LOVE…a Feminine Force of Nature

“The ROSE is without an explanation.  SHE blooms, because SHE blooms.” ~ Angelus Silesius

The rose is symbolic of LOVE.  It is more than romantic love or cuddly love…chocolate or fancy dinners, or jewelry.

The energy of LOVE is a Feminine Force…a Force of Nature…that resides in ALL of creation.

LOVE is the the Creator’s Energy that is a Force within and gives forth Life.

LOVE is a Force of Nature that brings forth the desire for LIFE to find its full expression.

LOVE wants no less than for full evolution, or the unfolding, of LIFE and the experience of that Life from within..from wherever it resides.

LOVE wants nothing more than to experience LIFE to the fullest in whatever container or vessel it is held.

The rose reminds me of my mother…Rosa May Berry…and the unconditional LOVE she gave to everyone, not just her children.

So, what have you learned from the LOVE of Your Mother as we celebrate this month of May, honoring our mothers?

What memories do you hold that shaped You in LOVE as a woman, mother, daughter, sister, friend, colleague, or whatever roles you have taken on in this life???  How has LOVE become you to bloom?

What memories do You hold with your own daughter…or son…that has also shaped You and your unfolding as the mother you have blossomed into within the Feminine Force of LOVE?

“Just as the ROSE does bloom, we each have an inborn potential to become.  Release the potential, and allow the bud to unfold.”  ~ Dr. Cheryl

What about the Divine Mother,…as well as our Earth Mother?  Have you felt HER LOVE??

May we all celebrate not just one day…but everyday…the Feminine Force of LOVE that comes from Above and Below…and from within our hearts, expressing LIFE between Heaven and Earth.

May you celebrate this Feminine Force as you breathe Life into every cell of your being.  May every breath be a sacred expression of LOVE.

May you celebrate LOVE today in experiencing all of the Creator’s Energy as you go out into the world today…feeling the sun on your face…smelling lilacs in the garden…seeing the unexpected hummingbird flutter by…or sharing a smile with a stranger.

May you celebrate this Feminine Force of Nature with one of your fondest memories of YOUR Mother…or someone who loved you as a mother.  May the memory of your heart wrap around you like a warm blanket, enveloping YOU with the purest vibration of universal LOVE in absolute truth, trust and passion of her enduring heart!

“LOVE is a gift you can give everyday.” ~ anonymous

From My Heart to Yours!

XOXO Cheryl