realm and beyond) such that ALL that I hear is transcribed for the knowingness of many who seek to understand the word, the energy of God, the Lord, in His/Her Beauty.”

I was shown the image of LIGHT in a field . . .


“I find Peace and Harmony as I align with Truth and the Truth aligns with me.”

“When you realize the Universe resides within you, you have the ability to change the course/direction of your life, whether it be healing or creating.  Not only will YOU be healthier and happier, but the field of Consciousness will arise to a higher vibration, such that pathways unknownst will emerge far greater than ever seen or imagined.  Such that your experience of life and being a co-creator with God, the Lord/the Divine Goddess, you will awaken from a slumber that never in your wildest dreams existed.  The fabrication of a new world unknown is about to emerge and manifest through the thoughts, beliefs, and frequencies you hold.  So hold TRUE to your vibrational core, for here in lies the greatness from which you will create and will fly to worlds beyond what has limited you in the past millennia.  Life is about to start anew my Dear Ones.  So be it . . .”



In Love & Service to the Divine Feminine  . . .

XOXO Cheryl

The TRUTH . . .

Message 12/6/2018 . . .

“I AM protected.

I AM clear in my vision.

I see without obstacles.

I see the TRUTH within my mind’s eye and within my heart.

My Being aligns to the TRUTH.

The TRUTH is attracted to me.

I AM Love.

I AM Light.

And, I stand clearly as who I AM, seeing my purpose & what I AM to do, and where I AM to go…for the highest and best for my BEing.

As I allow this, I also allow everyone else to follow the clarity of their individual path and to align to their individual TRUTH.

Blessed Be…”



May this be an affirmation for each of us to reclaim our Soul Essence and Sovereignty, as we align our Divine/Human vessel with the Creator, holding our beautiful cosmic energetic stream…or RAY…of LIGHT, LOVE & TRUTH!


In Love & Service to the Divine Feminine . . .

XOXO Cheryl

Open Your Hearts…

“Open your hearts to the one next to you for here in lies the second key to your evolution, for once we learn to love ourselves, we learn to love one another as ourself.”

Channeled Message 12/04/2018 . . .

“Blessed Be for the days of glory are upon us and soon to expand into greatness far beyond earthly imagination. For in this, through safety, of which we are seeking in the world our beingness to expand into a new frontier.

May each day be more glorious than the next, for when we skirt through the universe on pathways unknown, but of LOVE, there is no worry, no concern, for which we are headed is guided by the Soul and the Consciousness of One that holds us all as ONE.

Open your hearts to the one next to you for here in lies the second key to your evolution, for once we learn to love ourselves, we learn to love one another as ourself.

May forgiveness fill your hearts/being as you are aware of the connection you all hold with the ONE(ness) and the totality (ONENESS) you all keep.

You’re each one (a) star.

You collectively are a star, spinning, swirling…admirably so…as you discover the energy within you is no less that within the Energy that made the Universe.


You are ONE with the Creator & ALL that is.

May you Be Blessed, and may as you look through your eyes today, may you recognize the Universe with the other who stands next to you as Brother/Sister, for you came from the stars (stardust) and there you shall return.

For now, embrace this walk on Earth as SHE needs your glory (recognition) of being Light, bringing Light into her, as she prepares to ascend and become the beautiful flaming (shining) star she is meant to become.  Blessed it Be & may it be so…”



In Love & Service to the Divine Feminine . . .

XOXO Cheryl

SHE knows the WAY…

I was following this horse whose left eye was closed.

It looked as if she had been injured.  Or, perhaps she only had one eye?

I was trying to bring her back home.

She had gotten loose and was running . . . running fast!

I was afraid that she was frightened and scared.  I was afraid that she would ultimately get lost . . . especially since she only had one good eye to see with.

She traveled to the right . . . turned right again . . . running along the backside of the house.

She was now running down the middle of the road.

I was in a truck with two male friends following her . . . trying to catch her.

She made another right . . . and another.

She basically made a full square back around . . . always to the right . . . returning along side of the house.

Or, you could say she was “circling back around” to the front door of the log cabin.

The log cabin house was very familiar with a sunflower wreath on the front door.

There were lots of big, open windows.  As we drove by, I could even see the long wooden rectangular dining room table with more sunflowers in a vase.

Just as I thought, the horse was home . . . she bolted.

She took off running  . . . “like crazy” . . . to the left.

How could I get her back?

Why was she running so fiercely?

The two men where quite confident that . . . they” . . . could get her back.

As I finished telling the dream to my friend, she said . . .

“Now, you KNOW who that horse represents, don’t you?”

“No.  I guess I really don’t.”

“SHE is your Spirit.  And SHE knows EXACTLY where SHE is going!!!”


Trust your Spirit . . .

Trust your Soul . . .

Trust your Feminine Wisdom . . .

SHE will guide you . . . even when you don’t know where you are going.

TRUST . . .

SHE knows the WAY home!


XOXO Cheryl



Lioness in Woman…

“There is lioness within everyone of God’s daughters and it’s time SHE awakens.”  ~ Lisa Bevere

It was the middle winter, December 2015, I had a speaking engagement to give on Birth of Golden Woman.  I felt I wasn’t quite clear on this last piece which was to link the 3rd and 5th chakras energy centers.  What was this last feminine archetype?  And why was SHE taking so long to be revealed?

I was trying to understand the symbolic meaning of birth via the umblicas (3rd chakra) and the clavicular triangle (at the base of the neck) as a gateway into birthing the Voice.  Even though I spoke about the Birth of the Golden Woman, I really didn’t feel her true essence and energetic meaning until now.

What I saw was an image of a lion standing next to a woman, surrounded in golden light, floating out in the universe.  There was a tether as if representing the umbilical cord and potential for birth.

SHE was not only a Golden Woman, but a Lioness in Woman.

SHE was who I was to give Birth to and Voice to…yet I really wasn’t ready to.

I  personally, didn’t feel ready to birth my own voice into the world.  What difference would anything I voiced, whether through speaking or writing, really make a difference?

I felt I made a small difference in my practice with the women I mentored, but I didn’t know if my message and my way of seeing things energetically could make a bigger impact?

However, something shifted in those last two years, and especially in the last two months, such that the time had come to really claim and embrace this archetype.  It became now that I was ready to really embrace her, it was time to simply embrace the process and see where it might lead for all women who my message resonated with.

It became less about me and more about YOU.

“Since that day, I have never been the center of attention.  YOU are the center of mine.  And, that is a very different feeling.”  ~ Carolyn McHugh

The Golden Woman…the Lioness,  wasn’t just for me to learn from, SHE was for any woman and ALL women to birth HER voice.

It wasn’t about the roar of the LIONESS, but the wisdom of how and when she uses her VOICE to create, teach, and connect her message and her gifts in the world.

The Lioness in Woman is the final archetype, as SHE is able to unite all seven energy centers or chakras.

The Lioness is the huntress, who does so with silence and stealth to come upon her prey.   Her speed and agility allows her to be a great provider, for the survival energy of the 1st chakra.

The Lioness takes pride and joy in her “pride” and family via the relationship and procreative center of the 2nd chakra.  SHE is more likely to use her roar in fending off danger to protect herself, her family, or her ideals.

A woman who holds the Lioness as an achetype recoginzes her power and strength.  SHE uses it consciously in the world from the energy center of the 3rd chakra, as well as aligning it with Divine Will, versus her Ego.

Her courage, passion of heart, and love for her family, community (pride), and nature comes from the 4th chakra.

A woman of the Lioness archetype recognizes her voice is offered within the centered power and passion of the energies below the 5th chakra.  Her voice is birthed through the clavicular triangle, verus the pelvic triangle or floor, to offer creative expression to the world from her body, heart, and soul, to be used for the greater good.

The Lioness, archetype, uses her imagination and intuition from the 6th chakra, sensing what is around her, to know when to move into action and go after what SHE desires, as well as when to lay low, seek rejuvenation, play or relish in the pleasure of all her senses and simply being in nature.

Her connection to the Divine through the 7th chakra is her ability to respect Divine Will versus Personal Ego.  She allows for Divine Timing and to be in tune with the right time to act, putting energy out into the world, or taking energy in for self-care.

Within ALL of the energies united, the Lioness in Woman brings forth a strong, yet feminine presence…with or without words.  It is her energy that shines like the golden sun and begets your attention.

Her roar or physical VOICE is not always necessary.  Who she has become from Above Down Inside Out speaks louder than words.

HOWEVER, her Voice when blended with Purpose and Passion, brings forth a New Power that resonates deep within your bones, as well as in your heart.  It is the Voice of resounding authentic TRUTH and unwavering LOVE.

SHE is a Lioness in Woman.



“Abundance and power are yours, for you are the Lioness.
With the Lioness energy within you, you will become a great provider, able to go out into the world, successfully meet the challenges of life and bring home the bounty for yourself and your loved ones. There is no need to worry about whether you will succeed, for you are the Lioness.
The Lioness will bring you the gift of perfect timing. She will teach you when to lie low and blend with the surroundings and when to leap out and go after what you desire. Your intuitive side will strengthen as you develop the skill of sensing what is around you and knowing exactly when to make your move.
The Lioness is also very strong physically, fast and agile. Breathe in deeply and feel her power within you, healing you and bringing you physical strength.
And once home, let her teach you to relax completely, enjoying the company of others, nuzzling and purring as you build a community of safety and abundance. How blessed you are to be the Lioness!” ~ from Animal Speak by Ted Andrews, a repost on Facebook, November 29, 2015.


Today, December 9, 2018, it has taken another three years for this post to finally be published.  More has transpired in activating the voice and opening of the “clavicular triangle” to birth my SOUL.  My gratitude for the women in the SHE Speaks Workshop since November 1st.  It has been with you, and for your Soul’s journey, that I have felt an inner calling to awaken and become more visible in this birthing.   We still have a few more weeks left and I pray for ALL of you to find the pathWAY to birth your Soul that serves your Highest and Best.  Blessings Dear Ones….

XOXO Cheryl