Emergence…Chrysalis of Soul

“I AM a Feminine Force of Nature…I AM no less than the wind, the rain, or the moon’s pull upon the ocean tide…” ~ words of Mary Magdalene as channeled by Dr. Cheryl

I wrote these words in a previous blog.  However, today I feel HER so strongly that it is time to share where they truly came from.

These words came through me in November 2017. I knew who was speaking them.  However, it was very difficult to admit it to anyone.

It has been close to twenty years now that she first came to me in a Reiki session with my dear friend..healer…artist…Catherine-M-Foster (www.catherinefoster.com).  I remember, Catherine, saying she was standing in the room and that I might want to learn more about HER.  I looked to Catherine for counsel and guidance on what to read.  I have collected a library of  books over the years on HER.  Some of the writings seemed true and some not completely true.

This Reiki session was only the beginning.  It was as if my soul was being awakened to the Divine Feminine and being nudged to explore HER…who she was and what she stood for.

However, it wasn’t until about two years later, that I saw my face with that of the Masculine Christ…Master Jesus…flipping back and forth while looking in the bathroom mirror.  It was sometime following a Soul Recognition Ceremony that Catherine had recommended the year before as something I might want to experience.  It took a year to get the courage up to do it.  Again, Catherine stepped in as my guide and guardian during this ceremony and process.

Although Mary Magdalene did not appear to me during the Soul Recognition, this ceremony was a catalyst for healing and for the vision of Christ’s face being interwoven with mine.

So many things run through your mind when you see things that others are not seeing.  You wonder if you are going crazy?  You wonder what exactly does this mean?  You wonder if you should speak about it, or keep it in the depths of simply unexplained experiences?

I kept drawing a symbol, trying to get it just right.  I was writing the word…Christos.  Then I found the symbol in one of Catherine’s art pieces and felt there was some validation to my unseen world and what was utterly unexplainable.  This artwork now sits in the middle of my reception area of my healing studio.


It may have seemed like a dormant process during that time until now, but a lot of change was happening below the surface of my awareness as I look back.

One was the walk in the Labyrinth at Unity Church.  Once in the center I was getting a download that caused me to sit on the floor with tears streaming down my face.  I felt as if I sat for hours and could not move, even if I tried.  I have no idea what was exchanged in that moment, except some form of deep soul to soul communication.

I asked who are You?  How do I communicate again with You in the future?  What do I call You?  The name I understood was “Sar’h.” It was a collective consciousness of energy, not one single entity.  Whether it was the actual name, I do not know.  However, I knew it was a name given such that I could easily identify this energy with the collective consciousness of the children and Lineage of Light that Master Jesus and Mary Magdalene had seeded in their union.

I can’t recall how much time has passed since the walk in the Labyrinth; it could be ten years by now.  However, within the last two years, Spirit has been opening me to channel HER through my writings after going through several months of visions and learning from different Feminine Archetypes.  The high priestess, Isis, was the first to come.  I not only felt I was an apprentice to Isis, but a daughter to her as well.  This was also activated in a guided mediation with Catherine.

I have to say, Catherine, has not only been my dear friend for many years: she has stood as guardian, teacher, and catalyst for when my soul needs healing and is calling for expansion and growth.  Sometimes she has shown up for one thing and something else amazingly emerges.  That, to me, is the beauty of trust, allowing and following Spirit’s lead…something Catherine expresses everyday and has been teaching me every step of the way.

More recently in the last 4 months, greater clarity has come in vision.  HER appearance came to me several times as the High Priestess in early December and even requested permission to bring HER energy through my hands while serving in my chiropractic studio.

“I am both, deeply honored and humbled, to share the energy and messages of the Feminine Christ Consciousness. My heart is full of love and gratitude in allowing my hands to be HER hands…and my voice to be HER voice…the voice of Mary Magdalene.” ~ Dr. Cheryl

What followed was more downloads of information, visions, and deep emotion.  I can’t tell you how joyful and painful this type of transformation is.  The emotions can come from all ends and depth of the spectrum…and beyond…since you are in the presence of energy that is of great vibration…and ALL is happening at the same time.

The soul takes over and numerous Dark Nights of the Soul come through your consciousness as you process HER life experiences, as well as your own.  Sometimes before one is healed, another one comes through.  It is a time of deepest pain, healing, and grieving HER life and that of your own heart, while questioning if this is ALL truly happening, or an illusion of your own making!!?

Fortunately, Dr. Brie Gibbs, as well as Theresa Hebert, were there for understanding and support as friends, as well as holding the unconditional love and energy of spiritual mother and sister.  I don’t know how I would have gone through this without Dr. Brie’s healing work, messages, wisdom and counsel.  I am forever grateful for both of these two women in my life.

However, I also needed the love of ALL of my family, friends and spiritual tribe even if they were oblivious to my process.  Just knowing there was unconditional love that has been there and supported me throughout my life, even though most of my family and friends were not conscious of this transformation, allowed me to continue to go through the pain and healing, in order to get to the joy on the other side.

“It will take many lifetimes, this path of your Soul…but no matter how many spirals you journey into the depths and vastness of your Being….All Paths Journey Home!  Blessed are those who find the courage to delve deep into their hearts and discover their individual Oneness and the ONENESS to the Creator/Spirit…God and Goddess!” ~ words of Mary Magdalene as channeled by Dr. Cheryl

So, I thank you for being here on this journey with me!

However, my journey has now metamorphosed into a Life Path that is no longer an experience, but my spiritual calling.  And, I feel no less than the butterfly who has gone through several stages of transformation in order for my being to emerge anew from this Chrysalis of Soul.  

I can’t say enough how deeply humbled and honored I am every day that she comes forward with HER words, messages, and energy for the transformation of greater LOVE and LIGHT for the Children of the world, all of Humanity and for our planet, Earth!

With LOVE Always from My Heart..and HER Heart…to all of Yours,

XOXO Cheryl

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