A Mere Miracle…

“There are two ways to live your life.  One is as though nothing is a miracle.  The other is as though everything is a miracle.” ~ Albert Einstein

I woke up this morning with these words “Mere Miracle” running through my head.  Apparently sugar plums don’t dance in my head any more.  Honestly, I don’t think they ever did.

Before I jumped quickly out of bed, I stopped to lay quietly and take a moment to meditate on these words, take them in, feel them and discern the true meaning.

Mere…does it mean water?  Or, mere…does it mean smallest?  Or when you google the meaning on the internet….”that is solely, or no more or better, than what is specified.”

Water…our bodies are 70 percent water.  Being in human form as LIFE is truly a miracle.

Small…or that which is solely…or no more or better…than a miracle.  Perhaps nothing short of a miracle?  Or, how does anything ever get better than a miracle???

As I continued to feel into the words, I believe the message is that You and I, are each … simply and miraculously … a “Mere Miracle”… no less and no more.

So, as you prepare for the Holy Days, no matter what traditions you celebrate, I believe the meaning we are all looking to celebrate is the Light, Love, and Life that resides in all of us and around us.

I hope you will take the time to be in stillness and reflect on your own sacredness, the “mere miracle” that resides within you, just as you may reflect on the sacredness of your beliefs and traditions.

I hope that the “mere miracle” that YOU and I…and the world…can hold in our hearts and create is that of ONENESS.

When, You and I, can each hold all the parts of own individual selves that are different:  the parts we like and the parts we don’t, the parts we judge and the parts we are proud of, the parts we need to forgive and heal, as well as the parts we accept and continue to grow … then You and I can be within a place of UNION inside our own individual soul, mind, heart, body, and life.  And, then we can create a vibration in the field of consciousness for the second mere miracle to unfold…a place of UNION and a place of ONENESS…collectively with each other.

Once You and I can find that place to hold all that we have created in our own lives, the Light and the Dark, then we can hold unconditional LOVE and compassion for each other…no more and no less than the creator of the universe holds for ALL of us.

My Blessings to YOU and YOURS for Holy Days and New Year…

I hope and pray you find PEACE within the center of your heart and your life, even if it is not perfect.

May you find the vibration of GRATITUDE within your heart and send it out into the universe, appreciating what has brought you growth and wisdom, even if not ideal.

May you place another frequency of claiming and knowing your TRUTH, your values and the beliefs you live by.

May you share the LOVE and vibration of JOY for yourself and with those you care about.

May you offer a BLESSING from within your heart and soul…for yourself…as well as for your family, friends, community, and people of the world.

May YOU be the “mere miracle” that is awakened to the beautiful Light, Love & Life that resides within you!

And, may your Light, continue to spread the Light for the way of birthing the mere miracle of ONENESS on Earth!!!

Love, Cheryl XOXO


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