Heart of Gold

“When you do, or think, or feel something, do it with passion.  Let it come form the Heart.  Put your Heart and Soul into it.  And when you do, you will feel a river flowing sweetly through you and especially through your entire life.  Life has much more meaning that way.”  ~ Angie Karan

February brings Valentine’s Day and many birthdays in our family.  My mother was born the day after Valentine’s Day and she was the heart of our family.  I believe all mother’s hold the potential to be the heart, the uniting force within all families.  What beats inside a mother’s heart is a river of Love.  It is what extends to all her children and is the foundation from which they will grow and flourish!

And…when you look close at the human heart, looking at it’s structure and physiology, you will see an amazing correlation between the physical and spiritual and the flow of Love.

Your Heart is divided into four chambers.  Two chambers sit on the left.  And two chambers sit on the right.  Two sit above and two sit below.

The right chambers (masculine) pump blood that has comes from the body to the lungs. It is here where the waste product of carbon dioxide is given back to the universe.  In exchange, life giving oxygen, that all human cells need, comes into the blood to be transported back to the left side (feminine) of the heart.  The left side of the heart receives the rich oxygenated blood to carry it to the body, for all physiological and cellular functioning.

Even the upper chambers of the atrium, along with the lower chambers of the ventricles, work in tandem for the Heart to function unified.  The atria that are Above, pump blood into the ventricles Below, in order to propel the carbon dioxide laden blood to the lungs, or the oxygen rich blood to the body.

The Beauty of one’s Heart is that it functions in a place of UNION.

It is the union of it’s chambers…the left and right (Feminine and Masculine) with the upper and lower (Above and Below)…that bring it’s distinct and separate function into a unified system of wholeness.

The Union within your Heart is a oneness … and wholeness … that beats, functions, and performs in synchronized fashion that is no less than absolute perfection!

So … the greater message that the Heart holds for us, is to find the same UNION within ourselves, of ALL of our parts.

The Heart teaches us to bring sacred union and marriage within to become whole again.


There may be aspects of ourselves we love and like, as well as facets of ourselves that we don’t like.  Through LOVE, all the parts of who we are, and all experiences, can be brought back to wholeness to find that place to unite from within.

Ultimately the Heart is GOLDEN.  For within the heart is where Love resides.  Love is what brings the spiritual into physical form.  Love is the uniting force within, just as the blood that is pumped by the human heart.  Love is able to extend beyond the physical and unite all hearts in the world.  LOVE is the golden and most powerful elixir of alchemy, transformation, and unifying force in nature.

Love from within your Heart is the greatest force in nature and the universal language that unites all beings through time, space and dimensions!

Honor your Heart just as you would gold!

Actually…your Heart’s worth is greater than gold.

Your beating and united Heart is priceless!!!

Remember your Heart is the pulse of Life…it holds the river and uniting force to all things through Love.

And, only through LOVE do we have the power and magic to create a new life and a new world!


Always…from my heart to yours!

XOXO Cheryl

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