A Bridge Builder…

“Go to the truth beyond the mind.  Love is the bridge.”  ~ Stephen Levine

What is your role in life?

Have you ever wondered?

I use to think I was like a telescope.

My purpose was to help people see the Big Picture, the spiritual, the macrocosm, the bigness of the universe and what our potential was beyond the human form.

Today, I feel I am less of helping people see a new perspective with just their eyes, but more of helping them see the possibility of a new Path and finding their Way.

Kind of like Indiana Jones in the scene, “Leap of Faith” from the movie, The Last Crusade, where he finds the courage and faith to take that first step.  Once he throws the sand across, from one side of the chasm to the other side, he then fully sees the planks that create the bridge to take him from one side to the other.  You can find that scene on YouTube…https://youtu.be/xFntFdEGgws.

It may take tiny steps to get over any bridge, but that doesn’t matter.  And sometimes you have to lay the stones, or groundwork yourself, and create your own bridge.

What does matter is being open to taking the first step to a new path and a new perspective on LIFE, and a new WAY of Living.

Imagine going up Machu Pichu.  You may need some guidance along the way.  Someone who can help you see what you haven’t seen before and offer suggestions where you have never been before.  Someone to answer questions.  All the while, you are creating your own personal experience.  You are the one making your own personal way in this journey of your life.

In the big picture of the world, universe and multiverse, bridges come in many forms and are the “what” that gets you from one place to another.

A bridge can be a shift in consciousness that allows you to simply see a possibility that you didn’t see before.

A bridge can be that one word, just like the first stone or piece of wood put into place, that awakens you to try something new, to get the path started, and to be on your new way.

Being the bridge, may mean holding the space of understanding where someone is and seeing where the possibility exists for them.  It’s about how to help someone gain a bigger perception, but also meeting them where they are first and foremost.

As a chiropractor, I feel being a bridge builder is helping people learn to trust their bodies’ innate wisdom and ability to heal again.  Once the trust in the body is restored, there is a greater vantage point, and potential for that “leap of faith” to trust the heart and soul again.

It’s about learning to trust forces of life and the universe that are seen, and then trusting what is unseen.  Trusting to see through the eyes of LOVE and living from there, versus from the perception of fear.

Really no different than Indiana Jones and his “Leap of Faith.”

So what role are YOU playing out?

What is your purpose in being of service to others at this stage, or season, of your life???

What leaps of faith have you, yourself encountered to create a new path, or new Way of Living, that is enriching YOU and your life journey in body, heart & soul?

With LOVE Always….

XOXO Cheryl




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