Summer is here…and so is the Deer!

“In every walk with Nature one receives far more than s/he seeks.” ~ John Muir

Deer have been on the property of the Harmony House and healing studio . . . off and on . . . for several weeks now.

I am awe struck every single time I see them!

It is a special gift to see the does and the fawns wander through and feast on the foilage.

Maybe I should be upset for the plants and flowers, but I truly feel blessed by the presence of the deer, their babies, and their willingness to share the space of living in Nature’s gardens with me . . . even if only for a few moments.

The deer teaches us to TRUST.  Trust our heart and to trust being in harmony with each other and ALL of nature.

The grace and gentleness of the deer reminds me to walk softly, yet stay true to my path, as I trust living in my heart.

I see a world . . . when the deer appear . . . that is simpler and inspired by Spirit to lead.  They nudge my consciousness to remember the possibility of new beginnings.  There is a joy that fills up from within my being as the deer find the courage to take the next step and make their way to come out of seclusion of the woodlands.

Just as we enter this new season of Summer and celebrating the Solstice as the longest day of light in the year, the deer are reminding each of us that it is time to come out of the woods, out of the shadows, and step fully into the LIGHT . . . . . it is time to allow yourself to be fully seen.

“BE at Peace . . . for the time will come when we shall ALL walk in the Light.” ~ morning meditation 5/16/2018


Summer invites each of us to be visible in our LIGHT and to be seen for all of who we truly are.

My prayer of hope for this Summer Solstice is to step as softly and gently as the deer on my path.  As I am guided to create anew, I choose to always follow the LIGHT that permeates and expresses from my heart and soul.

May each of us find our way to express our LIGHT fully each and every day . . . and with each and every season.

“A single sunbeam is enough to drive away many shadows.”  ~ St. Francis of Assisi




Always….much Love & Light from my heart to yours!

XOXO Cheryl








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