For Sophia…

Although this is a constant flow of communication as I am receiving through my writing, it is also a personal dialogue, dispersed with my questions and the answering all in one exchange with Spirit, directly from my journal.

This all came about since I was hearing the name Sophia two weeks prior.  Later in the day, I heard, Gateway.  Even later, as I drove to my studio to drop off some garden statues for decorating the office, the word Garden popped into my head.

As I turned to look at the studio, I could not believe the beauty of the garden that day.  The colors popped and were more vibrant than ever.  These all felt like multiple signs along a pathway for me to follow and has been the catalyst for re-creating a new healing room, or garden room, in our chiropractic studio, “For Sophia.”

07/09/2018 … Here we are!

” Sophia, Sophia, Sophia…where art thou? ”

What is this about? My writing and being the (?)…a Divine Portal of Wisdom, or rather a “Portal for Divine Wisdom”… which were the words I heard back in April contemplating my purpose.

What this says to me…”is the ‘mystery’.”

“We each hold inside to seek the unseen forces at work in our lives, but also to find the sacredness that we do see everyday because it is all around us…the BEAUTY of Living.

Whether we see it or not, it is an undercurrent of energy that propels us along our way.  No matter the course, nor the direction, hidden (but not really) forces that are creative energy as they come from the creator and all HER wisdom and Divine Nature.

SHE is Life unfolding.  SHE is life expressed in our Humanness.  SHE is the X-factor double (joke), and multiple, multi-fold to hold that is within the universe and beyond.

SHE is the Divine Mother, the Holy Spirit, the gateway to redemption.

Redemption (?)

Meaning to find our WAY home, to re-discover the path to our Heart and to seek not any more than simply love for thy Self, and from there, each other…(vantage point).

Are you here to teach me, to teach others…Humanity?  That the key, the pathWAY home, is loving ourselves first?

This is the First Key.

It is the First Pearl.

So Be It – Blessed Be!  Amen”

“The PathWAY home is to simply love thy self first.”


With Love Always…

XOXO Cheryl



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