I AM a Ray . . .

“Woman is a ray of God. She is not that earthly beloved; she is creative, not created.” ~ Rumi

I AM in LOVE when I look at this photo . . .

I AM feeling the energy of the Sun . . . of Gold . . . of God being wrapped around me . . .

I AM feeling the essence of being a creative feminine force of nature . . . the beauty and creative force of the Goddess, HERself . . .

I AM feeling the Divine Masculine in UNION with the Divine Feminine . . . emanating from within my heart and soul . . . from within the union of my body and spirit . . .

I AM feeling LOVE from the Universe shining upon me . . .

I AM feeling LOVE running throughout my body . . . from my bones to my breath . . .

I AM feeling LOVE so greatly within . . . and all around me . . . that words become almost meaningless . . .

I AM feeling LOVE . . . within the silence . . . when I know I AM . . .

I AM a ray of consciousness that is God and Goddess . . .

I AM a ray of LOVE!

“As you rise with the morning Sun, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive – to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to Love.”  ~ Marcus Aurelius

LOVE is the energy of the universe that unites ALL this is.

And as I was preparing to write today, I ran across a piece that I wrote years ago, when I was working on a client and saying a prayer of gratitude.

I was intended to thank the universe for the greatest gift of “intention.”  However, my prayer was interrupted.  The universe made it very clear, that the greatest gift is your “consciousness.”

So as I came across this image and started writing . . . not knowing where I was being lead . . . I feel I came full circle to my original writing.

We each are individual “rays of Source consciousness,” individual streams of LIGHT.

We are rays of the God/Goddess in human form that are the energetic expression of LOVE.

We are ALL rays of LOVE!

“LOVE is more than a feeling of affection and attraction – it is an energy source.”  ~ Debra L. Reble, PhD


From my heart to yours, in Love & service!

XOXO Cheryl

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