Breaking Free…

“The soul has been given its own ears to hear things that the mind does not understand.” ~ Rumi

I have been sitting in meditation on Tuesday mornings for the last month.  It is a very personal and sacred time that I was told to call …”Tuesdays with Sophia.”

I got the message back in July to make a commitment to spending time connecting with the Divine Feminine within the Christ Consciousness and energy of LOVE.

Since writing while in meditation is my easiest mode of retaining what I receive, it’s what I’ve been up to every Tuesday.  Some are personal messages and some are to be shared.  Honestly, it’s kind of scary to voice your heart and soul out there for the world to hear.

Like many of us, it can be scary to speak your truth or share your inborn gifts.  There can be fear of repercussion or the feeling I am not good enough.  Or even questioning is what I am creating of value to others?  I know I have.

On the other hand, speaking one’s truth is how changes occur in the world, movements get started and shifts of consciousness in how we live occur.  And without expressing your true nature and inborn gifts, how can any one of us be fully genuine, show up as role models of authenticity for our children, and live in truth of our whole being if we keep it contained?

Why I am sharing “Tuesdays with Sophia,” is to shine example in how you may feel the pull or tug to share yourself through your divine gifts and talents.  And, by doing so you may be expanding and creating something that only YOU can give birth to and give back to the world of humanity and to Spirit.

Some might say I simply have a great imagination in my writing!!!

Maybe I do.

However, I remember a dear friend asking me many years ago, “How do you believe Spirit speaks to you, if it not through your imagination???”

Imagination is more important than knowledge.  For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.”  ~ Albert Einstein

So… if you are willing to step into my world, my visions, “my imagination,” and to go on this spiritual journey seeing with your heart, you would see something very much like a Divine Feminine “King Arthur’s Round Table.”  Actually it’s my simple rectangular farmhouse kitchen table.

What started with three has now become a garden of 15 divine feminine energies from Ascended Masters to Goddesses and Archetypes sitting around the table, having coffee (at least I AM), sharing divine wisdom and insights.  It’s more like I sit at my table with pen in hand and transcribe in my journal what I see, what I feel, what I hear, and what flows in my thoughts.

It has expanded and become more like a garden of goddess energy flowing and growing around me and through me.  As Aphrodite specifically told me last week…”you need more roses, more healing for us to come as one.”

This morning the word “oppression” came as a feeling.

This feeling of “oppression”.. What about it?  It is a hard word.

“Shift to a lighter state.” … Do we create it?

“Oppression is not for the meek.  It is for the courageous of heart.  It is a vibration to help you break free, find freedom in your journey and transform the bonds of time that have kept you bound so tight that you could not breathe…or rather expand fully into your being. 

It is there as a gift to set you free on a new path and to welcome your becoming into your own…your own “birth,” if you will.  It is the contraction of labor that is more like a wave that leads to the expansion within the next wave form. 

It is the accumulation of contractions for the greatness to come.  It can come in a collective consciousness of humanity, or in one individuation, or in one experience of living.

Never doubt it’s power of expulsion.

It is fear that keeps it from moving forward to completion.  The completion is what you desire as the ultimate product of transformation that the oppression has created inside.  Oppression can be compared to gestation, if you will.  It is the incubation time where the uterus gets tighter…and tighter…as the energy of the fetus (or what is to be birthed) grows. 

Oppression can be a constriction in consciousness that when…what is to be birthed…has reached it’s peakness…the bonds holding you back will break free. 

The goal is to shift consciousness around the oppressive container so that it can merge into the void; not holding any boundaries with ease.  The place to arrive is in letting go and allowing the unfolding to merge into the space of love where it is easily transmuted into love & light, and returned to Source.  For then, the gift and wisdom it has brought you will be discovered. 

The beauty of this oppression, incubation, or energy of contraction will then be seen and experienced from a new state of being….”the birth” that you no longer have to labor for.” 

“We are born of Love; Love is our mother.”  ~ Rumi

The message of “Breaking Free…” I feel is for a shift of consciousness, not only for me, but for all of us, to see from the heart, to see with the eyes of LOVE and possibility.

It is about seeing the energy of oppression, or rather contraction, and the fear around it, in a new light; to see it more energetically as part of a wave.  It is that part of contraction and constriction, before the next expansion, and ultimate expulsion.

No matter the length of time of contraction and laboring toward freedom, energy desires to move and to be transformed.  The energy of contraction does not have to be feared.  It can be embraced in knowing there is a point of “breaking free.”

There will come a final push for expansion, and the ultimate expulsion, where the “birth” which you seek (or which is seeking YOU)…from within…from above, down, inside, out… is finally born.

Remember that “birth” of creativity and creative endeavors always comes through a portal or passageway, whether through a woman, a man, or even a child.

Everyone of us is a creative being and a creative genius at heart!

Woman may be the portal for birth of humanity’s children through her womb and down through the pelvic triangle.  However, each person has the ability to give birth to the voice of their individual soul, through their own heart, and up through the clavicular triangle.

One is the union of the human female egg and male sperm in the female uterus.  The other is the union of the divine feminine and divine masculine of our true nature that is discovered in the sacred heart.

One is the birth of you as a human being into form, into the world and of the earth.

The other is the birth of your divine soul expressing it’s light, it’s creative energy,  and it’s gifts to the world and to the universe.

Both involve labor.

Both come from LOVE.

“Love is the cure, for your pain will keep giving birth to more pain until your eyes constantly exhale love as effortlessly as your body yields its scent.”   ~ Rumi


From My Heart to Yours,

XOXO Cheryl




2 thoughts on “Breaking Free…

  1. WoW..this is extremely powerful and I appreciate you sharing this with me… thank you… I will use these words to continue to expand..overcome and become… your guidance and wisdom has given what I needed to spread my wings…look fear in eyes and rise above..I’m not afraid.. I wanted to understand…thank you for YOUR HUGE part in my journey… I’m beyond grateful and love you with ALL my heart..thank you dear sister…many blessings..🙏🌠☀️🌟🌈😘💎🦋💙🌹🐴🦢🦌💜🌻💛🌕🌍🕊


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