5 Golden Pearls of Wisdom…..

This was such a personal blog to write.  However, I felt strongly it wasn’t just for me, but a gift to share.  A gift for us to see how we are never alone in our journey of living.  And a gift to see that our life’s challenges and lessons learned are truly Pearls of Wisdom from the depths of living in human form that our Soul has come to retrieve.

…..I was meditating and found myself standing at the water’s edge, the healing pond of rainbow colors surrounded by green grass.  I call it a pond, although it was more the size of a small lake.  I had sat here before, but never went in.  Not until this day.

I wasn’t alone.  Two guides, who have been in my heart for some time, were standing with me.  One male and one female…Master Jesus and Mary Magdalene.

They walked me into the lake and performed a healing and at the same time it felt like a baptism.  I had never been baptized before, but this felt like a ritual of healing, rejuvenation, awakening, a ceremony of cleansing and joining of hearts.  It was a sacrament, uniting a sacred Trinity or Triune, with a higher part of ME, joining with the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine.

As soon as we finished, Mary took me by the arm.  SHE was excited and eager to take me diving into the water.  SHE held onto me as we dove deep into the waters…swimming deeper and deeper…and deeper.  SHE knew exactly where she wanted to take me.  SHE reminded me of the Mermaid that had been by guide several years ago, discovering the golden chalice.

The CHALICE…..the cup from which we drink of life’s experiences.  The treasure, the wisdom that life has brought you.  Nothing is without a gift if we are willing to look past the muck, and the yuck that can be stirred up in exploring life.  If we learn to look with new eyes, with a new perspective, from a different vantage point, we can find the gold within what feels like fallen ruins. 

Allow the mermaid to help you traverse the lower world, like the Shaman, to retrieve the gifts your soul was meant to share in this lifetime.  SHE will dive into those uncharted waters, to those scary places where past life experiences have caused you to bury a part of yourself. 

SHE creates a current of Divine Love wherever she swims.  SHE is a catalyst for healing, discovery, and transformation simply through the vibration of LOVE that SHE puts forth.  In the silent journey, SHE will guide you back to your true self.  SHE speaks the energy of loving service, blessings, and joy.  SHE reminds us to find play and pleasure even when swimming in deep waters.  In the discovery, SHE offers the treasure up to you, out of service to a dear friend, speaking only with her eyes, hands, and heart…”Here it is!”  Here is the gift that was buried deep within.  Here is what your have been looking for!”  ~ rewritten from the Mermaid and the Chalice Blog…..June 22, 2017

For the size of this pond, I was surprised how deep the waters were.  It seemed like we kept swimming, deeper and deeper.  As we approached the depths, there it was.  It seemed like a small sunken oasis with plants and rocks.  SHE put her hand among the rocks and into the earth, pulling from the bottom of this watery earthen floor.

There it was again, the golden chalice.  This time SHE dipped her hand into the cup and pulled out 5 Golden Pearls which she placed in my heart….5 Golden Pearls of Wisdom.

What exactly were these pearls?

HER message felt as if the Heart holds Golden Pearls of Wisdom of Life;  life experiences that guide our Soul to the greater depths of learning and a greater experience of LOVE.

Five is the number for LOVE, and the Heart is the keeper of the Wisdom we gain in transmuting our experiences and healing into LOVE.  Gold represents the Christ Consciousness of LOVE, as well as the magic of alchemy as things are transformed to a higher vibration, expressing their true nature of BEing.

I wondered if these 5 Golden Pearls of Wisdom were Universal to ALL Souls, or individual to each Soul and it’s current life?  If individual, what did these 5 Golden Pearls represent for ME?

I wanted to figure out what these 5 pearls represented as soon as I received them.  However, slowly over the next several days, it felt like lessons of the following were put right in front of me to see, feel and explore the possibilities of what these 5 Golden Pearls of Wisdom stood for… at least for ME:

  1.  Integrity, Truth & Light
  2.  Humility, Ease & Grace
  3.  Sacrament, Sacredness of Life
  4.  Compassion, Empathy & Unconditional Love
  5.  Faith, Trust & Acceptance

The gift from Master Jesus was a white feather.


A white feather was not new; it has been a gift several times.  A white feather hangs in the hair of an Indian Woman, titled “The Promise” by Lee Bogle and hangs over my bed.  The white feather came from the heavens and was given to ME when surrounded by multiple beings of light while in a much previous meditation, exploring the reason for my coming to earth.  A white feather is also painted in my adjusting suite in the “Helpful People” corner.  A message, I feel, is saying that Spirit and the Angels are always with ME.

HOPE is the thing with feathers, that perches in the Soul.  And sings the tune without the words…and never stops at all!” ~ Emily Dickenson

Together, pearls and feathers are part of the original artwork, once again created by my dear friend, Catherine Foster in 2002…titled “Child of Light.”  It is the mask of my daughters face when she was 11 years old and sits in my “Relationship” corner of my adjusting suite.

I often thought I should probably move this art piece of a child from my relationship corner.  On the surface, it didn’t seem like the best choice to optimize Feng Shui for attracting a relationship in my life.

However, now if feels that this artwork was perfectly placed to represent the Union of the gifts of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine…the Child of Light being the Birth of their Union.


SHE, Mary Magdalene, represents the golden chalice or human vessel for which SPIRIT fills and the Golden Pearls are cultivated through LIFE and what our humanly experiences offers each SOUL in it’s growth and evolution.

HE, Master Jesus, representing SPIRIT, the LIGHT which fills our chalice, or humanly body.  The LIGHT within that streams through every cell of our being, and when in bodily form is the animating LIFE FORCE ENERGY…or SOUL…of the human vessel to express LIFE and experience LIFE itself.

As Above…So Below….just as the Outside is an expression of the Inside.  So the question becomes, “What in your Inner Heart have you created through all of your LIFE experiences…the ups and downs…the trials and tribulations…as well as the treasures?  What are you expressing from these experiences to the Outside?”

The 5 Golden Pearls and White Feather were placed in my heart…the union of the Feminine and the Masculine…the union of the Human and the Spirit.

The Golden Pearls of Wisdom of Life experiences melded with eternal Hope to bring forth the vibration and melody of universal LOVE.

LOVE is the child of light that every human being can birth forth from their individual heart.  The Golden Pearls and Feather symbolize the holy sacrament of uniting your Soul with that which is Human and Spirit, within the Sacred Heart of ONENESS…and the expression of universal LOVE.

Just as the pearl is created by an irritant in an oyster.  Irritants in life can be the catalyst for transformation and growth of our whole being.  The oyster creates a substance called “nacre” that is secreted around the irritant.  We too, go into protective mode via the sympathetic nerve system when feeling the need to protect ourselves.  We often wall off our hearts.  Just look at the posturing of people around you.  Is the heart space open, or is it more constricted and closed?

How easily accessible is your own heart, let alone the emotions and heart of the people you see everyday?

When we can learn, grow, and evolve from our life experiences, especially the irritating, painful, or unexpected ones, then we can gain Golden Pearls of Wisdom to share from our hearts…uplifting and giving Hope…not only just for ourselves, but in sharing unconditional LOVE with others.

What 5 Golden Pearls of Wisdom has your Soul learned through the irritating, difficult and challenging life experiences within this lifetime?

What words of WISDOM, or acts of kindness in offering HOPE, do YOU share from your heart, simply by living each day in the conscious space of BEing in LOVE???

With Love & Hope…from my Heart to Yours!

XOXO Cheryl

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